Ten Tips To Help Your Child Learn To Love Reading

Article originally posted by Ellen Buikema (Practical strategies for life)

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  1. Sing, play, and talk with your child. Children love to hear your voice. It doesn’t matter if you sing on or off key. Interaction is what children crave.
  2. Read aloud to your child every day. Reading to your child is the next best thing to a hug. Bring books along to the dentist, doctor, or on other errands where there will be some wait time. Read to children as part of a bedtime ritual. Routines are reassuring.
  3. Have a variety of reading material that is easily available. Place books in baskets in different parts of the home, including in the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and TV areas. This allows children to choose books on their own and makes cleaning up after themselves easy. Consider putting together a backpack prefilled with books to grab and go for short or long distance travel.
  4. Read many types of books. Children love learning about their world, how things work, and all kinds of animals. Reading for information is important for childrens’ future. They love books with rhyme, silly words, and fairy tales. Start bringing your children to the library when they are young, and visit regularly.
  5. Pace the reading. Read with expression! Change the quality and volume of sound while reading to make listening to stories fun. Take your time, don’t rush. Stop now and then during reading time to let your child think about the story. Ask questions to encourage thinking.
  6. Repeat. Children enjoy reading favorite stories over and over again, even after they are able to repeat all the words by heart. Encourage them to read their favorite lines with you. Point to the words as you read them together. Talk about your child’s favorite characters in different contexts, like “What do you think The Cat in the Hat would do if he was in our kitchen right now?”
  7. Find words and letters everywhere. As early as age two, children may identify logos they see often at home and other places they travel. This important milestone is the beginning of the knowledge that print has meaning. Cereal boxes are great to use for finding letters and logos, as are menus, calendars and occupant mail. Take turns finding the same letter with your child. Write to do and grocery lists together. Have him make words with magnetic letters on the refrigerator.
  8. Help your child learn about letter sounds. Show her how to write her name. A child’s name is her first “stamp” on the world. Say the sounds of each letter as you print them. Sing an alphabet song and include the sounds of the letter in the song, for example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BELlZKpi1Zs . Encourage your child to write but try not to correct him. Beginning writing should be playful.
  9. Limit tube time. Select TV programs with your child in advance. Watch TV and talk about the programs together. Monitor time on other electronic devices. Video games are good fun and many of them are educational, but balance is needed. Too much close work does not give the eyes enough exercise.
  10. Get involved with your child’s school. You are your child’s first and best advocate. Get to know your child’s teacher. Find out how you can support your child in her academic goals. If at all possible, volunteer time in the classroom. Work schedules make this difficult, but advance planning can help make this happen.

    You are your children’s first teacher. Reading to them is a great start in preparation for life in school and beyond.

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Who Can Explain This Disappearance Objects Phenomenon?

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Misplacing of household items is very common, especially when you are a mother or someone with lot of responsibilities. The mind is actively engaged to something else, while you are doing something else, thus; you end up looking for something, because you can’t remember where you placed it. My mother used to tell me that when you placed an object somewhere with your left hand, you might easily forget where you placed it.

However, misplacing objects is entirely different from miraculously disappearing of personal objects from your home. About three years ago, one of my shoes disappeared without a trace. There are more questions than answers, but some questions and events are hard to explain. How can one of a pair of shoes disappear without a trace? The shoe was never found, so I threw away the other one.

Before the disappearance of the shoe, one of my sons told me he was going out with friends to swim. I said to him to be careful. He said “Daddy I will.” In fact, that day was to be the last day to see my son. He drowned, but his friends who were good swimmers saved his life. When he came home, he slept the whole day, recovering from shock. I can’t explain if this has something to do with the disappearance of one of my shoes.

Now things are getting weird as more personal items are getting missing from my place of abode without explanation. Three weeks ago, both the power cord of my shaving machine and deodorant disappeared from the bathroom. None of my children or wife use them, so I don’t want to accept the fact that something of that sort could happen. Thus; instead of buying new one, I decided to search for them, but all proved abortive. I have no choice, I replaced them.


Are forces at work? Where are the missing objects going? Why did they disappear? Are paranormal activities taking place? I’m struggling to find answers to these questions, when history repeated itself. One of my favourite shoes needs repair. It was with the shoe repairer for a week before I finally had time to go for it. When I came home with the shoe two days ago, I discovered that the other shoe was nowhere to be found.

Are our homes visited by aliens and what are they looking for?  It’s strange to explain or understand this sudden disappearance of objects. If they really mean something, then I want positive results, but if to put me into misery, then I can do everything through Christ who strengthens me. I will fight it. Who can explain this if you experienced this before?