Humour: The Man With A Sad Face


The man with a sad face

Sometimes before a baby is born, his or her parents had already suggested suitable names for the child. Names are influenced by our popular culture, tradition and heroes. Many people bear Biblical names, others not. As a Ghanaian from the Fantse tribe, my traditional name is Ato or Kwamena, because I was born on Saturday.

Names mean a lot but it’s not everyone who knows someone’s name. That’s the reason we often hear “Please what’s your name?” You may know someone because you’ve seen the person a couple of times, but may not know his or her name. I am one of them. In the neighbourhood where I grew up in Africa, few knew me but don’t know my name.

One day someone I know came looking for me in the neighbourhood where I lived. That was his first attempt to visit me. He mentioned my name, yet no one could help him. One Good Samaritan tried his best to help him. “Can you please describe the man you are looking for,” he asked the stranger. “He is a man with dark complexion, about 5 feet 10 inches tall, whose face looks like someone crying.”

“May be I know him, because there is a man who lives close to the beach, whose face really looks like someone crying, maybe it’s him,” said the Good Samaritan.

“Can we go to see if he is the one,” said the stranger. I was at home when I heard a knock on the door, as soon as I opened, stands Ben, my cousin who lives in the Western Region of Ghana. He narrates the funny description which led to my discovery.

“What, do my face looks like someone crying?” I asked.

“If your face doesn’t look like someone crying, how can this Good Samaritan realize that to come home with me? Ben asked.

This is not a matter of anger but laughter. I laughed so hard that my stomach ached, the fact that Ben has never told me this before. After Ben’s visit, I thought about this for a very long time and decided to get rid of this funny and humourous description about me.

By then I’ve heard of the book called ‘The Power of Positive Thinking” by Norman Vincent Pearle. I contacted a friend who had more books than me and borrowed Norman’s book from him. It was a very thick book but inspiring. “Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.” – Norman Vincent Pearle.

I did really enjoyed reading this interesting book. In fact, I have no words to describe how the book miraculously transformed my life, to get rid of that hidden facial expression which I have lived with for years without my knowledge. Well, it may be that my face still looks like someone crying, because of too much trouble in this world.

What Has Happened To The Precious Dignity Of A Woman?


Nude celebrities spoiling the names of other women

This is not a fashion but the abuse of the precious dignity of a woman.

The concept of life is a reality to me. If there is no baby, there is no woman and if there is no woman, there wouldn’t be a baby. They all come from the mother’s womb. Woman’s creation is therefore seen as a symbol of crown, dignity, honour and beauty. Women are therefore special. I believe women see themselves in the same way too, that’s the reason all over the world they are fighting against disrespect, discrimination, sexual harassment, abuse, and violence because the importance of women has been marred for centuries.

Unfortunately, the fight against factors affecting or degrading women in the circles of life, is far from victory, because the same women (Some celebrities) and porn stars are spoiling the essence of the dignity of woman, by flooding the internet with pornographic materials and naked pictures for everyone to see. A woman’s body is meant to be sacred, secretive etc, but today all you see is woman’s vagina staring at you on the internet.

Some celebrities now prefer to attend functions, parties, fashion shows and entertainments without underwear. It sounds strange but it’s a reality. They deliberately set to expose their hairy or shaved vagina, while others pose by lifting up their dresses for photographers and everyone around to see them nude in public. What a world are we living in? It saddens me, as women meant to be decent mothers and industrious, yet they do this to themselves.

I am not a celebrity, therefore I don’t know how one feels to be one, but if being a celebrity triggers mental instability, I wouldn’t like to be one for even a second. In the African society; women are held in high esteem, despite their domination by some religious sects. In some clans and tribes, because of the importance of a woman in the society, during a marriage ceremony, the man is prevented from seeing the woman, until the ceremony is over.

It may take weeks or months to see the nude legs of your wife, let alone her thighs or the golden box. This is not the case in Europe and America. It seems when a celebrity doesn’t appear online nude she isn’t classified as a human being among the human race, while in the African culture, a woman who doesn’t wear pant is considered a lunatic.

In another development, a Kenyan pastor has told his female congregation to feel free in their mind and body and stop wearing underwear and bras to church on Sundays. Reverend Njohi of Nairobi’s Lord’s Propeller Redemption Church further warned there would be grave consequences if the female members did not adhere to the rules. Hearing of such things reminds me of the fulfilling of the scriptures. “Many false prophets will rise, and will deceive many,” said Jesus. Matthew 24:11.

Why do some women do such things in public knowing that the dignity of a woman lies in moral and physical purity? The thirst for fame, publicity and the challenge of doing something (stupid) they think it’s extraordinary, for the press to write something about it, is all that they are looking for. Media attention and cheap publicity have blinded them to the extent that they don’t know what shame is.

Adults that need to educate the children from such immorality are now exposing their naked parts on television and in the public for the children to follow. No wonder teenage pregnancy and rape have significantly increased. It is disgusting and an eyesore to see the precious and sacred body of a woman advertised for public view. It takes a million people to build a good reputation but one stupid fool to destroy everything they had done. These celebrities are tainting the dignity of women and dragging their faces in the mud.

The range of female influence and experience in the society has slowly been brought to the fore: from politics, powerful leaders, model women to the social and religious power of female priests. Is it necessary for women to fight against disrespect in the society when they continue disrespecting themselves? The hardest problems have solutions. The restoration of women’s dignity should be a priority to every woman. They can fight to make the internet clean by discouraging nudity on the internet, to make the internet safer for the children.

A Glance At African Pregnant Model


The beautiful modeling world

An African pregnant model

If you believe in yourself and have ambition, vision, wisdom, and knowledge, you can overcome every barrier and difficulties one faces in life. The blind plays the piano and entertains the audience.

The handicap is racing in the wheelchair, getting the gold around her neck. Are they not amazing? The devil has worked for idle hands and the payment is the prison.

In this picture is a pretty pregnant model. Yes, she needs money to support the baby due to come into the world very soon. Enjoy your weekend.

Abortion: The Killing Of The Silent Babies

Abortion is the termination of pregnancy or getting rid of a baby before he or she is born. Every year thousands of babies are aborted, due to various reasons, which have generated intense public and political debate on whether or not abortion should be a legal option, even though many countries have legalized it.

The main reason for abortion in Third World Countries is poverty, so why is abortion now at its highest peak in Advanced Countries?  On religious grounds causing the death of a baby in its mother’s womb is a crime because it’s murder, but since mankind always want to do things in their own way, the significant of Mosaic Law (The Ten Commandments) is meaningless to many, including those that choose to abort a baby.

Abortion 2

There are medical recommendations on how to prevent pregnancy, so if one isn’t ready to have a baby, she has to take precautions and avoid that pregnancy, unfortunately, many ignore the safety measures, ending up pregnant. Anyone who wants to abort a baby should first answer these questions: What respect do I have for the life of the baby in my womb and myself? According to statistics more than 40 million abortions are performed worldwide each year, of which 85% of occurring in developing countries.

Thousands of women are looking for children, some adopt and others pass through a series of expensive medical examinations without success, yet unwanted babies are killed daily in our hospitals and illegally. Three months after delivery, the mother of the baby conceived again. Her husband persuades her to abort the child because the first baby is just three months old. The woman did and since then all efforts to get a second child is futile. Her first child is now a full grown man of twenty-five. The abortion she carried out has denied him a brother or sister.

At times a woman faces the challenge of aborting a baby, the fact that she is a raped victim. Who would like to raise such a child? Yet women finding themselves in such situations shouldn’t be encouraged to execute the baby. There are other helpful solutions for mothers with such experiences. A woman’s health might be at risk, if the child is diagnosed with a defect, terminating that child’s life shouldn’t encourage others to do that to healthy babies.

If the prevention of unwanted pregnancy is seriously taken into consideration, it may help to avoid sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS/HIV, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Chlamydia and Genital Herpes. There are great people who influenced and changed this world if they were aborted there wouldn’t be any history today. You don’t know what that baby you want to kill would be in the future. There are many complications in abortion, such as infection, cervical injury, excessive bleeding, ripping or perforation of the uterus and embolism.

A pregnant teenager still has a future. After delivery, she can still go back to school. You will be surprised to read about mothers who decided to go back to school after delivery. Some are studying at the university. It’s not easy anyway with being a full-time single mother and fitting work into the schedule too, but many have been able to achieve this.  I will conclude with this inspirational quote “I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always, as long as I’m living, my baby you’ll be”- Robert Munsch. Where is your baby to tell him/her same sweet words?

Short Poem: The Reality Of Life

The little child lies in her mother’s arms

The mother is happy seeing her beautiful baby

The baby is crying because she is hungry

The mother consoles and feeds her

She endures and suffers to bring up the child

The child grows to see her mother

And rebels against her mother

Is that the reality of life? That shouldn’t be.

Don’t be ungrateful child

Give your mother the love and respect she deserves.

Kim 2

The child grows and leaves her mother

She realizes facing the world on her own isn’t easy

It is not as simple and easy like when she was with her mother

She begins to think deep and acknowledges the love mother gave her

She marries and gives birth to her child

Now she needs mother’s help while mother did it alone

Mother comes home taking care of grandchild

Mother, I’m sorry for all the wrong I did to you

Now I understand the reality of life.