World’s Top AIDS Researchers Were Among Those Killed In MH17 Tragedy

Research 1THE world’s best AIDS researchers perished in the Malaysia Airlines crash leaving a gaping hole in the field.

There were scores of AIDS activists, researchers and health workers on board the ill-fated flight bound for 20th International AIDS Conference starting in Melbourne before the tragedy.

Among the dead was prominent Dutch researcher Joep Lange, who has been a pioneer in HIV research and research since the early eighties.

He was the former president of the International Aids Society and his work included preventing HIV being transmitted from a mother to their child.

Other notable delegates who died were Dr Lucie van Mens, who since 1995 has focused on HIV and AIDs prevention and the World Health Organisation’s Glenn Thomas.

AIDs campaigners Pim de Kuijer and Jacqueline van Tongeren were also among the dead.

Black People Are By Nature More Resistant Against HIV-Infection Than White People


By Johan Van Dongen: Micro-Surgeon and Scientist and Joel Savage

The Aids and Ebola epidemic have generated many controversies all over the world, since the outbreak last year, hitting hard Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia, but only a few have access to any inside information on the Aids and Ebola research.

What many people don’t know, according to Professor Johan Van Dongen, the viruses of Ebola and Aids were long created within bacteria factories, with dubious micro-organisms and given different names, such as Reston virus, Belgrade virus, and Marburg virus. It was when the first outbreak of the virus which occurred near a small river in Africa called River Ebola, gave the name of the disease as Ebola. “This is how scientists give names to their findings,” he added.

In Africa, there were varieties of wide experiments of dubious scientists, including a crook called Hillary Koprowski. Later there was a hunt to catch this man. On his normal course of business, he used genetically contaminated engineered vaccines on innocent children in Africa. Not only African children suffered the effect of the contaminated vaccine.

In Australia between 1940 and 1970 hundreds of orphaned children, including babies were used as guinea pigs, to test vaccines against influenza, pertussis, and herpes. This atrocity was confirmed by David Vaux, an expert on infections. In the largest experiment, about 350 children were all injected with doses intended for adults.

Suddenly things started changing positively. Ricardo Veronesi, Professor Emeritus, at the Faculty of Medicine, University Sao Paulo Brasil, together with Dr. Wolff Geisler found out that 97% of the people who have HIV in their bodies, were purposely infected with this virus, which can lead to Aids. The artificially made susceptible was supplied to them in vaccines, drugs, blood transfusions and food. HIV containing microbes were also found in drinking-water and also insecticide spraying pools.

Smallpox vaccine was contaminated or combined with immunodeficiency SCID the precursor of AIDS. Within the continent of Africa, from west to east, more than 100 million children were injected with this vaccine, in cooperation with the World Health Organization (WHO) and Center for Diseases Control (CDC),  financed by the Rockefeller foundation.

In Africa the probability of an early death of HIV patients is three times higher then as were when HIV patients are simultaneously infected with HTLV-1 as described in the Lancet by Page et al in his scientific publication: HTLV-I/II seropositivity and death from Aids among HIV-I seropositive intravenous drug users (Lancet, 1990; 335: 1439-41), an even more extremely important publication for the Aids/HIV theory dissidents. Because especially HTLV-I, among many other HIV viruses, was only demonstrated in Uganda, Ghana, South Africa, and Namibia.

Only in these countries, HIV patients appear simultaneously up till now. According to Wolff Geisler, the concomitant existence of HTLV-I and HIV produces the observed rate of Aids patients in Uganda, Kenya and black-skinned people in Florida, USA and some Caribbean Islands, even though in general black people are by nature more resistant against HIV-infection than pale-skinned people. This means the HIV viruses are genetically engineered as described in our book.

Whoever think Professor Dongen is crazy should seek a psychiatric help. Even an uneducated African living in the remote area without electricity will believe his story. It will be recalled that Professor Johan Van Dongen challenged Belgium’s Professor Van der Groen’s claims that Ebola was invented in the 1960’s in Fort Detrick. Because Professor Dongen proved him a liar, the article which appeared in Diplomatic Aspects Newspaper, link miraculously disappeared from the web.

How Australia Committed Medical Crime Against Children

Medical crimes in Africa

Holland scientist and micro-surgeon issue a challenge to top world scientists to prove him wrong if Aids and Ebola aren’t bio-weapons

Professor Johan Van Dongen, stumbled upon a newspaper at the Erasmus’ University Library, revealing the medical crime Australia committed against children.

By Johan Van Dongen and Joel Savage

When Professor Johan Van Dongen, was a student and animal technician at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, he once visited the university’s library and out of the blue, stumbled upon a newspaper report over a medical crime committed against children in Australia. The shocking news revealed The Netherlands on child abuse, for human research in Australia in 1972. The crime involves “experiments with dubious vaccines.”

Back then, in 1972, Johan never thought he was about to start his first investigation into the real man-made origin of Aids and Ebola,  which he has already written and published in his book: “Aids and Ebola the greatest crime in medical history against mankind,” now available at

Experiments with dubious vaccines on innocent children

In Australia between 1940 and 1970, hundreds of orphaned children, including babies were used as guinea pigs, to test vaccines against influenza, pertussis, and herpes. This medical crime was later confirmed by David Vaux, an Australian expert on infections. In the largest experiment, 350 children, including young infants, aged between 3 and 36 months, were injected with doses intended for adults.

The idea was that the response would be of advantage or bring positive results, to carry on with the test. Such experiments, according to Vaux, weren’t secret. They discussed these experiments, just in medical journals and they fit within the then ethical standards. The Walter and Eliza Institute in Melbourne, where the tests were performed, revealed that the orphans after the ‘vaccination’ were plagued by a variety of diseases which nowadays can be compared with the fall out of Aids.

Many homes were run by the church and the management always worked along with the tests. Those tests most likely have continued even after 1970, according to the book entitled Kalikineros: “Every Second Child”, indicating that in 1974, a mysterious infant mortality among Aborigine children in Australia occurred. According to Doctor Archie Kalikerinos and his associate Glen Dettman, it is noticeable that in the early seventies increase in young infants deaths were recorded.

In some areas of the Northern Territory, there were 500 deaths per 1,000 babies. As a consequence of these findings, Kalikineros started an extensive investigation about the fact, why or what caused the high rate of death of children? His investigations showed that the children had died of an immunological toxic shock that was caused by the rapidly repeated vaccination of infants and babies including measles, polio or tuberculosis vaccinations.

In many cases, there was a fatal pneumonia which can be compared with pneumocistii carinii pneumonia PCP, a disease that  currently qualifies as an opportunistic infection in AIDS patients. “I could not believe my own eyes,” Kalikeneros said. This information affected him and he had mixed feelings about the work he was doing. Although he wasn’t highly educated like his superiors, yet he realized the medical establishment doesn’t seem how they looked like and never take the crime they were committing into consideration.

Johan, as a student, knew it was wrong to discuss this matter with his superiors because it was a legal experiment in those days and as an experimental micro-surgeon and animal  technician, he finds it difficult to speak to his superiors about it. Obviously genetically modified weapons have already been in development long before ordinary people became aware of them. Always information does not reach ordinary citizens because it is packed in scientific jargon in a way that people cannot do anything with it or understand what is going on.

Was it only Australia that the committed MEDICAL crime?

Still, in 2015, the fate of humanity lies in the hands of indiscriminate scientists, politicians, and soldiers, who take advantage of false statements that have caused a lot of problems in Africa. Everybody can say it is very stupid that African people believe that having unprotected sex with a virgin can cure Aids. But then these people also think that foreign countries who offer new medicines or offering a cure against Ebola or HIV are also easy to believe.

As long as people think that way and as long as there are employees of governments, police departments, military personnel and healthcare workers, who prefer money above the wellness of their fellow citizens, foreign countries can commit any crime with money, politics and military power.

As Johan had said before about Africa, we can see the real purpose of the so-called famous institutes telling ordinary people the need of testing vaccines.

Their money and criminal behavior are devil instruments to test anything they like on ordinary African people. So-called Aids and Ebola vaccine programs in order to find remedies against their own western devil like research brought not only diseases to Africa but also poverty, civil wars, and ethnic conflicts, instead of stopping or eradicating them.

Johan’s discovery that genetic engineering processes a certain strain of the Ebola virus, was made in the former Soviet Union, had such a tremendous impact on him. It forced him to link all these findings with the outbreaks before in laboratories throughout the world and specifically in Australia, in order to find the clue of the outbreaks in Africa.

This wasn’t an easy task because he had to deal with strict experimental transplantation programs, lots of autopsies and to study his work and also being available for all the normal proceedings, which were required for normal function within a university setting, such as to become a member of the University Council.

Above all he had to study topics in Immunology, Microsurgery, Biochemistry, Biology and several other disciplines one needs for discussion during university meetings and therefore he was obligated to go to the library where he took the advantage to continue his undercover investigation for revealing the truth about the origin of Aids and Ebola.

There it was again when he read what fathers can do to their children. General Arthur MacArthur, the father of the famous Douglas MacArthur of World War II, was ordered by the political, pharmaceutical and medical establishments, to inoculate the general population of the Philippines, with live smallpox vaccine and lots of other vaccines compared with Australian vaccines.

Not only in the Philippines but also in Australia, England, and France. These devil like actions killed more people than all other smallpox epidemics. Nowadays it is also known that in the 1950’s the U.S. military experimented on innocent Eskimos and Indians with radioactive drugs and experimental viruses and vaccines.

Foxes have holes, and the birds of the air have nests; but the Son of man is homeless.


Life is very tough

A homeless woman, God only knows how she feels

In the Bible, Jesus spoke in parables, using stories and illustrations to speak to his followers. He once said, “The foxes have holes and the birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay His head.” His teachings and parables may be rejected by non-believers or atheists, yet his teachings reflect on our lives today.

Do you know that in 2005, a global survey by the United Nations, estimated over 100 million people were homeless worldwide and as many as 1 billion people lacked adequate housing?  In Europe alone, there are 3 million homeless people, while Columbia registers 9.5 million and 24.4 million in Nigeria. There are also hundreds of homeless people in Canada, Australia and the United States of America.

There are certain factors contributing to homelessness. Physical disabilities, depression, mental illness, drug abuse, broken homes, domestic problems and lack of employment, are some of the causes leading to homelessness. At times one may be free from the mentioned problems, but certain factors can push someone to live on the street.

That’s my story. As illegal immigrant in Europe, trying to survive, I slept at rough places in Rome, including the central train station and an old abandoned Pasta factory called ‘Pantanella.’ One crossing the street or seeing a homeless person might wrongly judge the victim, but problems too tough to handle often push them to be homeless.

Like many Africans, my dream was to make it big in Europe, by going to school and take the opportunity to integrate, but soon I realized that not all that glitter is gold. To avoid being a drug addict or a thief, I took the situation as life challenges to educate and shape my life positively. While I saw friends taken over by drugs and some of them immediately going back to Africa, I remained in Rome and fought those life obstacles squarely.

Today, the man who was once sleeping at the central train station in Rome now lives with his wife and children in Europe as European citizens. On immigration issues, I consider my books to be special because they are emotional, inspiring, adventurous and educative.  ‘Overseas Chronicle,’ is a book I will recommend to every reader who loves books in the genre of non-fiction. It’s a  book that captures a reader’s attention to figure it out if the contents really took place or just an exaggeration.


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The Secret River

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Origin & Spread Of Diseases: The Criminal Intention Of Pharmaceutical Establishment

Poor standard medication

How safe are all the medicines we take into our system?

By Johan Van Dongen and Joel Savage


The authors of the recent and series of articles in regards to Aids and Ebola, wish to thank the editors of, for their willingness and publication of these highly critical articles on its website. Apart from our view on the origin of Aids and Ebola, we are inviting many more authors, journalists, and media to come forward onto this very website and open the discussion and to bring hope for the millions of HIV/Aids and Ebola sufferers in the world.

The beginning

Our findings that Aids and Ebola are the greatest crimes in medical history against mankind really begin innocently as well as spectacular, as we read about the vaccine experiments of Robert Jenner, Louis Pasteur, and Robert Koch. When Jenner in 1791 discovered a cure for smallpox, which was very great news at that time, but to my surprise, he took the “proof of the pudding” at his own eighteen months old son which would not initially come up to me.

How safe are all the medicines we take into our system?

More or less fifty years later, it was Pasteur who acted practically the same, because he also uses a child to test his first vaccine against rabies. Only two years after the experiment of Pasteur, it was the third famous investigator Koch who succeeded in the matter of developing BCG, as a means to demonstrate tubercle bacillus TBC. Koch presented his findings in 1882 at a meeting of the Berlin Physiological Society.

Nowadays almost nobody knows how disastrous these first steps have been because, for example, Koch’s vaccine caused Tuberculosis. As a consequence of these inoculations, thousands of children and adults have died because of the contaminated vaccine. Koch’s theory about this: “Because of this contamination no man on earth is free of viruses and other micro-organisms and when people get sick then we’re working on it now and in the future by making a drug in animals, but that is precisely the beginning of the end it will turn out.”

Because of the deadly events surrounding the respective above-mentioned famous doctors, or infamous if you like, it triggered us to think deeply about a statement by Albert Einstein : “The important thing is not to stop questions.” And one of these questions to us is about the consequences of exchanging microorganisms between animals and human beings in contaminated vaccines at a time that Aids-causing viruses could not be detected.

Koch’s statement gave us an almost monomaniacal urge to explore how Aids and Ebola yielded the greatest crime in medical history. This urge was reinforced by a number of facts that appear to Johan van Dongen, during the first steps he made into the medical establishments in 1969, at 23 at that time.

“When I was entering an experimental animal laboratory of the Academical’s Medical Hospital Dijkzigt and the Erasmus University Rotterdam the Netherlands, as an animal technician, I could not imagine how my decision would affect the further development of my life. At one hand I was overwhelmed by having such an opportunity to work with doctors and professors and the possibility to study everything I like in the field of medicine and be well paid by the Dutch government. On the other hand, it seemed to me as if I had entered a concentration camp of Adolf Eichmann and Josef Mengele.”

Still, in no time Johan was head over heels in an educational and animal research process, of course, they say for saving lives of innocent and very sick children and adults. Towering high he looked up at professors and surgeons and within one year he spoke to them as if he had become one of them, although he worked approximately eighty hours a week. This friendly attitude he owes to his unbridled enthusiasm and an insatiable desire for knowledge, he thought.

And so he read about Koch, Jenner, Pasteur and later Hillary Koprowski and studied animal techniques, immunology, pathology, pharmacology, surgery,biochemistry and so on and did basically anything he could get to meet the monomaniacal urge to explore.

Suddenly the criminal reality presented itself to Johan since he began to realize that the way doctors and scientists, in the early seventies, do not talk about patients as it needs to be. Especially the way, in which animals and human beings are consumed, particular those who received organ transplantation appear to him as a science fiction story. Then out of the blue, he was confronted with a newspaper report on child abuse for human research in Australia.

Experiments with dubious vaccines

David Vaux

In Australia between 1940 and 1970 hundreds of orphaned children, including babies, were used as guinea pigs to test vaccines against influenza, pertussis, and herpes. This message is confirmed by David Vaux, an expert on infections. In the largest experiment, 350 children, aged between 3 and 36 months, were injected with doses intended for adults. It was the idea this outcome would be positive.

The experiments, according to Vaux, were not secret. It was discussed in medical journals and assumed they fit within the then ethical standards.

The Walter and Eliza Institute in Melbourne, where the tests were performed, indicate that after ‘vaccination’ the orphanage was plagued by a variety of diseases. Many homes were run by the church and the management always worked along with the tests. Those tests most likely have continued even after 1970, according to the book entitled Kalikineros: “Every Second Child” indicating that in 1974, a mysterious infant mortality among Aborigine children in Australia occurred.

According to Doctor Archie Kalikerinos and his associate Glen Dettman, it is noticeable that in the early seventies, a marked increase in deaths occurred. In some areas of the Northern Territory, there are 500 deaths per 1,000 babies. As a consequence of these findings, Kalikineros started an extensive investigation about the fact and causes of the death in such a number of children.

His investigations showed that the children had died of an immunological toxic shock that was caused by the rapidly repeated vaccination to infants and babies including measles, polio or tuberculosis vaccinations. In many cases, there was fatal pneumonia which can be compared with pneumocystis carinii pneumonia PCP, diseases that we currently qualify as opportunistic infections in Aids patients.

Vaccinations cause Aids

Not only the aforementioned topics had triggered my interest in investigating the origin of Aids but also the facts that vaccinations against polio, smallpox, measles, and tetanus, which led to leukemia and Aids. Yet there are many publications of scientific evidence that this phenomenon is demonstrated, although this is also vehemently denied by vaccine producing doctors and laboratory scientists within the pharmaceutical industry. Of course, they do otherwise they would admit that medical is to be held responsible for the deadly Aids disease with at least an iatrogenic origin.

Doctors of Death

Man-made sicknesses

Pharmaceutical companies make money from people who are sick, the reason we need to be careful about what we eat and drink.

Alan Cantwell

Not only a journalist and science editor P. Wright of “The Times” in 1987, claimed that vaccines are the cause of Aids. After just a year later, Alan Cantwell notified in his book published by “The Los Angeles Aries Rising Press” that he had written a book titled “Aids and the Doctors of Death, An inquiry Into the Origin of the Aids epidemic.” In his book, he described that U.S. scientists under former President Richard Nixon had been involved in the spread of germs through vaccination. Cantwell stated:

“In my books, I had collected thousands of scientific articles that dealt with the onset of Aids. And while that could have proved the deadly vaccination is the story of a decision by the then U.S. president Richard Nixon. Early in 1971, the U.S. Congress submitted one hundred million U.S. dollars for an intensive vaccination campaign, with the goal of finding a cure for leukemia, a disease that is caused by radiation.

The radiation activates mycosis fungoïdes, the precursor of the HIV-virus. Nixon’s request was honored. In the same year in Uganda’s West Nile District and initiated by the United States, an extensive medical field research started. It involved about 45,000 children. Each year after vaccination, blood was taken to determine whether a relationship existed between an infection with the Epstein-Barr virus, also known as glandular fever or ‘kissing disease’ and the occurrence of Kaposi’s sarcoma, a skin cancer by the cytomegalovirus CMV, which also caused herpes. ”

More information is published in our book Aids and Ebola the greatest crime in medical history against mankind”, published on which can be found under the next link: