What Is It Like To Be A Woman?

Proverb 4

One of Marilyn Monroe’s quote which reveals how unique, special and different a woman is.

I am a married man for the past 21 years, yet I can’t say I know a lot about women. My wife gets angry with me sometimes, when I know I’m right and she is wrong. But since I don’t want to lean upon my understanding, which may be wrong, I quickly apologize to her to create a happy atmosphere once again.

I work at a place with over forty female teachers. I ‘m always scared to smile, paranoid maybe, because I don’t want any of the ladies there to have in mind that I want her. I, therefore, maintain a serious mood at my workplace. Unfortunately, I was doing more harm to myself than good.

In the first year, I realized pure hatred from some of the teachers towards me. Action speaks louder than words, so don’t ask me how I know that they hate me, please. In fact, some people can’t control their emotions when they hate you. Many pretend they haven’t seen me, even though I’m very close to those tempting bodies, fashion and magic perfumes.

The hate towards me increased to a certain level that I decided to find a solution immediately, to present myself a faithful and trustful person among them. I started greeting those I’ve never greeted at the school before. Some just walked away without response but some gave me recognition and responded. That encouraged me to continue the greetings.

Did I forget myself as an African, when there is a proverb in Africa that says a woman is a beautiful flower in the middle of the garden and the man is the fence around it? Did I also forget that in Mexico, it is said men that treat women very good were brought up by queens?

“If she’s amazing, she won’t be easy. If she’s easy, she won’t be amazing. If she’s worth it, you won’t give up. If you give up, you’re not worthy. … Truth is, everybody is going to hurt you; you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for.” Did I also forget this great quote from the reggae legend, Bob Marley?

Once you have a clean heart and ready to change things in your life, you will be successful. I became friendlier with a broad smile on my face daily. Once I met one of the ladies who hate me most, with a cup of coffee in one hand and books in the other hand, trying to open a door and I rushed like the late Christopher Reeve in his Super Man series, to open the door for her.


An African proverb revealing the greatness and importance of a woman in the society.

It was that very day, she asked of my name and she told me hers. Since then we communicate regularly and laugh over many things. In life, never judge a woman wrongly. Like every human being, some are introverts and others extrovert. Some may be very quiet but that doesn’t mean that they hate you, while others quickly engage in conversation with you.

So what is it like to be a woman? Don’t feel great or superior to a woman. Respect her opinion and don’t underestimate her. That will open the way to know her very well to understand the sort of creatures women are.


The Many Sins Of American Leaders: Bill Clinton’s Apology On Health Issues


Aids and Ebola medical crimes

Bill Clinton’s apology for medical crimes in America’s political history: How can Americans continue to trust their leaders for covering up crimes?

 “AIDS and Ebola are indeed the results of a sinister American foreign policy. America will naturally respond negatively, but nobody will deny that American and African -American research scientists had willingly executed services in the development and implementation of top-secret military projects under biological warfare.” – Professor Johan Van Dongen.

President Bill Clinton’s apology 1: Nuclear Experiment on Handicapped In The USA 

Experiments with radioactive food on humans are restricted in Britain. On December 28, 1993, ‘The Times’ announced that between 1946 and 1956, twenty mentally ill patients in the United States were fed with radioactive food. According to the U.S. newspaper Boston Globe, this happened as nuclear experiments during the Cold War.

Out the people responsible for the test on the disabled, were researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University. The subjects were adolescents between fifteen and seventeen years, without the knowledge of their parents, they were subjected to the experiments. They started the day with a breakfast of radioactive milk.

The Times also reports of many recent revelations about nuclear experiments on such people. The Secretary of State for Energy, Hazal O’Leary, ordered an internal investigation, demanding the name of all official documents be made public. In 1995 President Clinton officially apologized for carrying out nuclear experiments on humans during the Cold War.

President Bill Clinton’s apology II. Experiments on blacks in the USA

Washington: U.S. President Clinton, on the behalf of the federal government, plans to apologize for a medical experiment, in which hundreds of black men with syphilis were denied medication. The initiative is part of a comprehensive agenda, which Clinton then wanted to work on improving race relations in America.

The notorious Tuskegee experiment started in 1932, just before the start of the German National Socialism, which ended in 1972. Since the experimental project became public, the U.S. government paid out a compensation of ten million U.S. dollars in damages, but apologies are never made. During the forty years that the experiment lasted, 399 impoverished black men kept the disease unaware without treatment.

The federal public health service throughout the experiment wanted to learn more about how venereal disease is spread to victims. According to the White House during a public ceremony, Clinton apologized for the misbehavior of the state.

The Tuskegee experiment was named after the place in Alabama where it was carried out against America’s black community, to this day a metaphor for mistrust of the government. President Clinton had time improving race relations high on the agenda for his second term.In his inauguration speech on January 20, 1997, he spoke about racial division as “America’s constant curse.”

Clinton’s staff explored several options for the president to shape its mission. Beneath it was a conference he chaired on race and creating a platform modeled on the famous Kerner Commission. It concluded that in 1968, the U.S. is moving toward two societies, one black and one white.

What Clinton didn’t mention is that, fifteen years after stopping the deadly syphilis experiments on blacks, the number of cases of this dreaded disease in sex blacks increased by 132% while the disease in whites decreased by 69%. The scientists had apparently found what they were, namely: the distribution of specific micro-organisms with vaccinations among black-skinned people with roots from Africa. But what about the venereal disease explosion for instance in Zimbabwe?

Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore U.S.A. I

In 1968, a study conducted by Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore and funded by the U.S.A. military is one of the conclusions that the ‘infectious anemia of horses ‘horses aids’ a model for an autoimmune disease, similar to a disease which also occurs in humans, could be transferred by insects.

Especially the latter would offer great potential for experimental manipulations for further research into the spread of pathogenic micro-organisms. According to scientist Squire, author of Equine Infectious Anemia (horse aids), a model of immune proliferative disease, such experiments might well be performed in Africa.

During investigations they found in African countries, a lentil-virus in humans identical with the horse AIDS virus and it is precisely at this John Hopkins University where in the early sixties at the expense of U.S. forces, AIDS experiments were performed on dogs, monkeys, and humans. In the same military laboratories, they had also conducted experiments of AIDS-causing viruses on insects to transfer the infection.


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