Online Dating: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Part Of It

hackerThere are many dangers behind Online Dating one can’t see.

Life can be boring sometimes. Frustration, depression, loneliness, and anxiety, are some of the problems that have taken its toll on many people today, forcing them to ‘Dating Sites,’ hoping that’s the right place to find love and happiness they are looking for. 

The internet has enabled us to see the world through the window, facilitating business, creating easy communication and making friendship easy throughout the globe. But the question is: Is ‘Dating Sites’ actually the right place for someone to look for his or her dream partner? Frankly speaking, dating sites harbored all kinds of dangers many ignore or don’t see because they are simply following their heart’s desire.

I don’t see the distance between two people dating, as one of the disadvantages of online dating if one person lives in Canada and the other lives in England, but the dangers of falling into wrong hands, which have prematurely ended the lives of many and added names of missing people to the missing people’s list.

While on ‘Dating Site,’ your aim is to find a lover, but the man on the other side doesn’t want love, he wants to harm or kill you. How will you know? This is the reason many that answer to online dating, mysteriously disappear without any trace. This makes ‘Dating Sites’ or ‘Blind Date’ more dangerous than imagined.

Once in Amsterdam, I contacted a lady who wants a non-smoker. We made an appointment at the central train station, asking me to be at a very famous point everyone knew. She was late. I watched my time and I realized it was over ten minutes. Then after fifteen minutes, I saw a pretty woman smiling at me. She was gorgeous. Her tall slim figure was the exact choice of a woman I was looking for.

“Are you Joe?” She asked and I nodded.”I have been here already but spying on you to see if you are a handsome man. I really hate ugly and shabbily dressed men.” She said. “What a bad woman? Is that what men or women do to each other on blind-date?” I asked in mind. Now I know the reason many dates end in disappointment. They came and probably saw the person unattractive and quietly sneaked away? Who will be happy when treated like that? In fact, the statement she made ruined my day. After eating and a walk through the city, I didn’t request for a second date. That’s how we lost contact.

There is nothing wrong when doing online dating, but be extremely careful, because what you are looking for might be completely different from what the person you are communicating with wants. There are some recommended steps which can keep one far from loneliness and depression. Reading interesting books as a hobby can capture your imagination to avoid depression and loneliness.

If you love to stay at home, please cultivate the habit of taking a walk through the gardens, doing window shopping, joining social clubs. Going to the gym to exercise once or twice a week doesn’t only keep you fit but also psychologically healthy. Who knows you will meet the right person in those places? You may have a hidden talent but you don’t know. Find out what you are very good at, follow it and start blogging to create your happiness.


You’ve Got The Power To Liberate Yourself From Depression


Suicide is not a solution to free yourself from the world’s problems

Everyone has wonderful hopes, dreams, and expectations of their future, but many times what we are looking for never come our way. Some of us have been robbed of our joy through the loss of a loved one and many feel lonely and hopeless when they find themselves in abusive homes and domestic violence.

In such a troubled world, it’s very easy to see the ailments of the society taking its toll on people. The high rate of unemployment and divorce, are also some of the causes leading to depression. It’s not surprised that psychologists have confirmed that the ailments of people can be traced from the homes and environment they were raised.

We understand that as human beings, we are bound to face difficulties in our lives, the important question is: How do we handle those problems we experience? According to World Federation for Mental Health, depression is a significant contributor to the global burden of disease and affects people in all communities across the world.

Today, depression is estimated to affect 350 million people. The World Mental Health Survey conducted in 17 countries found that on average about 1 in 20 people reported having an episode of depression. But do you know that you have the power to overcome loneliness and depression?

Why some people easily succumbed to depression and others able to resist? The happy people we often meet on the street are not super humans. They are only happy because experience in life has taught them that happiness is yourself. Someone can make you unhappy, prevent your success, or do everything to hurt you, but so long as you are a living being, you have the power, desire, inspiration or everything it takes to liberate yourself from that misery, loneliness or depression.

Fear, anxiety, depression and loneliness can easily be prevented than you know. Instead of living on drugs and alcohol, which rather increase your psychological problems, there are some recommended steps which can keep one far from loneliness and depression. Reading interesting books as a hobby can capture your imagination to avoid depression.

If you love to stay at home, please cultivate the habit of taking a walk through the gardens, doing window shopping, joining social clubs. Going to the gym to exercise once or twice a week doesn’t only keep you fit but also psychologically healthy. You may have a hidden talent but you don’t know. Find out what you are very good at, follow it and start blogging to create your happiness.

Another important factor is financial matters, which often wear people down psychologically. When facing financial problems, you need a healthy mind to find your way out not a depressed mind.  I can’t do it, I’m not sure I can succeed, there is nothing left for me in life, are all ‘symptoms’ of depression. Take away the shackle off your body and free mind from the psychological chain damaging your health.

Leave The Problems Behind And Take A Positive Step Into The Year 2016

Chearing 1Happiness and togetherness is all that we need to make this world beautiful

Many are  struggling  to overcome anxiety disorder, fear and uncertainty, only to get disappointing results, because crime, violence and terrorism are taking away our peaceful and happy moments.

The problem is that most people find it hard to overcome their fears, because it’s part of who they are. That’s actually a mistake. “No one drinks medicine on the behalf of a sick person,” a Ghanaian proverb, meaning your happiness is in your own hands.

At times sadness, loneliness and depression make us feel miserable and scared, because we don’t know what tomorrow may bring. If you take a wider view of things you could discover that dating and friendships seem to be disappointments. Many are hurt or recovering from love affair disasters. Why must my dates end in this way? This is one of the questions that usually follows.

Many times it may be differences of opinions, careers and misunderstandings, but at times it may turn out to be that the partners don’t like something about each other, especially about his or her character. Humbleness and politeness create a happy environment, but how many people there are polite and humble?

Within some few days, we shall be witnessing the new year (2016). Are you going to carry your problems along with you? We often allow problems to take its toll on us, than finding solutions.

If the blind can play the piano, someone without hands, can open the chapters of a book, with his toes or tongue, then why do you have to grumble when you are physically strong?

The purpose of this article is to encourage, not to discourage. There are many opportunities there for you. Let God be your guide to choose wisely and let your hopes and dreams be a reality in year 2016.

Kicking Away Fear: The Enemy That Prevents Our Success

How to overcome fear

Fear, one of the most basic human unpleasant emotions in the nervous system

The young lady has successfully completed her education, passing out with bright colors as a medical nurse. But due to lack of confidence, she is scared to solicit for a job. Her mind tells her she isn’t attractive enough and therefore going to fail her interview. The aspiring writer has written the best book, which could be the next number one best seller to change the world, but fear has already crippled him because he thought the book may not sell.

Fear, one of the most basic human unpleasant emotions in the nervous system, has attributed to the failure in the lives of thousands of people. When one is gripped with fear, it prevents quick thinking, solutions to problems and one becomes confused and nervous. Many encounters fear in many ways, when ready to take exams, during speech and when to arrest certain situations. In the first place, what causes fear within human beings?

Many times, I like to share my experience when writing articles. I discovered during my youth that I had no fear in me, however; many attempts in things which I wasn’t perfect nearly cost my life. For example, I shouldn’t have gone deep into the sea when I am aware that I can’t swim. Yes till now, I don’t know how to swim. I was carried away by the sea, and those trying to save me gave up because I disappeared when I was pulled into a swirling deep hole under the sea. Then a mighty wave swept me ashore. In a state of shock, I took my clothes and walked nakedly home.

‘Fear’ is an enemy, yet people shouldn’t put away fear to do what they aren’t perfect or do something wrong. For example, smuggling drug to a country, hoping you may not be caught. That is not the right way to overcome fear or to see if you are brave. You may end up in jail. However; there are ways one can adapt to overcome fear. Once as illegal immigrant in Europe, few minutes before noon, without breakfast and not knowing where my next meal is coming from, I took to the streets on foot towards a friend’s house, hoping I might find something to eat.


Fear kills many people hundred of thousand times before their real death.

Over an hour walk and still far from where I was going, I experienced the symptoms of system failure. I felt dizzy and knew would soon collapse. I had no choice than to enter a bus without a ticket. Before the bus reached my destination, controllers caught me without a ticket. This is a very big offence everywhere in Europe, taken thousands of illegal immigrants back to their country of origin. I didn’t  panic or afraid, that gave me enough time to think of what to say.

“I am happy you going to call the police to arrest me,” I said when I noticed they were going near their vehicle to use the equipment to call the police. “Why are you happy we calling the police?”  One of the controllers asked.“Because I haven’t eaten since morning, definitely I will get something to eat at the police station.” I replied. They were stupefied and after looking at each other’s face, they asked me to go home.

According to doctors, fear is normal, because we are human beings. Unfortunately, fear, the feeling of agitation and anxiety that runs through the minds of human beings, preventing them from doing many things, is exactly what people in higher positions, stand on to harm, bully, manhandle and show injustice to the underprivileged in the society. People use their positions to manipulate, cheat, and dominate other people, because they know the person is scared and powerless to defend himself.

How can someone overcome fear? There are hundreds of books at Amazon on how to overcome fear, but one of the great books which I  read,  and changed my whole life consciously and positively  was ‘The power of positive thinking’ by Norman Vincent Peale. It’s a very good book.