Thabo Mbeki Of South Africa Against AZT: Pharmaceutical Agent For Profit

By Johan Van Dongen and Joel Savage

In the previous articles, we have taken notice of several ‘alternative’ medicines such as Kemron and Suramin for Aids, which have been suppressed by the medical and governmental agencies, supported by the American Centers for Disease Control, amongst others financed by the Rockefeller Foundation. All according to the description and research as laid down in Johan van Dongen’s 2003 book: “Aids, de grootste misdaad in de medische geschiedenis.” – ‘Aids, the greatest crime in medical history.’

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In today’s article, we make an excursus by telling something about the officially accepted and promoted Aids drugs called ‘Anti-retrovirals,’ which derive their name from the fact or theory that Aids is being caused by a retrovirus. Re-trovirals, such as HIV, as do even the firms concede that produce them, do not pretend to be able to cure Aids, but they may be hoped for to extend the life expectancy of HIV/Aids patients with a number of years.

The fact that anti-retrovirals are no real cure for Aids, was confirmed in 2007 by the director Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases NIAID, who was reported to have said at an International Aids conference: “As for a cure, let’s just stop talking about it.” He also said: “So far we have not come even close to truly eradicating it in anyone, and I think we should just stop talking about it,” quoted from: Janine Roberts book: “Fear of the Invisible”; p. 203.

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Aids doesn’t discriminate. A victim of medical crime.

Zidovudine or Azidothymidine a pharmaceutical agent for profit

High court advocate Mr. Anthony Brink

While dealing with anti-retrovirals we will concentrate on the most infamous anti-retroviral drug called Azidothymidine AZT, which is also known under its more technical name Zidovudine. It was first commercially sold under the name Retrovir. In our discussion about AZT we like to refer here to the excellent work of South African former high court advocate, Mr. Anthony Brink, who has published extensively about AZT.

Three of his AZT books, Debating AZT, Introducing AZT and poisoning our children: AZT in pregnancy can be downloaded for free from his website. After reading Brink’s first book, South African President Thabo Mbeki ordered an enquiry into the safety of this AIDS drug in October 1999. Anthony Brink is also founder of the South African Treatment Information Group TIG, in opposition to the Treatment Action Campaign TAC, which was founded by Mr. Zackie Achmat in order to promote retroviral treatment with AZT.

Brink, through providing the former South African president ThaboMbeki and his health minister Doctor. Tshabalala Msimang with his expert knowledge on AZT, had convinced Mbeki of the dangers of this highly poisonous substance. This aroused considerable controversy in South-Africa over the past decade and although anti-retrovirals have been made available in South Africa after legal pressure brought to bear by the TAC, the debate about the utility and the toxicity of anti-retroviral drugs are still going on in South Africa; see also Brinks affidavit against TAC in a 2006 lawsuit (

Thabo Mbeki called a lunatic by the producers of AZT

In 1998, Thabo Mbeki criticized the Truth and Reconciliation Commission for concluding that ANC members had carried out widespread torture and killed opponents, not unlike their white oppressors. Aids has hit Africa the hardest of any continent and a woman called Gugu Dlamini, one of the first South Africans to announce that she was HIV-positive, was promptly stoned to death in 1998. Mandela ignored the Aids crisis but Mbeki doesn’t.

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In 1999 he refused to allow distribution of AZT, a drug that not cure but inhibits HIV, especially to pregnant women and other South Africans suffering from Aids. Instead, he publicly embraced the scientifically dissident position that HIV doesn’t cause Aids. The drug itself, Mbeki claimed, actually causes Aids and that’s why they called him a lunatic.

This phenomenon Professor Johan van Dongen noticed in his own under cover laboratory experiments. He found out that it shortens rather than extends patients’ lives. South Africa has finally instituted a comprehensive plan to combat HIV and Aids, but Mbeki only let the plan proceed as his 2004 re-election campaign got underway. Because of these findings it is obvious that especially African natives are used as pill machines for the profit of the pharmaceutical industry.

Johan has proved in his books and scientific articles that Thabo Mbeki has a proof, which enabled him to state that: “Black people have been made susceptible for diseases by the application of genetic engineering programs for linking diseases into specific genes.”

Thabo Mbeki was indeed well informed about the fact that Aids is not just created out of nothing. It would be really underestimating witnesses if they portray him as someone who is not right in his mind, because he thinks that Aids is caused by white conspiracy, or he thinks certain medicines against Aids just causes Aids. Even if something like that exists, it is quite easy to detect by medical annals, when the major western medicine men in that sinister game come together to discuss about the results of their criminal actions. Therefore, the only lunatics involved in this discussion are criminal governments, the pharmaceutical industry, journalists and media who don’t have the guts to inform common Africans properly.

Discovery of AZT

AZT was discovered in 1961 by Professor Richard Beltz as a possible chemotherapeutic agent against cancer. It turned out so poisonous and detrimental for the cells in its working that is was rejected as too dangerous for the purpose. It produced wholesale cell death of every type, particularly the rapidly dividing cells of the immune system and those lining our guts, according to Brink’s first book.

AZT abandoned

Why then, after abandoning its use in the sixties, AZT was ‘revived’ in the eighties as a drug against HIV we may question? How did it happen that it is now prescribed against HIV, along with other anti-retroviral drugs to delay ’inevitable’ deaths? Brink sees the start for the search for a substance like AZT in a statement Dr. Robert Gallo made in 1984 that his HLTV-virus was the probable cause of Aids. This must have caused an increased speed to find a profitable pharmaceutical weapon against it.

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Everyone wants the world to be a better place, but many don’t want to change, because of greed and power. It’s a shame.

Peter Duesberg

A three- month first safety trial was then organized by the U.S. health authorities. This safety trial turned out to result in a scientific flop when those people being in the control group in their state of desperation were so eager to receive the drugs as well, that a proper placebo controlled study could not take place. This fact thereby took away any proper science basis to the subsequent release of the drug for use. Brink concludes in his first book that also in relation to subsequent trials, it would not be extravagant to call the producers of AZT fraudulent.

The great toxicity of the drug was proved when, within two years, one third of the AZT-patients in this trial were dead; see full account of this trial in Peter Duesberg’s “Inventing the AIDS-virus”, pp. 314-324. Of course, the dose of AZT which is given these days has been strongly cut to prevent the initial disaster, but this can’t take away the impression that the whole AZT undertaking was from the beginning a very unlucky and dangerous undertaking; see for toxicity of AZT the warnings on the label of the bottle.