MH17 De Doofpotdeal


Op 17 juli 2014 stortte een Boeing 777 van Malaysia Airlines (vlucht MH17) neer boven Oost-Oekraïne. Alle 298 inzittenden kwamen om het leven, waaronder 193 Nederlanders.

Nederland kreeg de leiding over het onderzoek naar de toedracht van de ramp, maar verbond zich met een doofpotdeal aan Kiev. En werd daarmee een pion in een internationaal politiek schaakspel.

Onverbloemde Koude Oorlog-retoriek maakt een comeback. Poetin is hierin de ultiemebad guy. Wat hij zegt wordt in het Westen als giftige propaganda bestempeld.

Inmiddels, zo lijkt het, lijden alle betrokkenen aan tunnelvisie. Kunnen we er nog gerust op zijn dat de onderzoekers onafhankelijk en objectief hun werk doen?

De Russen dragen materiaal aan dat suggereert dat de crash is veroorzaakt door óf een aanval van een Oekraïense straaljager óf door een met een Oekraïense BUK-M1 afgeschoten raket. Daarentegen gaan EU-landen en de VS ervan uit dat de separatisten in Oost-Oekraïne de Boeing, al dan niet per ongeluk, hebben neergeschoten.

De Auteur

In MH17: de Doofpotdeal maakt Joost Niemöller de tussenbalans op. De opvallendste feiten worden op een rij gezet en de belangrijkste theorieën – uit alle kampen – geëvalueerd. De auteur signaleert verontrustende ontwikkelingen en schetst een wereld waar grote belangen waarheidsvinding in de weg staan, een deal meer gewicht heeft dan forensisch materiaal.

De theorieën. De feiten. De deal.

Omvang: 168 pagina’s + 16 pagina’s illustraties (kleur)
ISBN: 978 90 490 2417 8
Prijs: € 14,95
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De boekpresentatie in Nieuwspoort

BOL 3Overhandiging boek HM17, de Doofpotdeal aan Kamerleden Van Bommel (SP) en Omtzigt (CDA) In Nieuwspoort, 28 oktober 2014.

Interview van Joost Niemöller over zijn boek MH17 de Doofpotdeal

The Truth Behind The Shooting Down Of Malaysian Flight MH17 Unfolds


Some of the Aids researchers that lost their lives in the Malaysia MH17 air disaster

By Johan Van Dongen and Joel Savage

Local residents battling HIV and AIDS are glued to the coverage of the crash involving Malaysian Airlines Flight MH 17.

At least 100 of those killed when Flight 17 went down were top AIDS research scientists heading to an international conference on HIV and AIDS.

“We probably took a step back in time,” said Doris Caroll, an AIDS prevention advocate in West Palm Beach.

A state licensed HIV and AIDS tester, Caroll said the ripples of losing all of those researchers will be felt around the world, including in her office.

“They mean the future of prevention, the future of treatment and maybe even eradicating HIV,” said Caroll.

Those infected with HIV are now worried if the death of the researchers will impact their future.

“It hurts my heart because they were going to do more work. And just the fact that they were doing something for me,” said Stephanie June, a West Palm Beach woman who’s HIV positive.

June has lived with HIV for more than six years. She has a husband, a little daughter and is living her life the way she wants to thanks to the researched done by scientists like the ones who were killed. June said she is indebted to the all the researchers and scientists who died.

“If I didn’t have the medication right away when I was diagnosed, who knows where I would be?” said June. “I probably wouldn’t be standing here. But the fact is, they changed my life.”

This is one of the hundreds of publications which appeared in the newspapers, shortly after the plane carrying passengers, including the Aids researchers went down, before reaching Australia. The story generated a lot of controversies and conspiracies.

Like other scientists, investigators and researchers trying to find the real reason which led to the murder of the scientists, Dutch’s Micro-Surgeon and Scientist Johan Van Dongen has also different reasons from what the media want the public to believe.

“There were scientists on board flight MH17, including specialists and associates of French Doctors. Barré-Sinoussi and Luc Montagnier, who were to reveal that Aids and Ebola were man-made viruses used as bio-weapons in Africa,” said Prof. Dongen.

In all the literature, it appears to me that scientists were doing a social thing by finding a solution for Africa… Once they could have succeeded, this means also that the depopulation of Africa, Asia, Latin America etc, would have come to an end.”

“I will not think of a conspiracy theory but I do think that those criminals who are responsible for the depopulation of Africa, made a party after the plane came down, because the threat of being exposed is finally quashed.” Said Prof. Dongen.

Why Many Fear The Dead When They Can’t Harm Us?

Image 2Death is inevitable. It happens to everyone, without taking race, gender, age, religion, or status into consideration. Death is an enemy which has conquered and keeps on conquering, taking away the happiness of everyone when it strikes. “For the living knows that they will die; but the dead know nothing, their love, their hatred, and their envy have now perished,” says the Bible at (Ecclesiastes 9:5)

Paranormal stories reveal the existence of restless spirits or ghosts, haunting places of abode and people, but I haven’t heard of a dead body harming anyone. Why then most people fear a dead body? The only way to determine if the dead can harm someone is to sleep at a graveyard till morning or stay with a dead body in a room alone. Believe me; you will have a peaceful union with the dead body than taking the risk to pass through a violent community.

On ‘Youtube’ are hundreds of pranks involving dead bodies. Some are very hilarious that one never stops laughing after watching them. I wonder why people risk their lives fleeing across the road, because a man stops a vehicle and tries to deposit the body of someone pretending to be dead. If the dead has no power at all to hurt someone, why the need to fear the dead instead of the living?

Some people were born naturally cruel. They kill for pleasure. Your friends can hurt you and make feel miserable like a church mouse. People invade your property, steal your belongings. Injustice, corruption, discrimination, racism, terrorism, child abuse, crime and violence everywhere, are caused by the living. The dead has got nothing to do with this. In fact the dead sometimes becomes victim of crime and injustice.

Ghouls get to graveyards to steal jewels, ornaments and expensive items buried with the dead, especially those who follow traditions of the royal family. Many enjoy making fortune out of people’s misery and tragedy. Aftermath of the Malaysia Airlines MH17, which was shot down recently in eastern Ukraine, some looters were at the site to steal money and credit cards, living at the expense of the dead.

Would you continue living in fear because of the dead when they have no power to harm you? The source of all our fear comes from our own uncontrolled minds. The mind is obsessed with fear to the extent that sometimes one flees when no one is after him and mostly flees from safety to danger. Life is beautiful; while we are part of this generation we mustn’t hurt our psychological emotions with unnecessary fears.