Providing Sustainable Solar Energy Water Wells In The Gambia

Project clean water for life in Gambia

Building clean sustainable water wells in rural Gambia

Water is a staff of life and a prerequisite for a healthy life

Water is like the blood every human being needs in the body because without it life can’t go on, yet Africa faces the biggest challenge of water crisis yearly, which often lead to poor sanitation, diseases, and other health hazards.

Like a lazy moving snail, Africa’s development has been very slow, affecting its infrastructures, including . buildings, sanitation, schools, health, and water . Poverty is so severe that many villages have  no access to electricity and water.

The water crisis in developing Africa and other continents called for ‘World Water Day’  -Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janerio, Brazil, by the United Nations on March 22, 1992, on the theme ‘Water For Life.’

In the year 2013, on holidays in Gambia, one of the tourists attraction countries embedded into Senegal, in West Africa, Loes Koenen, a Dutch woman working in the health sector had a change of mind after visiting the rural parts in the country.

WellHalo’s water project in Gambia

“I saw with my own eyes how poor the Gambian people are. I was devastated by the misery and especially the poverty, that I needed a few days to recover. That’s why I decided to go back to Gambia in February 2014, to do something about it. I couldn’t live with myself, living in Holland with all the luxury, while people there are suffering,” says Loes Koen.

Like the Polish writer, Ryszard Kapuscinski, sharing his experience of his visit to Africa, including Ghana, Loes said, in Gambia, it was like I was living in a documentary of National Geographic, but with the bitter reality. We were in the land of nowhere, dry land, dry bushes, with dirt roads, and the only green I saw were Baobab trees, the only trees that bear fruit.

Without wasting no time, ‘WellHalo Foundation’ embarked on the construction of sustainable water wells on solar energy in the villages. Each project is relatively expensive, about 7500 Euros, but will last a very long time.

WellHalo Foundation finds those projects very necessary because the lack of clean water generates infectious diseases such as malaria since mosquitoes lay their eggs in the water.During my first visit, I was faced with these tough questions, how do these people cope? And how do they survive? The questions were finally answered when we begin the projects.

The need to help Africa is very necessary. We can’t pretend we don’t know what is going on. Giving Africa a clean water is like saving the entire continent and putting a street child in the classroom is like saving an entire nation. Know more about the predicaments in Africa. You are invited to join ‘WellHalo Foundation’ and together let’s help Africa.

Official website of ‘WellHalo Foundation’:

Investment In Africa: Why Do You Fear If It Has All The Resources To Make You Smile?

Invest in Africa as a businessman without regrets

Investment in Africa is the best tool to save America, Europe, and Africa’s economies from collapsing: All the resources are available, what are you waiting for?

As an African living in Europe for years, I have noticed the fear in many entrepreneurs and businessmen to invest in Africa, despite the continent’s vast natural resources including diamonds, salt, gold, iron, cobalt, uranium, copper, bauxite, silver, petroleum and cocoa beans, cocoa, woods and tropical fruits etc.

There are reasons many fear. Firstly,  why Africa remains one of the poorest continents despite all those rich resources, and secondly, is it safe to invest in Africa due to corruption and political risk? Some years back China and India were seen as two unsafe countries to invest due to the same reasons.

Today, nobody expected the growth that China and India have experienced within the last few years. I have said over and over that the media plays a significant role in every society but the same media discourage entrepreneurs and businessmen from investing in Africa because of the negative articles they write about the continent, yet gun-related crimes and violence are taking its toll on societies in Europe and America.

Would you like me to lead you to establish your business in Africa?

As a well known African journalist, also in Belgium, I have the knowledge over the spectrum of businesses in certain African countries I have lived. They are Nigeria, Ghana, Republic of Guinea, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, and Gambia. Since these countries stand as an enormous opportunity for businessmen and entrepreneurs, I can assist you through the right channels to get your business registered and established.

I started this project a year ago after I was confronted by  questions like: What should I do to convince people that Africa is safe and ripe for investment? What should I do to lift the image of Africa? And finally, what should I do to make Africa not only the best continent for tourism but a mega-global business center for all businessmen from every part of the world?

The export and import trades are booming in Africa and every day tons of raw materials, including cocoa beans, arrive on the shores of Europe and America for your cocoa beverages, drinks, chocolates and body creams. Why do you fear to invest in Africa?

In regards to any significant information or questions, you are free to contact me via the contact point on my blog and also if you need my telephone number in Belgium. I am also available on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Amazon:


Crack The Italian Fashion Code And Stand Out From The Crowd

Italians are fashion conscious

The Adorable Fashion World of Italy

I am not a fashion or menswear writer but felt compelled to write something about the way Italians dress because the taste of Italians in the fashion world is adorable and attractive. Why do Italians always look good than other Europeans? 

Living in Rome for three years, I didn’t only fell in love with the language to start speaking it in the possible shortest time but also took a great pride in the way the Italians dressed. Italians are fashion conscious, thus, where ever they are the smart way they dressed identify them even if you don’t know that the person is Italian.

Italian men and women are confident and comfortable in dressing. It seems they spend hours  dressing in front of the mirror just to steal the hearts of people but that’s not the case. In the fashion world, Italians don’t say ‘I don’t care.’ They take dressing very serious because it’s part of their culture.

Go to Belgium, Holland, England, the Scandinavia or Germany, it’s very common to see a man in blue jeans, wearing a black shoe but it’s very hard to see Italian wearing blue jeans and a black shoe. The men wear blue jeans and brown shoes because what you wear is who you are.

The Fashion World of Italians

Italian men love blue jeans and brown shoes and they are beautiful combination

In the fashion world, Italians always stand out from the crowd because of how they appreciate style. Could this be the secret many Europeans (Non-Italians) fall in love with Italians, their food or because Milan is the fashion capital?

You too can be elegant, just crack the Italian fashion code and stand out from the crowd.

Why Travellers Love Antwerp’s Central Train Station?

Central train station in Antwerp

The splendid interior of Antwerp’s central train station: One of the most beautiful train stations in the world

Travelling to different places around the world is entertaining, adventurous and exciting, which inspire many people to go on holidays by air, sea or train.

One of the most beautiful train stations in Europe, serving both international and local passengers is the central train station in Antwerp. With different kinds of shops, including diamond shops under its roof, Antwerp’s central train magnificently stands tall.

The station building was originally constructed between 1895 and 1905, but underwent a very thorough renovation in 2007, transforming the old terminal station completely into a magnificent public transport hall.

The beautiful artworks, design, and architectural work add glamour to Antwerp’s central train station, making it one of the most adored central train stations in Europe.

In 2009, the American magazine ‘Newsweek‘ recognized Antwerp’s central station as the world’s fourth greatest train station and in 2014, the British-American magazine ‘Mashable awarded the station first place for the most beautiful railway station in the world.

Beautiful architecture reveals the Antwerp's train station

The front elevation of Antwerp’s central train station

In Antwerp, apart from the central train station, tourists always have wonderful places to visit, such as the Grote Markt (Grand Place) Our Lady Cathedral, St Paul’s Church,  Platin-Moretus Museum, The Sea Port, Antwerp Zoo etc.


Mini 3

Mini-skirts: One of the fashion temptations during summer

There are only two seasons in West Africa, the dry and the wet, and sometimes the experience of the harmattan, a dry, dusty cold north-east trade winds from December to February. 

Africa never misses the sun or summer as it is known among the four seasons in Europe and America because the sun blazes for nine months, accompanied by rainfall within three months.

Unfortunately, sometimes the rain fails to fall, and when it continues for a longer period, means impending danger. The reason East Africa is often threatened by worst drought. Rwanda, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Zambia, Somalia etc, have all experienced the effect of drought.

The sun in Africa is used to doing many things including drying of washed clothes, preservation of foods, and on health issues good for the skin. Since the sun is very common in Africa, they don’t see or value it as something special, but when summer arrives in Europe and America, it’s like they have seen magic or god.

In fact, summer is just a season but what accompanies with it in Europe and America seems like the season is a festival. Europeans and Americans go crazy with all kinds of dresses and fashions which may baffle you.

Mini-skirts, the exposure of long beautiful legs and other parts of the body which can steal your attention and put you into temptation are some of the common scenes in the city, shopping malls, restaurants, cinema halls etc, and at the naked beaches.

Europe is now entering the summer but just yesterday the beautiful weather brought some fashions one may be stupefied to see. The question is: What are we going to see when summer fully arrives? I will definitely steal a glance but hoping I will not be caught by any lady.

“Why The Sun Is Good For Africans”- Dr. Kwame Osei

sunSunshine Africa is a natural paradise

I have been compelled to write this article as a result of articles and TV programmes that stated that if one wants healthy skin they must stay out of the sun and even more ridiculous that Ghanaians/Africans must wear sunscreen.

As someone who has studied genetics, European and African genetics to boot, the suggestion that too much sun is bad for African/Ghanaian people is simply ridiculous.

One thing that the western scientists in public anyway are refusing to talk about and through miseducation what Ghanaians and Africans as a whole are not aware of is MELANIN. MELANIN is the great chemical that makes Africans/Ghanaians more resistant to the sun. Every group of people has melanin – however this decreases the paler/whiter the skin is.

For example, Ghanaian/Afrikan people and their descendants were blessed by The Almighty with 12 layers of Melanin to protect them from the effects of the sun namely, the UV (Ultra Violet rays) – Indians, Chinese, and Arabs who have paler skin have 3 layers of melanin and Europeans/white people only have 1 layer of melanin. In the case of Albino whites – i.e. those with blonde hair or ginger/reddish hair the melanin content is negligible.

This lack of melanin cover explains why Europeans/White people especially the albino whites burn in the sun and in the worst circumstances turn pink and get skin cancer- hence why they need to wear sunscreen because their non-melanized skin has been damaged by the sun’s UV rays because their pineal gland, an organ between the eyes has been calcified. What this means in effect that they cannot generate energy from the sun’s UV rays due to their lack of melanin.

Indians and Chinese people though in possession of three layers of melanin also burn in the sun because their skin is not as related enough to endure the sun’s UV rays and therefore must use sunscreen when they expose themselves to the sun.

However, African/Ghanaian people DO NOT; I repeat DO NOT need sunscreen contrary to what they have been told. Many people who advocate that Afrikans/Ghanaians use sunscreen themselves do not know the extent of melanin and its benefits to Afrikan people because European science/medicine does not teach MELANIN.

As someone who has studied genetics, for us as African/Ghanaian people melanin is an important component of our body. This is because the pineal gland is the focal point of generating melanin.

This pineal gland secretes melanin from the sun rays and it is this melanin that makes Ghanaian/Afrikan people negate the effects of the sun’s rays and hence the reason WHY Ghanaian/African people DO NOT NEED sunscreen. In actual fact because of the melanin in Ghanaian/African people we are able to transmit energy from the sun’s rays and use it to good effect.

The benefits of melanin

The brain center with the deepest pigmentation is the Locus Coeruleus or Black Dot. The Locus Coeruleus supplies the pineal gland with norepinephrine.

The pineal gland controls the flow of melatonin during the night hours to activate R.E.M sleep which allows us to communicate with internal memory pools or other dimensions of life in nature.

It is this melanin that makes Africans naturally gifted in maths, physics, sports, science and other elements. It is because of melanin that makes African children on the whole more intelligent than their European/White, Indian, Chinese and Arab peers.

A study was conducted in Australia in the early 1990’s that tested the ability of Aboriginal, European, Chinese, Indian and Arab children in certain exercises.

The study concluded that after the series of tests, the aboriginal children who are Afrikan by blood and genetics were more intelligent than the Indian, Arab, Chinese and European children and this was due to their high melanin content and the ability of melanin to keep one more in tune with nature and vibration.

Melanin also causes serotonin to flow more effectively in the waking state so to “inexperience” more spirituality. This also helps to keep spiritual attunement at an apex. The less melanin in an individual, the more calcified the pineal gland and less access the individual has to the spiritual world.

This explains why Afrikan/Ghanaian people are a very spiritual people and have a high propensity for the creator/God.

Melanin exists also as bio pigment for vision in the eyes of humans and all vertebrates. Color vision is produced in the retina by melanin through photopigments. These allow deeper melanin concentrations, offer protection from the sun as well as a fuller vision of the color spectrum (this is why it is stupid for Afrikans/Ghanaians to wear sunglasses as they already via their melanin have built-in sunglasses).

The melanin content in the inner ear also is of great importance. Through this ear pigmentation, it was found that increased melanin increases hearing frequencies. Melanin is also used to make the Black Dot more in touch with the universe. This Black Dot (Third Eye) was seen by our Ancient Egyptian ancestors as the access point to inner wisdom and divinity. This was the invisible door to the pyramid which when activated would decipher the mysteries.

Melanin in its most concentrated form is black. It is black because its chemical structure will not allow any energy to escape once that energy has come in contact with it. This gives us an insight and shows that melanin dominant people do not require the same amount of minerals and nutrients in their diet as people with less melanin.

Melanin absorbs light rays and stores them so that they can be used as energy later on. This is why Melanin dominant people are able to use sunlight more effectively.

A perfect example of melanin’s use is related to Vitamin D. Vitamin D can be found in the skin of melanin dominant individuals after sun exposure, whereas less “melanated” people require the intake of dairy products to secrete vitamin D. – Again another reason why Africans/Ghanaians should avoid milk, cheese, eggs, meat and so on as by eating these foods you are destroying the body’s ability to produce melanin and hence be susceptible to numerous diseases.

God blessed the Afrikan/Ghanaian with melanin, therefore, we must do all we can to protect our melanin that is the key factor of life and it is up to people like me who have studied genetics to pass on this wonderful gift of melanin to our people.