Christmas Celebration In Ethiopia

ethopia men 1

Men activities during Christmas celebration


Christmas celebration is based on country, culture, and tradition. Ethiopia is one of the few countries where Christmas is celebrated in accordance with the traditions of the first Christians. Orthodox Christians celebrate the feast of the Nativity of Christ.

Every year thousands of tourists come to see how Orthodox residents conduct holiday ceremonies in churches carved out of volcanic rock and in modern temples.

Many Ethiopians are Christians and in the Ethiopian calendar, the most important dates are, of course, the New Year, celebrated on September 11, Christmas on January 7, baptism on January 19, while the Feast of the Cross or Meskel takes place on September 27.

On the New Year holidays, Christmas is usually offered in northern Ethiopia, in Lalibela, a small town with a population of 30,000 people, where pilgrims and tourists from all over the world colorfully flocked.

A very beautiful service in the church begins on the evening of January 6 and ends at dawn on January 7. If one considers himself a believer, you can join the local people, who dress in white clothes, walk around the church three times, with candles in their hands, and then go to the priests for Holy Communion and blessing.

For Christmas, a traditional game resembling a field hockey is held in Aksum, while a special coffee ceremony is held. Songs throughout the whole day and residents dance on the streets from dawn to dusk.

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Stop Portraying Trump As God’s Prophet

Donald Trump

Trump holding the Bible doesn’t make him a prophet.

Donald Trump, the men God used as his spokesmen didn’t cover up crimes such as Aids and Ebola

Why are many writers quoting the scriptures and prophecies comparing them to the works of Donald Trump?

Trump said he wants to make America great once again, therefore, he will be entirely different from previous American leaders.

There are many things he wasn’t happy about before he became the president. Thus if he is doing something different doesn’t mean that he is under the influence of God.

Since Trump took over as the 45th president of the United States of America many Americans are asking if he was anointed by God to be our president at this critical time?

It’s clear that the majority of evangelical Christians, who believe that Trump was appointed by God lack vision. Yes, they have no vision because Trump is not a man of God.

Isaiah, Elijah, Ezekiel, Samuel, Joel, Elisha, etc, were some of the men of God He used as prophets. The works of Trump can’t be compared to the works of these great Biblical prophets.

Those prophets did what is good, what the Lord requires of them, they never lied. They preached against injustice and requested for love, kindness, and to walk humbly with your God.

In the Bible, God used his prophets to deliver both good and bad news. Nothing was hidden from the people. They spoke the truth, nothing but the truth.

Even though Donald Trump is not responsible for the Aids and Ebola genocide in Africa, but since like other leaders he has covered up those medical crimes disqualifies him as one under the influence of God.

The global shaking under his administration is own hand works but has nothing to do with God. Donald Trump is neither a man of God nor a Messiah.

Like The Flood In Days Of Noah Is Aids Going To Take All Of Us Away?

Aids bio-weapon

As it was in the days of Noah, Aids is going to kill millions because it’s no more an African issue but global

From virus-carrying mosquitoes to government biological warfare, the community is clamoring with theories about why blacks are hit harder by AIDS-and what to do about it. 

On December 19, 1998, a month after President Clinton declared AIDS a crisis in black America — a hard-won concession by the Congressional Black Caucus and a handful of determined African-American advocates — Reverend Al Sharpton and a dirty dozen of community activists assembled for an AIDS assault of a different kind in Harlem, writes LeRoy Whitfield.

Leroy Whitfield was a writer who focused on the battle against AIDS among African-Americans. He died after living 15 years with the disease himself—while refusing to take medication for it. He was 36.

Is it really hard to believe that the US government used tax payer’s dollars to secretly develop HIV in a lab and then deploy it as a biological weapon to kill blacks when at the same time thousands of Africans are also dying from the same disease? It’s ethnic cleansing. The reason everyone should now know by now Aids is a bio-weapon.

Aids, Ebola, Lassa fever, Zika are all bio-weapons engineered from the US laboratory to cause panic and destroy humanity because the eugenic elites are concerned about over-population. They believe particular people deserve not to live and the blow that descended to fulfill their aims and objectives fell on a particular race, Africans and African-Americans.

While the world remains silent, uncared because the diseases are killing black people, those in Latin-America or Third World Countries, they mustn’t forget that no matter how America health officials fight to protect Americans, people can still get infected through the air because diseases generate a lot of profit for the corrupt pharmaceutical companies in America.

When Aids hit hard Africans and African-Americans the same way they tried to avoid the spread of the disease but today, those who gambled with the disease have lived to see their failure. Like a bushfire in the dry season, Aids has engulfed the whole world.

Africans are dying in large numbers every day because of lack of financial support, while in America over 1 million Americans live with HIV. According to CDC report, exorbitant lifetime cost for treating HIV is $379,000 (in 2010 dollars) and that nearly 30% of those living with the virus are uninsured.

What America and other countries affected by HIV/AIDS should know is the current global impact of the diseases is just the tip of the iceberg. Within the next ten years, Europe, America, Latin-America, Middle-East, Russia etc, would be heavily dented by the fury of Aids like how the fury flood took away people in the days of Noah.

Bio-weapons Aids and Ebola

Read more about medical crimes on the blog ‘Secrets Of Aids And Ebola.’ On this blog, you’ll discover the true origins of Aids and Ebola to consider yourself as one living in an unpredictable dangerous world and know about the role the World Health Organization, Center For Diseases Control And Prevention, The Rockefeller Foundation, Bill Gates etc, played or participated in depopulation programs.

White-Collar Criminals Enjoy Impunity But They Often Call The One Who Speaks Against Them A Traitor

Unrest and bloodshed ruining the society

The world is a beautiful place but hypocrisy and hatred have made it ugly

The world is full of hypocrisy and hatred that it stinks. You don’t even know who to trust. Sons against fathers, daughters against mothers, crime is soaring, racism is high, hatred has increased, backstabbing and suicides are what we are witnessing today.

Politicians are campaigning to come to power and one of their tactics is to find faults against each other just to affect the other. If that’s what politics mean then the people under them are watching what they do.

Many prefer to remain silent because they feel protesting or speaking out against the wrong things going on in our society will affect whatever they are doing, including their business. Thus, their heart is inclined to money than solving the ailments of our society.

In some places, it’s an offense to God’s name, yet we have been told that ‘In God We Trust.’ Liberty and democracy have been abused. Now they mean murder, rape, torture, Aids, Ebola, Zika virus etc.

While we sit uncared watching such things going on because they affect someone else, we should remember even though you are not part of it, you’ll reap the consequences in times of trouble.

The truth is bitter than the bile, the reason many feel my articles speak to them directly or make them uncomfortable. But I have faithful ones who are still with me, above all my good contents generate a lot of readers so I’ll never change my style of writing.

How long can someone run away from the truth or the blow you can’t escape? Since you planted that bad seed it will germinate but the sad part of it is the innocent people who also reap what they haven’t sown because most of them they failed to speak out.

The Rise Of Anti-Christ Forces Persecuting Christians: Prophecy Fulfilled?

China against Christians

Ding Cuimei suffocated after being buried alive in a church demolition in China.

In a world that many don’t believe in God and take pleasure in wickedness without repentance, we shall continue to experience the decay of our society with calamities, including crime, violence, raping,murder, natural disaster etc.

Russia just banned virtually all types of evangelism outside of a church or religious site and China has torn down thousands of crosses and demolished dozens of churches in a renewed crackdown on the growth of Christianity in that nation.

According to a recent report,  a total of 53 countries now have laws that restrict the Christian faith. Never underestimate Jesus, his teachings, and prophecies. “Truly I tell you, this generation will not pass away until all these things have happened.” Matthew 24:34.

Jesus knew Christians will suffer after him, the reason he said “You will be hated by everyone because of me, but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved,” so how prepared are you to pass through the trials, tribulations, and persecutions because of your love of the Gospel and Jesus?

In another development, a United Nations Committee has said Britain must stop forcing children to attend Christian schools because it undermines their Human Rights. It’s shocking to read such articles when the impact of the Gospel has saved thousands of lives from committing suicide in times of depression and loneliness.

For example, Africa is one of the poorest continents but Christianity has played a significant role in that continent that the suicide rate in America and Europe is hundred percent higher than that of Africa. Although it baffles many of us when we read articles, we shouldn’t forget the prophecies Jesus made more than two thousand years ago.

China persecutes Christians

Excavators laid waste to one of the city’s largest places of worship in China

As human beings, we shall continue to experience many unpleasant situations, “Brother will betray brother to death, and a father his child; children will rebel against their parents and have them put to death,” Mathew 10:23 but we should be strong and courageous. We shouldn’t be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. That’s His full assurance. Believe it or ignore it.

My Mission In Africa To Rescue Street Children

Eugenia 4

The project coordinator and founder of KOINONIA STREET CHILDREN REHABILITATION, Eugenia Daskalopoulou-Tarlizou behind the plan of a school project ready to be built in Africa

Many ask why Africa has a vast amount of natural resources, including gold, bauxite, diamonds, oil,iron ore etc, yet many children live on the streets?

Poverty, lack of education and broken homes, are some of the causes which have led to street child explosion in Africa.

In a continent paralyzed by corruption, many are unemployed and those working are poorly paid. They can’t take care of themselves let alone their children. Children who are lucky to escape hard street life end up as child labourers abused by adults.

In such unfriendly atmosphere, facing hunger and violence, many of these children turn to drugs addicts, glue sniffers and indulge in juvenile crimes.

Solving The Plight Of Street Children In Africa

Even though many are not interested in issues pertaining Africa, there are others too that have taken the hardest challenges to cater for the welfare of street children. One of such organisations working directly with street children in Africa, creating a friendly environment and providing educating for them is ‘Koinonia.’

The Koinonia Street Children Rehabilitation Project is an organisation based in Belgium. The project initially took off  in Uganda in 2000 and has grown to 4 different projects in the country.

On Monday, July 11, 2016, I called at the offices of ‘Koinonia’ in Antwerp, to meet the founder of the project, Madam Eugenia Daskalopoulou-Tarlizou, to find out why she has taken the challenges of providing educational facilities to poor street children, while many aren’t interested in such non-profit projects?

Below are the excerpts of the interview

Joel: Why did you decide to take the welfare of street children in Africa into consideration?

Eugenia: Firstly, Africa is a continent with a sad history. It’s very hard and emotional to watch  documentary films on what many children go through daily without education, food, and shelter and secondly, my close relation with God also inspired me to begin the project to assist street children.

 Joel: How challenging it was to begin that project?

Eugenia: I knew how tough it would be to assist children in that situation because  many are orphans and psychologically abused, but when you are determined to do something you must be prepared as well to overcome those impediments along the line. You need to leave your home, leaving your children behind, that’s very hard to take sometimes.

Joel: ‘Koinonia,’ is the organisation’s name, is it affiliated with any Belgium organization?

Eugenia: No, it is not affiliated with any Belgium organisation but three years ago, we submitted an application requesting for development subsidy. The outcome is positive just this month.

Joel: Koinonia, is a non-profit organisation running since the year 2000, how do you provide education to those desperate children?

Eugenia: The question is just as tough as the challenges we meet mobilizing people and raising funds. “The harvest is plentiful but the labourers are few.” We run church service and through individuals willing to donate something but always the funds aren’t sufficient to handle the problems in the badly affected communities. Will you quit what you love to do because of lack of money? Not at all, the heart of God always seeks for the needy.

Eugenia 8

Eugenia Daskalopoulou-Tarlizou, the founder of Koinonia Street Children Project In Uganda

Joel: How do wish to see ‘The Koinonia Street Children Rehabilitation Project’ in the next five or ten years?

Eugenia: The project initially took off  in Uganda in 2000 and has grown to 4 different projects in the country. We want to give access to education to children in the poorest rural locations in Uganda too. There is already laid plan to build a large school and what we intend to build is what you saw minutes ago. The project is in its initial stages but we need people’s support to execute it, so we invite everyone interested.

Joel: “Every child that is born into this world should be brought up with love and be educated to become a decent adult,” that’s one of your priorities, how is the  life of orphans and street children giving them the opportunity to educational facilities?

Eugenia: It’s like giving them a second life when suddenly finding themselves in the classrooms. One needs courage, Christ’s motivation and the love of God to carry on because it’s a tough job to take care of street children.

Joel: Thank you for your time, Eugenia.

Eugenia: You’re welcome.

The official website of Koinonia Street Children Project: