The Life Law: You Can’t Progress If You Wish Someone’s Downfall

Bitter love affairs

There are storms in every relationship but prepared to forgive and accept your mistake to build a strong foundation

Like the five fingers which aren’t equal so is life, don’t expect it to be smooth; without problems all your life. Frankly speaking, life is very tough and those that understand the aspects of it are those that normally survive in this difficult world.

Life sometimes becomes more difficult if those that you trust and love turn against you. The more disturbing part is when trying hard to succeed in life but others pray for your failure and often set invincible traps for you to fall into it.

How do you handle this situation if you find yourself trapped in families or friends of deceitful enemies? Your own brother or brothers are against you or your own sisters wouldn’t like to see you over issues that aren’t important.

Jealousy drives people to commit horrible crimes they don’t realize how serious it is until finding themselves at the place they don’t belong to. If you don’t love your partner any longer and he/she leaves don’t be jealous if he/she finds happiness somewhere.

Before you pray for his/her failure, remember that  you don’t love her anymore the reason she left, so don’t be jealous and plan her downfall. Your jealousy will draw you behind and place you in psychological turmoil.

We are all human beings and no one is perfect. Always try to remember the good things family, friends, colleagues and people you don’t know did for you. It is better than dwelling on the mistakes they did. That will make you unhappy and unhealthy.

Hate, jealousy, hypocrisy and anger destroy your health and promote your health towards psychological torture. Always be ready to apologize if you are wrong and put away pride because it will never make you humble but arrogant.

Barfield School: Book Review By Joel Savage


The first novel in the trilogy, CALL OF FRANCE, Barfield School. The book is a dramatized portrayal of some of the things which led the author to become a longstanding expat in a country he’s always felt an irresistible attraction for

It’s great to be young because history reveals an entertaining account and discipline based on our lives as students while at school. When reading author Barry A Whittingham’s ‘Barfield School’ the reference sources and some of the scenes engaged my thoughts, reminding me of the great old days at school as the story unfolds.

‘Headmaster Fowler was almost unanimously disliked by his teaching staff and he was even detested by some.’ Are we familiar with such experience at school? This is my first point of interest in this book because at school many hate the authority for mistakenly taken discipline as punishment.

At chapter 26, page 140, the writer shares an interesting story about Christmas festivities. Like many families, we used occasions to solve family issues and here worried Michael knew about the existing tensions between his father and grandfather, hoping the Christmas family gathering would solve this problem which has given him worries for some time, surprisingly, everything went well as expected.

This incredible book is written in the form which suits both adults and teenagers as the author endeavors to bring to the attention of readers common inevitable family problems and how easily they could be solved, above all the choices we make in our lives and careers after leaving school, in the midst of hatred while under discipline.

‘Barfield School’ is arguably one of the best books I have ever read.  It’s not only inspiring but educative on moral grounds. I have received many books but I don’t often post reviews. Bringing this review to the attention of book lovers means ‘Barfield School’ is a perfectly written book I will recommend to readers.

Do Comments And Likes Really Make A Blog Successful?

Health blog

International Blog Award from Blogspot to the new health blog, ‘Secrets Of Aids, Ebola, And Other Man-Made Diseases.’

Time and time, we have been told that an article without comments or likes means the author has a problem or the blog isn’t appealing enough to attract readers.

I will prove that these are just imaginations and may be exaggerations because my recent survey reveals that many blogs, for example, health, travel, and tourism heavily influenced or attracted by readers have no comments or likes.

Above all, on August 1, 2016, we (Holland scientist, Johan Van Dongen and the writer Joel Savage) launched a new blog named ‘Secrets Of Aids, Ebola And Other Man-Made Diseases,’ just within 6 weeks, the new health blog has registered close to 19,000  readers without  acomments or likes.

As a matter of fact, liking or commenting on an article is very good but an author shouldn’t subject his mind to psychological pressure or be paranoid that his or her blog or contents are poor.

There are thousands of readers even though may like your article but will never show any  ‘like’ or leave a comment behind. However, they will always come back to read because they enjoy what you write.

In my opinion, ‘likes and comments’ from the same people or group reflecting on what you write every day may even affect your business if you are an entrepreneur.

Why the same group or people always comment on or like my article and what does it portray? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself. Many bloggers are aware of what I am talking about the reason after some time you don’t see them liking or giving comment.

In my opinion, you can always be a successful blogger, not necessarily good contents but write subjects which aren’t common or different from other bloggers. Readers are not interested in an article which thousands of people have written. That will hurt you as a writer and even affect the desire to be a successful blogger.

It’s better you have two or three comments from an unknown reader than same people or group every day. If you are a writer experiencing this, then I’m sorry you will not get far with your blog, even though some few people may be successful with that.

This is the reason ‘Secrets Of Aids, Ebola, and Other Man-Made Diseases’ instantly became successful because we published articles or information  suppressed by governments but readers are hungry looking for something different to read.

We proudly present the International Award we had from Google Bloggers Directory last month.

My Mission In Africa To Rescue Street Children

Eugenia 4

The project coordinator and founder of KOINONIA STREET CHILDREN REHABILITATION, Eugenia Daskalopoulou-Tarlizou behind the plan of a school project ready to be built in Africa

Many ask why Africa has a vast amount of natural resources, including gold, bauxite, diamonds, oil,iron ore etc, yet many children live on the streets?

Poverty, lack of education and broken homes, are some of the causes which have led to street child explosion in Africa.

In a continent paralyzed by corruption, many are unemployed and those working are poorly paid. They can’t take care of themselves let alone their children. Children who are lucky to escape hard street life end up as child labourers abused by adults.

In such unfriendly atmosphere, facing hunger and violence, many of these children turn to drugs addicts, glue sniffers and indulge in juvenile crimes.

Solving The Plight Of Street Children In Africa

Even though many are not interested in issues pertaining Africa, there are others too that have taken the hardest challenges to cater for the welfare of street children. One of such organisations working directly with street children in Africa, creating a friendly environment and providing educating for them is ‘Koinonia.’

The Koinonia Street Children Rehabilitation Project is an organisation based in Belgium. The project initially took off  in Uganda in 2000 and has grown to 4 different projects in the country.

On Monday, July 11, 2016, I called at the offices of ‘Koinonia’ in Antwerp, to meet the founder of the project, Madam Eugenia Daskalopoulou-Tarlizou, to find out why she has taken the challenges of providing educational facilities to poor street children, while many aren’t interested in such non-profit projects?

Below are the excerpts of the interview

Joel: Why did you decide to take the welfare of street children in Africa into consideration?

Eugenia: Firstly, Africa is a continent with a sad history. It’s very hard and emotional to watch  documentary films on what many children go through daily without education, food, and shelter and secondly, my close relation with God also inspired me to begin the project to assist street children.

 Joel: How challenging it was to begin that project?

Eugenia: I knew how tough it would be to assist children in that situation because  many are orphans and psychologically abused, but when you are determined to do something you must be prepared as well to overcome those impediments along the line. You need to leave your home, leaving your children behind, that’s very hard to take sometimes.

Joel: ‘Koinonia,’ is the organisation’s name, is it affiliated with any Belgium organization?

Eugenia: No, it is not affiliated with any Belgium organisation but three years ago, we submitted an application requesting for development subsidy. The outcome is positive just this month.

Joel: Koinonia, is a non-profit organisation running since the year 2000, how do you provide education to those desperate children?

Eugenia: The question is just as tough as the challenges we meet mobilizing people and raising funds. “The harvest is plentiful but the labourers are few.” We run church service and through individuals willing to donate something but always the funds aren’t sufficient to handle the problems in the badly affected communities. Will you quit what you love to do because of lack of money? Not at all, the heart of God always seeks for the needy.

Eugenia 8

Eugenia Daskalopoulou-Tarlizou, the founder of Koinonia Street Children Project In Uganda

Joel: How do wish to see ‘The Koinonia Street Children Rehabilitation Project’ in the next five or ten years?

Eugenia: The project initially took off  in Uganda in 2000 and has grown to 4 different projects in the country. We want to give access to education to children in the poorest rural locations in Uganda too. There is already laid plan to build a large school and what we intend to build is what you saw minutes ago. The project is in its initial stages but we need people’s support to execute it, so we invite everyone interested.

Joel: “Every child that is born into this world should be brought up with love and be educated to become a decent adult,” that’s one of your priorities, how is the  life of orphans and street children giving them the opportunity to educational facilities?

Eugenia: It’s like giving them a second life when suddenly finding themselves in the classrooms. One needs courage, Christ’s motivation and the love of God to carry on because it’s a tough job to take care of street children.

Joel: Thank you for your time, Eugenia.

Eugenia: You’re welcome.

The official website of Koinonia Street Children Project:

Why Queen Mathilde Unfollowed Me On Twitter Yesterday?

The Royal Family of Belgium and the government support crime.

Queen Mathilde of Belgium unfollowed me on Twitter yesterday because she couldn’t stand the truth. With the Belgium government and the minister of Justice, Annemie Turtelboom, they all support crime. In Brussels stands a statue of Leopold II, after killing 10 million Africans, including women and children, yet there is no statue of Hitler for committing a similar crime.  Bye-Bye Queen Mathilde.

“I will not accept even one million Euros bribe from anybody to stop exposing your dirty and bloody hands”- Joel Savage

About six month months ago, Belgium Queen Mathilde followed me on Twitter. I guessed, she has been reading my articles. I have said it many times that I didn’t come to Belgium to praise their chocolates and beer but to expose their crimes, those crimes that their incompetent journalists wouldn’t like to write about.

Just imagine, a country that is fighting hard against crime, including terrorism, yet in the same country stands a statue of a king who killed over ten million Africans including women and children. Who in his or her right mind will do such a thing? It’s only the Belgian government and the heartless Royal Family that can do such an abominable act.

In Belgium are thousands of journalists that claim they have studied to the university level, yet no one has guts to write about the hidden and supporting crimes of the Belgian government and the Royal Family. I took it as a responsibility, using my blog to send the message to readers and my followers on all the popular social media and it worked.

My blog is doing well. At times I get over thousand readers per day. Just yesterday, I posted an article entitled “An Open Letter To The Minister Of Justice Annemie Turtelboom,” complaining bitterly that she has abused her trust as minister of justice, whereby in Brussels stands a statue of King Leopold II, despite all the crime he committed.

The fact that Leopold was a criminal, he doesn’t deserve that statue, thus; both the Royal Family, the Belgium government and the Minister of Justice are supporting crime. This is true. There is no educated person or even a moron who can ignore this truth. So I am not surprised that the article I wrote has finally damaged the psychological and physical emotions of Queen Mathilde to unfollow me from Twitter. Link: “An Open Letter To The Minister Of Justice, Annemie Turtelboom”

“If they want to kill me, it’s easy to find me but I will not waste a minute of my precious sleep because of death.” 

Probably she thought following me on Twitter will let me stop writing against them. Not the writer called Joel Savage. I will not accept even one million Euros bribe from anybody to stop exposing your dirty and bloody hands.

Will Belgium be happy if a statue of an African king who killed 10 million Belgians, including women and children is erected in Africa? Shameless evil people. There is no truth, the reason our society is now falling apart.

With Professor Johan Van Dongen, the Dutch scientist that revealed that Aids and Ebola were bio-weapons used as medical crimes against Africa, we shall continue to follow the truth to save this sick society  from falling apart. If they want to kill me, it’s easy to find me but I will not waste a minute of my precious sleep because of death. 

On May 7th, 2016, on Twitter, Queen Mathilde tweeted “1 glas wijn per dag is goed voor de gezondheid, .. . de rest van de fles is goed voor de moraal (A glass of wine a day is good for health, etc. . the rest of the bottle is good for the moral.) She didn’t say that “Let’s pull down this controversial statue of Leopold II because of his crimes to reduce the hate surrounding Belgium. Drink your wine Queen Mathilde and let Belgium explode with hate.

Why Black History Is So Bitter?

Black history

Black history is a sad story but it has made us strong

At times, I sit and wonder why a particular race became a target to all kinds of cruelty and brutality? It’s hard to forget because the horrible images are there constantly reminding how or what black history was yesterday, even though we try hard to forgive and forget.

What has this poor little girl done to go through such a physical and psychological torture? From slavery to Apartheid and from Apartheid to Aids and from Aids to Ebola. What comes next in a world which doesn’t belong to anyone but we are just passing through?

I have no hate for anybody whether those responsible are dead or alive because the bitter experience of black history has made the black man stronger to survive in today’s world of greed, corruption, hypocrisy, discrimination, and racism.