On Top Of The World: Review By Joel Savage


An inspirational and adventurous book, empowered by the values of determination, understanding, and perseverance. Although, the entire book is based on fiction, the experiences, and the lessons continue to live with us every day, as a guide for our own success

Love is strange and complicated. It becomes more complicated when combined with diverse careers and the choices we make. The euphoria can make you feel disorganized and restless and sometimes put one in emotional complex situations.
It’s been three years since Belle walks out of the life of Scrooje but many times she finds herself thinking about him feeling a familiar smile sweeps across her face. That’s something she wants to avoid sometimes but assured herself nothing wrong thinking about ex-lover.At times, things don’t go the way she wants. As the ring girl at her parents’ vow renewal, she stumbles, falls into the grass and lost the rings. That wasn’t the end. As a ballerina, despite being the best in her class, the day of the recital something went wrong as she tumbles down like Humpty Dumpty.

Belle wouldn’t let setbacks be a stumbling block on her chosen path to success. She sees something different in her which motivates her. In the field of music, together with Scrooje and his best friend Marley they rise to success, finding themselves instantly on top of the world.

They enjoyed the best part of life as celebrities. Out of misfortunes come fortune or just greed? Marley dies in a tragic accident and Scrooje uses it as an opportunity to exploit Marley. He sells millions of records and lives a false life by cheating other artists.

The chapter is 28, “Money like Trump, I want that money like Trump. Hey, like I said, it’s only entertainment people, sheds light on a scene that took place during one of the political campaigns of Donald Trump.

My favorite part of the book is at page 166: “Staying up late, reading those books to try and feel what he’d felt and like he’d thought was the reason I’d gotten my first pair of double-wide double thick glasses in the first place. By the time I got to high school, those late night reading binges had instilled a love of books in me.”

‘Top Of The World,’ is an inspirational and adventurous book, empowered by the values of determination, understanding, and perseverance. Although, the entire book is based on fiction, the experiences, and the lessons continue to live with us every day, as a guide for our own success.



Do Comments And Likes Really Make A Blog Successful?

Health blog

International Blog Award from Blogspot to the new health blog, ‘Secrets Of Aids, Ebola, And Other Man-Made Diseases.’

Time and time, we have been told that an article without comments or likes means the author has a problem or the blog isn’t appealing enough to attract readers.

I will prove that these are just imaginations and may be exaggerations because my recent survey reveals that many blogs, for example, health, travel, and tourism heavily influenced or attracted by readers have no comments or likes.

Above all, on August 1, 2016, we (Holland scientist, Johan Van Dongen and the writer Joel Savage) launched a new blog named ‘Secrets Of Aids, Ebola And Other Man-Made Diseases,’ just within 6 weeks, the new health blog has registered close to 19,000  readers without  acomments or likes.

As a matter of fact, liking or commenting on an article is very good but an author shouldn’t subject his mind to psychological pressure or be paranoid that his or her blog or contents are poor.

There are thousands of readers even though may like your article but will never show any  ‘like’ or leave a comment behind. However, they will always come back to read because they enjoy what you write.

In my opinion, ‘likes and comments’ from the same people or group reflecting on what you write every day may even affect your business if you are an entrepreneur.

Why the same group or people always comment on or like my article and what does it portray? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself. Many bloggers are aware of what I am talking about the reason after some time you don’t see them liking or giving comment.

In my opinion, you can always be a successful blogger, not necessarily good contents but write subjects which aren’t common or different from other bloggers. Readers are not interested in an article which thousands of people have written. That will hurt you as a writer and even affect the desire to be a successful blogger.

It’s better you have two or three comments from an unknown reader than same people or group every day. If you are a writer experiencing this, then I’m sorry you will not get far with your blog, even though some few people may be successful with that.

This is the reason ‘Secrets Of Aids, Ebola, and Other Man-Made Diseases’ instantly became successful because we published articles or information  suppressed by governments but readers are hungry looking for something different to read.

We proudly present the International Award we had from Google Bloggers Directory last month.


“Poverty Is Created By Man, Not By God”- Anthony B

Anthony B hates poverty

Anthony B: One of the versatile Jamaican musicians known for his quest for justice and equal rights

“Poverty, talking about suffering, I don’t even have words to explain it because this is the way we live. It is part of our lives that we never try to eliminate it.” – Anthony B.

Anthony Keith Blair, popularly known as Anthony B, is one of Jamaican globetrotting versatile musicians and member of the Rastafari faith.

Usually on stage in African attire depicting his roots, and a staff in his hand, the energetic- reverb musician’s lyric reflects on poverty, injustice, and crime, giving hope and consolation to the downtrodden masses.

Once in Antwerp, Belgium, after entertaining the massive spectators at the venue ‘Petrol,’ I took the opportunity to talk to Anthony B, about his life and music.

“Poverty, talking about suffering, I don’t even have words to explain it, because this is the way we live. It is part of our lives that we never try to eliminate it. We always have to remember our roots, as Burning Spear said. For me, there is too much suffering in the world. People live rich, while others live in poverty, yet no one cares. This was created by a man, not God. This is what ‘Mr. Heartless’ is about,” says Anthony B.

You were born Anthony Keith Blair. Did changing your name to Anthony B, enhance your success as a musician?

Not really but growing up in music in Jamaica as an artist, you need to find a name for yourself. I’m oriented African with an English name, so I made it Anthony B.

Anthony B speaks about his experience in Gambia

I have been to Senegal and Gambia. First and foremost, the reality as an African, I respect my culture. There was an incidence during my visit to Gambia as my visa expired the same day I was leaving.

I was at the airport when I was told the Gambia police were looking for me to be deported to Jamaica. It was a silly thing to know that you have been to the continent of your origin, but haven’t enough days to see the people. All these problems were created by political leaders.

If you want a visa to the Gambia you have to go to England first. They have to remove all these political barriers. I remember a friend from Accra, Ghana, who was deported from Germany to Jamaica because he claimed to be Jamaican.

He doesn’t know anyone in Jamaica. Luckily he had my number. He had to call me to help him because we are all Africans.

Versatile Jamaican reggae star Anthony B

Joel Savage speaks to Anthony B

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How Lucky Dube’s Music Reflects On The Existence Of Today’s Racially Violent World

Lucky Dube lost his life in a 'Crazy World' a song he sang before his death

‘Crazy World’ : Lucky Dube’s music is rapidly revealing violence and killings in today’s racially violent world

What Sort Of World Are We Inviting Our Children Into?

“Everywhere in the world, people are fighting for freedom, nobody knows what is right, nobody knows what is wrong. The black man says it’s the white man, the white man says it’s the black man. Indians say it’s the coloreds, coloreds say it’s everyone,” sings South African reggae legend, Lucky Dube, in a racial tension song called ‘War and Crime.’

This is a perfect song that lyrics describe the events of today’s racial chaotic world in Europe and America. The world is increasingly becoming so dangerous that we need to ask ourselves: What sort of world are we inviting our children into? And what sort of future are we building for them in this racially bitter society?

Years after slavery, the relationship between African-Americans and Americans remain very poor. After the 1992 riots in Los Angeles, in regards to Rodney King, many thought things will improve but recent shootings of police officers to death, evidently reveals that there isn’t any imminent peace near between African-Americans and Americans. “How long is this gonna last, cause we’ve come so far so fast,”- asked Lucky Dube, the South African reggae legend.

Lucky Dube continued “I’ m not saying this because I’m a coward, but I’m thinking of the lives that we lose every time we fight. Killing innocent people, women and children yeah,” reflecting on last week’s events of the senseless massacre of innocent people in Nice, France, as a truck plowed through Bastille Day crowd, killing 84 people, including children.

Bastille Day crowd killings in Nice, France

Nice, France, as a truck plowed through Bastille Day crowd, killing 84 people, including children. Two young women laying flowers for the victims.

Children are usually caught up in racially motivated crimes and violence, yet they are not responsible for any of them. But many times influenced by the crimes surrounding them and what they watch on the television, they grow up to be racists and criminals. Actually, a child is never born a racist, adults, and harsh environmental experience influenced them.

World leaders, schools, and parents have a huge task  to create a happy and safe environment for our children: “We should bury down apartheid, racism, discrimination and fight down war and crime,” Lucky Dube advised.

How A Beautiful Lady Suddenly Becomes Ugly If She Loses Her Temper

WWE anger issue

WWE Stephanie McMahon slaps the face of Ric Flair

The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is a place you often see things not commonly seen outside the ring. I have seen Stephanie McMahon,  slapping wrestlers across the face more than a dozen times.

On this week’s Monday Night Raw, Stephanie added another person to her slapping list by hitting her own brother Shane, after their father shared their responsibilities and left the ring.

It might be that many find it entertaining watching Stephanie slapping wrestlers across the face but I don’t because that act makes beautiful Stephanie very ugly indeed.

Stephanie is married to Triple H, also a professional wrestler and yet she has shown gross disrespect and arrogance to many wrestlers. Thus, sometimes I wonder if she truly respects her husband outside the ring.

Shane McMahon is married to Marissa since 1996, but WWE fans don’t see her much like Stephie and her husband Triple H. The question is, how would Stephanie react or feel if Marissa slaps the face of Triple H on national television?

WWE Stephanie McMahon

Stephanie McMahon is indeed a beautiful woman

They say a dress doesn’t make a lady, that’s true. A woman can be supportive, loyal, loving and attractive but if she can’t control her temper she loses her respect and reduces her dignity, even though she may feel on top of the world.

So Stephanie, please, try to cool down your temper because your beauty disappears whenever you are angry. This is not good for your reputation and your health.

Why Queen Mathilde Unfollowed Me On Twitter Yesterday?

The Royal Family of Belgium and the government support crime.

Queen Mathilde of Belgium unfollowed me on Twitter yesterday because she couldn’t stand the truth. With the Belgium government and the minister of Justice, Annemie Turtelboom, they all support crime. In Brussels stands a statue of Leopold II, after killing 10 million Africans, including women and children, yet there is no statue of Hitler for committing a similar crime.  Bye-Bye Queen Mathilde.

“I will not accept even one million Euros bribe from anybody to stop exposing your dirty and bloody hands”- Joel Savage

About six month months ago, Belgium Queen Mathilde followed me on Twitter. I guessed, she has been reading my articles. I have said it many times that I didn’t come to Belgium to praise their chocolates and beer but to expose their crimes, those crimes that their incompetent journalists wouldn’t like to write about.

Just imagine, a country that is fighting hard against crime, including terrorism, yet in the same country stands a statue of a king who killed over ten million Africans including women and children. Who in his or her right mind will do such a thing? It’s only the Belgian government and the heartless Royal Family that can do such an abominable act.

In Belgium are thousands of journalists that claim they have studied to the university level, yet no one has guts to write about the hidden and supporting crimes of the Belgian government and the Royal Family. I took it as a responsibility, using my blog to send the message to readers and my followers on all the popular social media and it worked.

My blog is doing well. At times I get over thousand readers per day. Just yesterday, I posted an article entitled “An Open Letter To The Minister Of Justice Annemie Turtelboom,” complaining bitterly that she has abused her trust as minister of justice, whereby in Brussels stands a statue of King Leopold II, despite all the crime he committed.

The fact that Leopold was a criminal, he doesn’t deserve that statue, thus; both the Royal Family, the Belgium government and the Minister of Justice are supporting crime. This is true. There is no educated person or even a moron who can ignore this truth. So I am not surprised that the article I wrote has finally damaged the psychological and physical emotions of Queen Mathilde to unfollow me from Twitter. Link: “An Open Letter To The Minister Of Justice, Annemie Turtelboom” https://goo.gl/nNGtxY

“If they want to kill me, it’s easy to find me but I will not waste a minute of my precious sleep because of death.” 

Probably she thought following me on Twitter will let me stop writing against them. Not the writer called Joel Savage. I will not accept even one million Euros bribe from anybody to stop exposing your dirty and bloody hands.

Will Belgium be happy if a statue of an African king who killed 10 million Belgians, including women and children is erected in Africa? Shameless evil people. There is no truth, the reason our society is now falling apart.

With Professor Johan Van Dongen, the Dutch scientist that revealed that Aids and Ebola were bio-weapons used as medical crimes against Africa, we shall continue to follow the truth to save this sick society  from falling apart. If they want to kill me, it’s easy to find me but I will not waste a minute of my precious sleep because of death. 

On May 7th, 2016, on Twitter, Queen Mathilde tweeted “1 glas wijn per dag is goed voor de gezondheid, .. . de rest van de fles is goed voor de moraal (A glass of wine a day is good for health, etc. . the rest of the bottle is good for the moral.) She didn’t say that “Let’s pull down this controversial statue of Leopold II because of his crimes to reduce the hate surrounding Belgium. Drink your wine Queen Mathilde and let Belgium explode with hate.

Brief Overview Of The Life And Poetic Music Of Linton Kwesi Johnson

Poetic musician LKJ

Linton Kwesi Johnson: Internationally bestselling artist, reggae poet, and activist

Linton Kwesi Johnson is one of the most internationally renowned Jamaican artists whose work is expressed in a “dub poetry” form using the patois of the Jamaican dialect.

His message, ideology, and philosophy are similar to that of Mutabaruka. The only difference is, as a dub poet, although Rasta is important to him on the level of a cultural force that broadened and opened the consciousness to African heritage and African ancestry, he is not a Rastafarian.

Born on 24 August 1952 in Chapelton, Jamaica, Johnson came to London at the age of 11 to live with his mother. Like most Jamaican artists he holds on fast to his African culture. His middle name “Kwesi” broadly establishes his identity as someone holding on to the roots of his African origin. The name comes from the Western part of Africa. For example in Ghana, the Akans and the Fantis named male babies born on Sundays as “Kwesi” and females as “Esi” because Sunday is called”Kwesidah”

In England, LKJ went to school at Tulse Hill secondary school, Goldsmith’s College and the University of London. He joined the Black Panthers while still at school. “That’s where I learned my politics and about my history and culture. That is where I discovered black literature, particularly the work of W.E. B. Dubois, the Afro-American who inspired me to write poetry”, said LKJ.

In 1977, he was awarded the C-Day Lewis Fellowship, becoming the writer-in-residence and working at the Library Resources and Education officer at Keskidee Centre, the first home of black theatre and art. As a poet, his first collection of poetry “Voice of the Living and Dead” and “Dread Beats an’ Blood” were published by the Race Today Review and later the same year, a documentary film on “Dread Beat an’ Blood” was made. In 1980, Race Today Review published his third book “Inglan is a Bitch”.

“If Association of Chief Police Officers, has come out and admitted that, racism is institutionalised within the police force, that the black nurses within the health service for years have gotten a raw deal. When one thinks of all these things, yeah, Inglan is a Bitch,” said LKJ.

As an artist, LKJ travelled extensively from Japan to South Africa and from Europe to Brazil. His poetry songs are amongst the top-selling Reggae albums in the world and his works have been translated into Italian and German.

His live concert, recorded at Queen Elizabeth Hall in London 1985, was nominated for a Grammy Award. In 2004, his own recording company was delighted to launch the first ever DVD of an LKJ concert. He has been in the music business as a recording artist for over twenty-five years.