Do Comments And Likes Really Make A Blog Successful?

Health blog

International Blog Award from Blogspot to the new health blog, ‘Secrets Of Aids, Ebola, And Other Man-Made Diseases.’

Time and time, we have been told that an article without comments or likes means the author has a problem or the blog isn’t appealing enough to attract readers.

I will prove that these are just imaginations and may be exaggerations because my recent survey reveals that many blogs, for example, health, travel, and tourism heavily influenced or attracted by readers have no comments or likes.

Above all, on August 1, 2016, we (Holland scientist, Johan Van Dongen and the writer Joel Savage) launched a new blog named ‘Secrets Of Aids, Ebola And Other Man-Made Diseases,’ just within 6 weeks, the new health blog has registered close to 19,000  readers without  acomments or likes.

As a matter of fact, liking or commenting on an article is very good but an author shouldn’t subject his mind to psychological pressure or be paranoid that his or her blog or contents are poor.

There are thousands of readers even though may like your article but will never show any  ‘like’ or leave a comment behind. However, they will always come back to read because they enjoy what you write.

In my opinion, ‘likes and comments’ from the same people or group reflecting on what you write every day may even affect your business if you are an entrepreneur.

Why the same group or people always comment on or like my article and what does it portray? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself. Many bloggers are aware of what I am talking about the reason after some time you don’t see them liking or giving comment.

In my opinion, you can always be a successful blogger, not necessarily good contents but write subjects which aren’t common or different from other bloggers. Readers are not interested in an article which thousands of people have written. That will hurt you as a writer and even affect the desire to be a successful blogger.

It’s better you have two or three comments from an unknown reader than same people or group every day. If you are a writer experiencing this, then I’m sorry you will not get far with your blog, even though some few people may be successful with that.

This is the reason ‘Secrets Of Aids, Ebola, and Other Man-Made Diseases’ instantly became successful because we published articles or information  suppressed by governments but readers are hungry looking for something different to read.

We proudly present the International Award we had from Google Bloggers Directory last month.

King Leopold II’s Mansion For Sale: Who Will Buy The House Of A Mass Murderer?

Who will buy the house of a mass murderer Leopold?

The former dwelling mansion of Belgium’s King Leopold II, the man who killed over ten million Africans in Congo is now for sale

The former mansion of Belgium’s King Leopold II, the man who masterminded the killing of over 10 million Africans in Congo, by tieing the testicles of men, cutting off the hands and limbs of children, women, and made people homeless by burning down their huts is for sale in  Côte d’Azur, in France.

Villa Les Cèdres, the name of the mansion of the ‘Idi Amin of Belgium,’ has a botanical garden with 20,000 plant species and is recognized as cultural patrimony. The mansion which is at the cost of 300 million Euros is likely to be the most expensive house ever sold, according to the report.

The location of the mansion, according to the report is between the peninsula of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat near Nice, one of the most exclusive locations in Europe, occupied by new wealthy neighbors such as  Paul Allen, the co-founder of software giant Microsoft.

Do know that you are buying a piece of unadulterated history? The villa was built in 1870 in 1904 and purchased by Leopold II for his lover Blanche Delacroix, writes the report, but failed to mention the heinous crime this madman committed in Africa because that wouldn’t be a good marketing strategy.

Under his impulse, the place was transformed into a park with a botanical garden of 14 acres, 25 heated greenhouses, and 20,000 plant species, by the French Government. It has also a banquet hall, winter garden, stables, and Chapel.

The question is who will be interested in buying the mansion of a man worse than Adolf Hitler? It may be likely that mansion is haunted because of the number of innocent people this man slaughtered in cold blood in Africa and the worse of all is the streets named after him and a statue to his honour. I wish the buyer a good luck.



The Mistakes Many Authors, Business Companies, And Online Book Sellers Do On Twitter

Bad marketing strategies on Twitter

Twitter is for success but bad marketing strategies can affect your business on Twitter

Twitter, one of the giants social media offers a variety of services to entrepreneurs, businessmen, including authors and online book publishers and sellers.

Once interested in someone’s product, books or like the activities of a particular organization that may attract the person to follow you.

It seems to some people that gaining thousands of Twitter followers mean success, dignity, respect and the flourishing of business which may give them probably the recognition they are looking for.

Unfortunately, some authors and booksellers follow other authors just to increase the number of their followers then later unfollow them.

These kinds of tricks are bad marketing strategies which can affect you as an author or your business, depending how long you are using such unproductive cheating game as a marketing strategy.

An author I was interested in and therefore featured his books on my blog did the same and I cancelled the idea of buying his book. I used that money to buy another book of an author we are not following each other on Twitter.

Many times people use the word ‘Common sense,’ I think ‘sense’ is not common. One needs to be very sincere, intelligent, and investigative to know that he is causing his own downfall.

Investment In Africa: Why Do You Fear If It Has All The Resources To Make You Smile?

Invest in Africa as a businessman without regrets

Investment in Africa is the best tool to save America, Europe, and Africa’s economies from collapsing: All the resources are available, what are you waiting for?

As an African living in Europe for years, I have noticed the fear in many entrepreneurs and businessmen to invest in Africa, despite the continent’s vast natural resources including diamonds, salt, gold, iron, cobalt, uranium, copper, bauxite, silver, petroleum and cocoa beans, cocoa, woods and tropical fruits etc.

There are reasons many fear. Firstly,  why Africa remains one of the poorest continents despite all those rich resources, and secondly, is it safe to invest in Africa due to corruption and political risk? Some years back China and India were seen as two unsafe countries to invest due to the same reasons.

Today, nobody expected the growth that China and India have experienced within the last few years. I have said over and over that the media plays a significant role in every society but the same media discourage entrepreneurs and businessmen from investing in Africa because of the negative articles they write about the continent, yet gun-related crimes and violence are taking its toll on societies in Europe and America.

Would you like me to lead you to establish your business in Africa?

As a well known African journalist, also in Belgium, I have the knowledge over the spectrum of businesses in certain African countries I have lived. They are Nigeria, Ghana, Republic of Guinea, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, and Gambia. Since these countries stand as an enormous opportunity for businessmen and entrepreneurs, I can assist you through the right channels to get your business registered and established.

I started this project a year ago after I was confronted by  questions like: What should I do to convince people that Africa is safe and ripe for investment? What should I do to lift the image of Africa? And finally, what should I do to make Africa not only the best continent for tourism but a mega-global business center for all businessmen from every part of the world?

The export and import trades are booming in Africa and every day tons of raw materials, including cocoa beans, arrive on the shores of Europe and America for your cocoa beverages, drinks, chocolates and body creams. Why do you fear to invest in Africa?

In regards to any significant information or questions, you are free to contact me via the contact point on my blog and also if you need my telephone number in Belgium. I am also available on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Amazon:


Get Rid Of The Passion Of The Love For Mobile Phones And Dangers We Often Ignore For Good

Expensive mobile phone

Luxury mobile phones often give us worries when they get missing

As the world, environment, life, and society rapidly change the creation of technology also changes, bombarding us with amenities of luxury and comfort of life in the fields of science, industrial arts, engineering, and electronics.

The humpback television many are using is gradually fading away giving room to what is now known as flat screens. Above all, to make communication easier, facilitate and enhance the business world, mobile or cell phones have become a very important part of our daily lives today.

In the city, at airports, shopping centers, and mobile phone shops, the sight of beautifully designed multi-brands of phones act like a powerful magnet pulling us into the shops either to feed our curiosity or forced us to change our phones, even though you are using one of the best phones in the world.

In today’s society, it is very difficult to live without a cell phone as most of our work is done using cell phones. Cell phones have made life simple, traveling and  communication in business easier, through text messages, browsing the internet, reading the weather and e-mail.

However, it seems our passion many times takes possession of our heart and steals our mind and concentration. Many often ignore the idiom ‘Cut your coat according to your cloth.’ They often buy expensive cell phones. Just imagine losing a phone that costs 850 between 1500 Euros. This can give you sleepless nights for over a month.

Due to often stealing and loss of cell phones new security measures are being introduced to trace a lost cell phones but not every lost phone is recovered because some are experts in decoding and changing built in security codes for the ‘new owner.’

Another sad part of the passion of cell phones is losing concentration when engaged. Not too long in Antwerp, a woman whose mobile phone has stolen her concentration was killed by a passing tram. This could easily be avoided. Many carelessly ignore the dangers surrounding them when actively engaged.

You often see them, texting and driving at the same time. I have seen many especially, teen girls on bicycle texting. The birth of technology doesn’t only help to make life easier and beautiful but also demands safety and carefulness to enjoy them for a very long time.

Microsoft Takes Over LinkedIn At $26.2 Billion


Microsoft to Acquire LinkedIn for $26.2 Billion

Microsoft on Monday announced it is acquiring LinkedIn, the social network for professionals, for a whopping sum of $26 billion — or $196 per share, in cash. The transactions, the companies say, has already been approved by both boards.

As part of the agreement, LinkedIn will get to keep its branding, and will become part of Microsoft’s productivity and business processes segment. Jeff Weiner will remain CEO of LinkedIn and now report to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. In a statement, Nadella said: The LinkedIn team has grown a fantastic business centered on connecting the world’s professionals.

Together we can accelerate the growth of LinkedIn, as well as Microsoft Office 365 and Dynamics as we seek to empower every person and organization on the planet. LinkedIn has over 430M members on its network. LinkedIn’s purchase marks Microsoft’s 196th acquisition of another company — it is incidentally also it’s most expensive purchase. Four years ago, Weiner laughed at the idea of a Microsoft buyout.

According to Bloomberg, LinkedIn shares surged 49 percent in premarket trading in New York to $194.63. Microsoft fell 3.7 percent to $49.60.

Ghana Needs Underground Drainage System To Boost Its Tourism Industry

Ghana Gas Station Explosion

A car lies in a water trench that washed away after heavy rain near a gas station explosion in Accra, Ghana, Thursday, June 4, 2015. Flooding in Ghana’s capital swept stored fuel into a nearby fire, setting off a huge explosion at a gas station that killed scores of people and set alight neighboring buildings, authorities said Thursday. (AP Photo/Christian Thompson)

If the Ghanaian government really wants the country to be one of the best tourists destination countries in the world, then the country should consider embarking on building an underground drainage system, because the much-opened sewage in the country produce horrific odours which prevent tourists from visiting the country.

Almost six decades after Ghana attained independence, developments in the country are very slow and the drainage systems are poor giving rise to malaria and other diseases.

Anyone that visits Ghana has a wonderful story to tell about the friendly people and delicious meals, but the stench that emanates from opened gutters changes the taste of the story to bitterness.

Normally such ugly scenes shouldn’t be something to be seen in the city, but opened sewage are everywhere throughout the city of Accra. Just going round the famous Makola market will put you off to visit Ghana again as a tourist.

It’s very sad that for ages the Ghana government depends on the exportation of raw materials such as farm products and minerals to support the economy. But the revenues from Ghana’s import is not helping the country very much.

Firstly, unseen corruption is daily eating into Ghana’s coffers and the price of commodities given by foreign trade partners is very poor. Without any means to generate effective taxation, the Ghana Ports Authority taxation on commodities brought into the country from foreign countries is higher than the purchased price.

This is completely insane but since there are no means to generate tax apart from exports, the Ghanaian government continues to ignore the ‘Cry of the sufferers’ at the ports to tax foreign goods such as vehicles over two hundred percent high. Many are asking if it worth to bring a vehicle from overseas into the country.

Proper sanitation facilities and underground drainage system will not only increase Ghana’s revenue in tourism but also reduce the high rate of malaria infection.

Yet there are many African countries, including Ivory Coast, making great revenue from tourism because of its well-planned waste disposal and drainage systems. The city of Abidjan can be compared to a city in Europe, because of its underground drainage system. Ghana could have been a great tourist center but poor sanitation and drainage facilities prevent thousands of tourist yearly to visit the country.

On many occasions during heavy floods, people are carried away, but constructing underground drainage to save the lives of people or to increase revenue in tourism industry hasn’t been an issue of concern to the Ghanaian government, yet the government is among other five African head of States, a case study in Europe has discovered are in corruption deal involving trade mis-invoicing, costing Ghana billions of dollars in lost revenue. The link: .