Do Comments And Likes Really Make A Blog Successful?

Health blog

International Blog Award from Blogspot to the new health blog, ‘Secrets Of Aids, Ebola, And Other Man-Made Diseases.’

Time and time, we have been told that an article without comments or likes means the author has a problem or the blog isn’t appealing enough to attract readers.

I will prove that these are just imaginations and may be exaggerations because my recent survey reveals that many blogs, for example, health, travel, and tourism heavily influenced or attracted by readers have no comments or likes.

Above all, on August 1, 2016, we (Holland scientist, Johan Van Dongen and the writer Joel Savage) launched a new blog named ‘Secrets Of Aids, Ebola And Other Man-Made Diseases,’ just within 6 weeks, the new health blog has registered close to 19,000  readers without  acomments or likes.

As a matter of fact, liking or commenting on an article is very good but an author shouldn’t subject his mind to psychological pressure or be paranoid that his or her blog or contents are poor.

There are thousands of readers even though may like your article but will never show any  ‘like’ or leave a comment behind. However, they will always come back to read because they enjoy what you write.

In my opinion, ‘likes and comments’ from the same people or group reflecting on what you write every day may even affect your business if you are an entrepreneur.

Why the same group or people always comment on or like my article and what does it portray? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself. Many bloggers are aware of what I am talking about the reason after some time you don’t see them liking or giving comment.

In my opinion, you can always be a successful blogger, not necessarily good contents but write subjects which aren’t common or different from other bloggers. Readers are not interested in an article which thousands of people have written. That will hurt you as a writer and even affect the desire to be a successful blogger.

It’s better you have two or three comments from an unknown reader than same people or group every day. If you are a writer experiencing this, then I’m sorry you will not get far with your blog, even though some few people may be successful with that.

This is the reason ‘Secrets Of Aids, Ebola, and Other Man-Made Diseases’ instantly became successful because we published articles or information  suppressed by governments but readers are hungry looking for something different to read.

We proudly present the International Award we had from Google Bloggers Directory last month.

Africans Must Boycott Elections: Aids And Ebola Are Bio-Weapons Against Africa

Africa must boycott elections

Africans leaders have no solutions to Africans problems so they still remain slaves to Europe and America. The reason they can’t confront Europe and America about Aids and Ebola medical crimes but that is ignorance and stupidity

Africans must boycott elections until the leaders speak the truth over Aids and Ebola medical crimes because the two diseases are bio-weapons against Africa

The incompetence of many African leaders has caused the downfall of Africa. Years after colonization, African leaders still can’t find the way to lift the continent from poverty and embark on developmental projects.

Even though slavery is long abolished Africans are still slaves to the developed world. They can’t make any good use of their resources. They only sit and watch Europeans, Americans and the Chinese enjoying our resources why they serve them as slaves in their own countries.

Many Africans in the Diaspora are willing to come back but the fear of going bankrupt and face difficulties in a continent corruption exceeds all factors keeps them from an investment.

It’s shocking that African leaders remain silent over medical crimes, such as Aids and Ebola deliberately inflicted on Africans. This is not intelligence at all, it rather shows how weak, powerless and incompetent African leaders are. Do African leaders have any protection for Africans at all?

Power-conscious African leaders solicit for votes with promises and lies, yet they don’t do anything significant for the people that queue long hours in the sun to cast their votes. Africans must boycott elections and demand an answer from their leaders over Aids and Ebola medical crimes in the continent by Europe and America.

Aids and Ebola are medical crimes used as bio-weapons to depopulate Africa. The African continent needs justice for those responsible for the medical crimes. Until the true origins of aids and Ebola are revealed and until African leaders ask Europe and America why they did that to Africa, Africans must boycott elections.

Africa, you’ve got the right to vote or not. Don’t let the threat of these stupid leaders who don’t care about you make you run and stand in the hot sun to vote for them. Boycott elections, Africa boycott elections. Yesterday was Aids, today is Ebola, what comes next? Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Guinea boycott elections.

A Sea Of Ebola Victims Buried​ At Waterloo Cemetery In Freetown

Medical crimes in West Africa

Ebola victims buried at the Waterloo cemetery in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Photo credit: WaterAid, United Kingdom

There is no fine tree that produces bad fruit unless that tree is bad or having geographical issues. Thus, people shouldn’t  begin to imagine or think that since Africa is one of the developing continents habited by many impoverished people facing poverty crisis, it is likely that they may be struck by Aids and Ebola. That’s completely wrong.

Africa, in fact, is habited by one of the toughest creatures on earth, able to survive all kinds of persecutions, aggressions, invasions and diseases including malaria, long before the White man discovered the vaccine for malaria.  This became evidently clear by early nineteen century when the white couldn’t survive the coastal West Africa because of malaria

Whereby Africans are genetically equipped and immune to their surroundings, the Europeans succumbed to death in large numbers, due to the lack of immunity to yellow fever and malaria. It is therefore not logical and unethical for the World Health Organization and Center For Diseases Control And Prevention to tell the world that Aids and Ebola have struck Africa because of poverty, the consumption of bush meat or from monkeys.

Europeans and Americans have their own stinky and maggot infected delicacies, including cheese they eat every day, yet no one dies of Aids or Ebola. In fact, it is rather the tough nature of Africans that inspired the European and American pharmaceutical companies to study the herbal effects and healing in Africa to produce some medicines by herbs from Africa. Sometimes I wonder why  people don’t often read

Sometimes I wonder why  people don’t often read such news about how tropical herbs have facilitated the producing of medicines in the advanced countries by pharmaceutical companies. All that European and American politicians and the media are interested is to deceive the public that due to the immense poverty in Africa, Aids, Ebola, Lassa fever, Burkitt’s lymphoma etc, have descended on Africans. Meanwhile, they are all man-made diseases.

However, if the world is honest, fair, and sincere, they should begin to ask themselves, why years before and after slavery, Africa have survived the continent but then suddenly comes Aids and Ebola to kill them in such a way?

The truth is bitter than the bile and honesty can sometimes give you thousands of enemies than friends. So if this is what people fear? the reason no one wants to speak the truth about the origins of Aids and Ebola, then we should consider ourselves as people living in a dangerous world, governed by murderers that prefer to remain silent. Europe and America, none of you should consider him or herself safe.

I lived in Freetown, Sierra Leone, for years working at the famous Red Lion Bakery in King Tom, seeing Sierra Leoneans daily as strong, healthy and hard working people in the midst of hard living and poverty. I visited Liberia three times, I lived in Gbessia, Republic of Guinea for months, I witnessed strong and healthy Guineans, despite their daily hustle.

For the World Health Organization and Center for Diseases Control Prevention to tell Africa and the rest of the world that Aids and Ebola were natural diseases that struck Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea is utter nonsense. Africa needs justice because Aids and Ebola were bio-weapons against the continent.

Without hesitation, those responsible should come out and speak the truth because the longer they wait, the more we see the wrong direction this world is drifting to. Innocent blood can’t be shed for this world to be a better place.  They pray silently and lay wreaths for those who have lost their lives while servicing their countries.

And the intentionally and purposely murdered Africans are left to rot in their graves? The chicken always comes  home to roost. Any country which has played a role in causing the death of Africans intentionally will reap the fruitage of what they have sown. I am not the one saying this, read the Bible and you’ll find it.

If it’s good for a country to build a statue of a king who killed over ten million Africans including women and children, then God demands an answer. But in life never feel sorry for people that do and praise evil because the evil they applauded will come back to haunt them.


Like The Flood In Days Of Noah Is Aids Going To Take All Of Us Away?

Aids bio-weapon

As it was in the days of Noah, Aids is going to kill millions because it’s no more an African issue but global

From virus-carrying mosquitoes to government biological warfare, the community is clamoring with theories about why blacks are hit harder by AIDS-and what to do about it. 

On December 19, 1998, a month after President Clinton declared AIDS a crisis in black America — a hard-won concession by the Congressional Black Caucus and a handful of determined African-American advocates — Reverend Al Sharpton and a dirty dozen of community activists assembled for an AIDS assault of a different kind in Harlem, writes LeRoy Whitfield.

Leroy Whitfield was a writer who focused on the battle against AIDS among African-Americans. He died after living 15 years with the disease himself—while refusing to take medication for it. He was 36.

Is it really hard to believe that the US government used tax payer’s dollars to secretly develop HIV in a lab and then deploy it as a biological weapon to kill blacks when at the same time thousands of Africans are also dying from the same disease? It’s ethnic cleansing. The reason everyone should now know by now Aids is a bio-weapon.

Aids, Ebola, Lassa fever, Zika are all bio-weapons engineered from the US laboratory to cause panic and destroy humanity because the eugenic elites are concerned about over-population. They believe particular people deserve not to live and the blow that descended to fulfill their aims and objectives fell on a particular race, Africans and African-Americans.

While the world remains silent, uncared because the diseases are killing black people, those in Latin-America or Third World Countries, they mustn’t forget that no matter how America health officials fight to protect Americans, people can still get infected through the air because diseases generate a lot of profit for the corrupt pharmaceutical companies in America.

When Aids hit hard Africans and African-Americans the same way they tried to avoid the spread of the disease but today, those who gambled with the disease have lived to see their failure. Like a bushfire in the dry season, Aids has engulfed the whole world.

Africans are dying in large numbers every day because of lack of financial support, while in America over 1 million Americans live with HIV. According to CDC report, exorbitant lifetime cost for treating HIV is $379,000 (in 2010 dollars) and that nearly 30% of those living with the virus are uninsured.

What America and other countries affected by HIV/AIDS should know is the current global impact of the diseases is just the tip of the iceberg. Within the next ten years, Europe, America, Latin-America, Middle-East, Russia etc, would be heavily dented by the fury of Aids like how the fury flood took away people in the days of Noah.

Bio-weapons Aids and Ebola

Read more about medical crimes on the blog ‘Secrets Of Aids And Ebola.’ On this blog, you’ll discover the true origins of Aids and Ebola to consider yourself as one living in an unpredictable dangerous world and know about the role the World Health Organization, Center For Diseases Control And Prevention, The Rockefeller Foundation, Bill Gates etc, played or participated in depopulation programs.

New Health Blog ‘Secrets Of Aids And Ebola’ Instantly Becomes Readers’Choice

Aids and Ebola

The header of our new health blog: Secrets of Aids and Ebola which instantly became readers’ choice

On August I, 2016, we (Holland scientist and micro-surgeon, Johan Van Dongen and Belgian writer Joel Savage) officially launched a new health blog we named ‘Secrets Of Aids And Ebola.’ 

The significance of the new blog is to educate, warn, as well as give the right information about Aids, Ebola and other diseases because since they were bio-weapons or man-made diseases to destroy mankind, the World Health Organization, Center for Diseases Control and Prevention etc, are suppressing the true facts or the right information about the origins of the diseases.

On this new website or blog, you’ll get the right information of every hidden fact about Aids, Ebola, Lassa Fever and other diseases which WHO, CDC, politicians, and the mainstream media have hidden from the common man on the street.

On this blog, you’ll discover the true origins of Aids and Ebola to consider yourself as one living in an unpredictable dangerous world and know about the role the World Health Organization, Center For Diseases Control and Prevention, The Rockefeller Foundation, Bill Gates etc, played or participated in depopulation programs.

1000 readers on the first day we launched

We had the idea to make this health blog a success, but frankly speaking, we have no idea that the blog will attract so many readers within the shortest period we launched. On July 1, 2016, before midnight, the blog has registered 1,000 readers and by July 12, 2016, we have already recorded over 4,000 readers.

This is a great start for a new blog, especially in a period the desire to read is gradually declining because people are fed up with the hypocrisy and lies of the media.

Just as I said, many readers are fed up with false information, lies and hypocrisy of the media,  thus, it seems they have found the right place to give them good, educative, and interesting articles about diseases threatening the whole world, yet people pretend they don’t care since it’s killing more of black people than white people. Have they forgotten that the Aids bio-weapon particularly was for Africa before it became a global issue?

This is the reason when the second bio-weapon Ebola; exploded in West Africa, America, and other world leaders became sorely afraid and did everything to avoid the spread to America because they can’t afford to do the same mistakes they did about Aids.

I will not be on WordPress like before 

Writing is very interesting. I love it with all my heart but I can’t continue writing articles daily or weekly on this blog as usual. I work full time, so I will use the little leisure time to concentrate on the new blog ‘Secrets of Aids and Ebola. I really thank all my readers and followers.

If you care about your life and the life of your family let  the blog ‘Secrets of Aids and Ebola’ be the right place to get the true facts about diseases because the World Health Organization, Center for Diseases Control and Prevention, Politicians, and the American government will not tell you.

Link: Secrets of Aids and Ebola:

HIV Spread Scarcely Through Sexual Intercourse – Politically Formed HIV Types

Medical crimes

According to the World Health Organization HIV virus was spread through prostitution but this article reveals it’s not true


The World Health Organization maintains that out of the eight million people in the world with HIV, six million were living in South Africa of the Sahara, in 1991, and that 2.5% of people there are affected.

As for the spreading of AIDS through sexual intercourse, only a part of people of the population, roughly one-third would come into question. Infected mothers pass the virus to roughly every 8th child. Hence, roughly 7% of persons who are candidates for sexual infection are infected in this way.

What is obvious in view of this incredible rapid spread is that where soldiers or brothel-clients from France or the USA could become infected, prostitutes were hardly HIV-infected at all.

In Djibouti, in Mogadishu, in Arusha, Tanzania, in the Manono district of Zaire, and in Moungo district of Cameroun, all the prostitutes tested were free from HIV virus. No infections were recorded or published in Mombassa.

On Cape Verde Islands, in Madagascar, on the Seychelles, the islands of love, pale-skinned aircraft crew, and tourists can practice as safe as before, just as Cabinda the employees of the Gulf Oil Company.

So how long will the World Health Organization and Center For Diseases Control continue deceiving Americans and the world that the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) were spread by prostitutes or from monkeys brought to America from the Philippines?

Beautiful World But Bad Politicians

Beautiful world, bad politicians

We are now in a sinking world but politicians pretend that everything is fine

I know that I am neither Jesus nor God to save this world from injustice, murder, crime, hypocrisy and other social problems tearing down our society today but that’s not going to prevent me from writing about the ailments of our society.

The words ‘racist and hypocrite’ are in the dictionary but who is a racist or hypocrite? God or Jesus is neither a racist nor a hypocrite, yet no one will accept to be called a racist or a hypocrite. People smile beautifully in front of you, but the smile stops as you turn your back.

In the past, my articles have generated a lot of controversies and misunderstandings on social platforms, especially LinkedIn, but one thing many don’t realize is this writer is not a White man but a pure African.

He originates from a continent where Europeans and Americans have abused for many years, ranging from slavery, colonization aggression, and medical crimes.

Whereby many run away from my articles or even disassociate themselves from me other good and truthful people always read what I write. If one finds it hard to be realistic and truthful then you have a big problem, not me.

Hatred, hypocrisy, jealousy etc, will give you a heart disease and high blood pressure. As for me, I have said over and over and will say once again, “I am an African, despite living in Europe for many years, thus; I will always write like an African.”