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The passion in writing is a great experience

Freelance journalist, writer, and author Joel Savage


Since his early childhood, Joel Savage decided to be a film actor or a writer. So he wrote to “Nana Ama’s Advice” a columnist in one of the Ghanaian newspapers to show him the way. His parents are not rich to enroll him in an acting school in Hollywood or America, thus; he chose to be a writer because his father was a writer, journalist, and a documentary film producer.

He studied at Ebenezer Secondary School and Accra High School and later did journalism course at the Ghana Institute of Journalism in Accra, Ghana. Joel wrote for the Ghanaian Times, Daily Graphic and the Weekly Spectator in Accra, as a freelance journalist.

The writer who loves adventure and creativity is now a Belgian national and lives in Antwerp.  A strong animal lover, he campaigns against animal cruelty, crime, child abuse, child trafficking, teenage pregnancy, and smoking.

Joel decided to create this blog to share and exchange of opinions and ideas with readers. The mainstream media love to write negative articles about Africa, but there is a lot Europeans and Americans could learn from Africa. For example, why is it that Africa is one of the poorest continents in the world, yet the suicide rate in Europe and America is higher than Africa? No one is too old to learn how Africans cope in that harsh continent.

The purpose of this blog reflects on the articles Joel writes. How many days can you survive without electricity when in many parts of Africa, there isn’t any power?  How do Africans live in the midst of diseases including Aids and Ebola? Why Europeans and Americans migrate to live in Africa, despite the harsh living conditions?

“My articles are sometimes challenging and probing, yet Joel Savage is not a difficult person many think he is. I’m a happily married man with three sons, and always eager to learn. Please, feel free to contact me anytime you wish to do so.

13 thoughts on “About The Author

    • I think you could be a good person to read what I have so far, of a book I am slowly writing about my own experience with what you wrote about. A mentally abused and sensitive child raised to the regular comments that he was worthless. The way this manifested through life until I went into a decade of major depression and made one suicide attempt. Then how I overcame it on my own, no drugs. It has been four years now. I would welcome your critique on my work so far.

      I want to do what I can to help those in depression. I am now a happy man and a positive thinker by habit.

      Since there is no way to transfer a file here, I put it on my website. SanDiegoMichael.com/book.html . I would be interested in your comments if you feel like reading it. It’s just a few pages right now. Maybe a ten minute read.



  1. Dear Joel.

    Greetings from Ireland.
    I am an Autism Advocate trying to ban abusive and unregulated products being given to Autistic children and adults.
    It would be great to discuss your article regarding Dr. Bradstreet further.
    I have a lot of information and I am in touch with the authorities regarding this issue .

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Warmest regards .

    Fiona O’Leary

    ART Autistic Rights Together

    Tel 00353857270302
    SKYPE fiona.oleary71


  2. I recently found Joel and his writings on LinkedIn and from that time I don’t like to miss his pieces which portray his braveness. He is such a brave writer that use to dig what most are fearing to say most especially things that concern the oppression mated to black people.
    More grease to his elbow.

    Awwal Bauchi


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