A Sea Of Ebola Victims Buried​ At Waterloo Cemetery In Freetown

Medical crimes in West Africa

Ebola victims buried at the Waterloo cemetery in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Photo credit: WaterAid, United Kingdom

There is no fine tree that produces bad fruit unless that tree is bad or having geographical issues. Thus, people shouldn’t  begin to imagine or think that since Africa is one of the developing continents habited by many impoverished people facing poverty crisis, it is likely that they may be struck by Aids and Ebola. That’s completely wrong.

Africa, in fact, is habited by one of the toughest creatures on earth, able to survive all kinds of persecutions, aggressions, invasions and diseases including malaria, long before the White man discovered the vaccine for malaria.  This became evidently clear by early nineteen century when the white couldn’t survive the coastal West Africa because of malaria

Whereby Africans are genetically equipped and immune to their surroundings, the Europeans succumbed to death in large numbers, due to the lack of immunity to yellow fever and malaria. It is therefore not logical and unethical for the World Health Organization and Center For Diseases Control And Prevention to tell the world that Aids and Ebola have struck Africa because of poverty, the consumption of bush meat or from monkeys.

Europeans and Americans have their own stinky and maggot infected delicacies, including cheese they eat every day, yet no one dies of Aids or Ebola. In fact, it is rather the tough nature of Africans that inspired the European and American pharmaceutical companies to study the herbal effects and healing in Africa to produce some medicines by herbs from Africa. Sometimes I wonder why  people don’t often read

Sometimes I wonder why  people don’t often read such news about how tropical herbs have facilitated the producing of medicines in the advanced countries by pharmaceutical companies. All that European and American politicians and the media are interested is to deceive the public that due to the immense poverty in Africa, Aids, Ebola, Lassa fever, Burkitt’s lymphoma etc, have descended on Africans. Meanwhile, they are all man-made diseases.

However, if the world is honest, fair, and sincere, they should begin to ask themselves, why years before and after slavery, Africa have survived the continent but then suddenly comes Aids and Ebola to kill them in such a way?

The truth is bitter than the bile and honesty can sometimes give you thousands of enemies than friends. So if this is what people fear? the reason no one wants to speak the truth about the origins of Aids and Ebola, then we should consider ourselves as people living in a dangerous world, governed by murderers that prefer to remain silent. Europe and America, none of you should consider him or herself safe.

I lived in Freetown, Sierra Leone, for years working at the famous Red Lion Bakery in King Tom, seeing Sierra Leoneans daily as strong, healthy and hard working people in the midst of hard living and poverty. I visited Liberia three times, I lived in Gbessia, Republic of Guinea for months, I witnessed strong and healthy Guineans, despite their daily hustle.

For the World Health Organization and Center for Diseases Control Prevention to tell Africa and the rest of the world that Aids and Ebola were natural diseases that struck Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea is utter nonsense. Africa needs justice because Aids and Ebola were bio-weapons against the continent.

Without hesitation, those responsible should come out and speak the truth because the longer they wait, the more we see the wrong direction this world is drifting to. Innocent blood can’t be shed for this world to be a better place.  They pray silently and lay wreaths for those who have lost their lives while servicing their countries.

And the intentionally and purposely murdered Africans are left to rot in their graves? The chicken always comes  home to roost. Any country which has played a role in causing the death of Africans intentionally will reap the fruitage of what they have sown. I am not the one saying this, read the Bible and you’ll find it.

If it’s good for a country to build a statue of a king who killed over ten million Africans including women and children, then God demands an answer. But in life never feel sorry for people that do and praise evil because the evil they applauded will come back to haunt them.