You’ve Got A White Man In Your Car

Traffic in Africa

A busy street in one of the cities in Africa.

A Black woman married to European decides  to visit Africa with her husband and daughter.

While driving through the busy town, she was stopped by a policeman. Everyone knows that the African police generates money wherever they are as a supplement to their income.

Yet, it’s a big offense if one fails to stop by the order of a police officer. When the couple pulled over, the police officer asked for the documents of the vehicle.

The woman gave the documents to the officer. He controlled it thoroughly and finds out that everything is correct and the insurance of the vehicle also is in order.

The officer gave back the documents to the woman but as she was about to leave, the officer stopped her again and said, “The car papers are correct but you still have a problem.’

“What’s the problem officer?” The woman enquired.

“You’ve got a White man in your car.” The officer replied.

“Is it an offense to have a White man in my car? This is my husband,” said the woman.

“You know that I need to say something to survive,” said the officer.

The woman smiled and from her handbag, pulled a couple of notes for the police officer.

“Thank you, madam, God bless you,” said the officer and the couple drove away.