The Devastating Consequences Of Politically Institutionalized Aids And Ebola

Dutch scientist and micro-surgeon Johan Van Dongen efforts to let the world know that Aids and Ebola were medical crimes

The Dutch scientist and micro-surgeon, Johan Van Dongen and the writer Joel Savage: After 42 years research, the former Professor at the University of Maastricht, discovered that Aids and Ebola were bio-weapons prepared by America to depopulate Africa

Europe and America have gambled with Aids and lost because the disease is killing both the White and Black people 

Many people believe that the world of medical science is transparent and white like a snow, but the truth is that the study of medicine, manufacturing and the people within the pharmaceutical industries are just corrupt like political leaders.

Europe and America boast of best education and continue to impress the world, especially Third World Countries, with advanced technology, but when it comes to the true origins of Aids and Ebola, they prefer to be like morons, because that’s one of the strategies adopted to cover up the bio-weapon medicals crimes, especially Aids, which is gradually swallowing the world today.

People are no more interested in Aids and Ebola because they kill Africans more than any nationals, but the fact is those responsible for the biological holocaust are the same people African-Americans, Americans, and Western Europe are politically supporting. Thus, in such a world many don’t value the life of people, especially being black, whether black or white you must still consider yourself as one living in a dangerous world.

Many books have been written about Aids and Ebola but the truths are suppressed. Again many brave scientists, including Dutch Johan Van Dongen, have spoken against America for creating bioweapons Aids and Ebola to kill because they fear the threat of population explosion, especially in Africa, yet everyone keeps lips sealed.

Again on January 15, 2016, Professor Johan Van Dongen threw out a challenge to top American and European scientists to prove him wrong if Aids and Ebola aren’t bioweapons laboratory prepared by the Americans. Well, this invitation or challenge also passed unnoticed.  The question is why the media and people wouldn’t like to find out the truth before hating an innocent man like Johan Van Dongen?

It is estimated that 500,000 New Yorkers already infected with the Aids virus and also predicted that as many as one-half of these people will die by the end of this century. Paying health cost for Aids patients hasn’t been easy as the health insurance plans in America are refusing to pay for Aids expenses.

Thus, is Professor Johan Van Dongen right to say that the medicines they send to Africa’s HIV/AIDS patients don’t work effectively as required but sometimes worsen the situation? This is the reason on February 23, 2015, we published an article entitled “Any African HIV Patient That Swallows AZT Tablet, Is A Lunatic.”

Sometimes smartness becomes stupidity. Europe and America have gambled with Aids and have lost because the disease is killing Europeans and Americans as well. No one should say that I don’t care because it’s a disease killing a lot of black people.

Within the next five to ten years Aids is going to be a number one white killer firstly because the disease doesn’t discriminate and secondly, in reality, the black people immune system can naturally resist the symptoms of HIV than a white person, according to Professor Johan Van Dongen.