My Special Visit To The Dutch Scientist Johan Van Dongen

The threat of Aids

The writer Joel Savage and the Dutch scientist Johan Van Dongen who revealed the medical holocaust bio-weapons Aids and Ebola by America after 42 years of research

Professor Johan Van Dongen is a Dutch scientist and microsurgeon, whose forty years of research revealed that Aids and Ebola were man-made diseases or laboratory engineered as bio-weapons and tested on Africans to depopulate the continent.

He was born in Rotterdam, the Netherlands on May 15, 1946. The achievement of a man is not measured by sincerity or truth, the reason Professor Johan Van Dongen is less famous than George Bush and Tony Blair. Both have lied about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq to invade and destroy the country.

In other words, one easily gets the support to commit a crime than speaking the truth. The reason Professor Johan Van Dongen has lost all his friends and his job as a university lecturer for a being a whistle blower. What the Dutch government failed to realize is you can’t force a sincere man to lie or influence him to join a group of bad scientists.

I don’t hate the world, Holland or any politician for treating a sincere man in such a way because of speaking the truth. Those who gambled with the viruses in Africa are getting their share too of the diseases.

Aids has already engulfed the world and every necessary measure is in force to prevent the spread of the disease but that is not working. Obama is a black president but his oath to defend and protect America as the president couldn’t enable him to speak out the truth.

Last year, during my holidays, I went on familiarization tour at a television station in Barcelona. This year, I decided to visit the microsurgeon in his country of birth, Holland.

I feel honored to visit such a great man who is a bitter enemy because he said the truth over medical crimes covered up for many years by  the World Health Organization, Center for Diseases Control, world leaders, politicians and countries like America, Germany, Holland, Belgium, France etc.

Whereby no one seems interested in Professor Dongen, my relationship with him has deepened and blossomed forever. I have much respect for him than any living leader or politician. My journey to Maastricht to see him was more important than meeting any European, American leader or member of the Royal Family.