The Handicapped And People With Disabilities Are Also Human Beings

The handicapped and people with disabilities

The handicapped and people with disabilities need love, care, and respect like everyone.

Due to poverty, malnutrition, complicated medical conditions, heart diseases, stroke etc, many are born with disabilities or become handicapped.

Once, Jesus disciples asked Him, “Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?” Jesus answered, “Neither this man nor his parents sinned.”

That’s exactly  how many view people with disabilities or handicapped. Like an abandoned HIV/AIDS patients, many look down on sick people thinking they have committed an abominable act so they deserve it.

This reminds me of the statement, Glenn Hoddle, the former England National Team Coach, made in 1999. According to Hoddle, people born with disabilities were being punished for the sins of a former life. How could someone make such a statement?

People discriminate a lot that they do that too against handicapped people without remorse, love, and care. Looking for the right job hasn’t been easy for them since many employers turn down their applications.

In the society, the handicapped and people with disabilities continue to face mistreatment, gossips, mockery and all sorts of discrimination.

Being handicapped or having disabilities doesn’t mean the person is an outcast or sinner. One who appreciates and understands the aspects of human life would always give you the love whether you’re black, white, Chinese, handicapped or not.

The effects and consequences of discrimination have destroyed the lives of many people and the society, yet it seems many haven’t learned anything yet. People with disabilities need empathy and love, not hate and discrimination.