The Threat Of Total Collapse Of The European Union

German chancellor Angela Merkel can she save the EU from disintegration?

German chancellor Angela Merkel has done her best in the past to save the EU, but now faces the toughest challenge of her life to save the European Union from total collapse. Photo: Courtesy of

German chancellor Angela Merkel tries to save the imminent collapse of the EU

This is not my first time I am writing about the European Union. I believe it will not be the last. Some businessmen, entrepreneurs, and politicians may claim that the formation of the European Union was a success but to many others, it’s a total failure.

I am in Belgium since the year 2000, I can never compare those past flexible wonderful years to today’s unrest and difficult times after the formation of the European Union.

Things are so bad that every government in Europe keep fighting to stabilize the economy but nothing seems working. A lot of money goes to the tax office but workers still pay back money to the tax office, something many never experienced a decade ago.

The significance of the formation of the European Union was to promote greater social, political and economic harmony among the nations of Western Europe but the outcome has been suicidal, with a high rate of unemployment and social discontent.

I understand if Britain wants to break free from the union because the union didn’t achieve anything better in the past and there isn’t any brighter prospects or light of hope ahead of the dark tunnel for the union at the moment.

The European Union is in fact, a complete failure which has brought unrest and hardships to the common man, employers, and employees.

The unification of European markets under a single currency, can’t be classified as a success because trades were going on successfully with the old currencies before the new single currency was made.

After the referendum of Britain to leave the European Union, it may be likely that other countries may wish to follow Britain and it’s clear now that France, the Netherlands, Austria, Finland, and Hungary could leave as well. That wouldn’t be good.