Do Snakes Hear The Sound Of Music?

Snakes love music

Do snakes love music, why do the cobras react when they hear the sound of a playing flute?

Do snakes love music? Why is it common to see snakes reacting to flute music of snake charmers in India?

A man cleaning his room in Africa lifted one of his loudspeakers. He had the shock of his life when he saw a coiled big snake hidden behind the speaker.

How long is this intruder hidden behind the speaker enjoying the sweet melodious tunes coming out of the speakers daily?

Yet, research reveals that snakes actually don’t have external ears to hear. They sway to the accordance of the movement of the instrument in snake charmer’s hand.

There are many things that still beat our imagination no matter how well they are explained. Snakes are wonderful creatures but dangerous, especially the poisonous ones.

Yes, snakes don’t hear the sound of music, they have no limbs, yet they are among the fastest reptiles on earth.


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