Lucky Dube: The Pride Of Africa’s Transcendent Reggae Star

Lucky Dube recorded 22 classic albums

Lucky Dube: The South African born reggae star was one of the world’s greatest musicians

Lucky Dube’s music was passionate, poetic and emotionally-rich

Ask any musician what it takes to be a successful musician to gain international status, believe me, the story you may hear might discourage you if wish to become a successful musician because music is one of the hardest industries to achieve instant success.

Many people who want to be musician think that the only things you need to get prepared is a set of drums and composition of few songs to be on the map of world music. That’s not the case. You can purchase the most expensive set of drums in the world but you’ll fail miserably and your dreams may be shattered.

You can have a good voice and be very good on the piano or guitar but if your music is not accepted by the audience, there wouldn’t be any room in your life for success. This is what has happened to many aspiring musicians to quit from the music business for good.

To be a proper musician you must be serious, ready to embrace all the disappointments, headaches, and setbacks involved in music to succeed else you’ll fail. That’s exactly what Lucky Dube did, but let’s ask, do names have an impact on people?

After many fruitless attempts to have a child, the mother successful had one and she named him Lucky, unknowing that name Lucky, was about to be one of the famous names within the music industry, for his success to overflow its banks. Lucky Dube was probably the most famous African reggae star the world has ever produced known throughout the whole world.

Jamaica could boast of great musicians such as Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer, Barrington Levi, Jimmy Cliff, Beres Hammond, Cocoa Tea, Freddie McGregor, Anthony Be, Bushman etc, but Africa has also great musicians in the reggae field, such as Alpha Blondy, Tiken Jah Fakoly, Ras Kimona, Majek Fashek and Lucky Dube.

Lucky was among one of the world’s successful reggae stars. He was a master of the trade. Many do ask how his fame and popularity spread so fast? The answer is simple and logical. He played the type of music no one could refuse. His music was passionate, poetic and emotionally-rich.