How 6 Things Will Change The Way You Approach The Underestimation Of Cleaners In The Society

Cleaner 5

Ziggy Dust: The dancing street cleaner from Poland

Growing up in Africa, what I realized earlier in life is because of poverty parents always encouraged children to study very hard to avoid being a cleaner or a driver. They also pray so that their sons or daughters may marry a high learned person in the society, perhaps a doctor because that will give them honour and also bring some money at home.

In Africa, society sees those in the cleaning and driving professions as uneducated or school dropouts and many times, I see the problems a woman in love with a driver or a cleaner face. Surprisingly, when I arrived in Europe decades ago, I noticed that some people look down on those who work as a cleaner as well like Africa.

What is actually wrong being a cleaner? If everyone wants to be in front who will be behind to help the blind? And if everyone wants to be a doctor, engineer, pilot, captain etc, who will be the cleaner to clean the offices of the pilot, engineer etc, for them to enjoy a happy healthy life?

As a matter of fact, I think people who look down on cleaners are not clean themselves. If one considers the role of cleaners in the society they will give them every respect they deserve equally like the scientist or a pilot. Many hate to clean because it’s a tough job. This is the reason many can’t clean but then why do they look down on cleaners when they are doing the job they wouldn’t do?

I live in Belgium, a country many hate to clean, thus; foreigners have taken over the cleaning industry, yet they complain that foreigners have taken their jobs from them. There are work agencies that usually send cleaners to do domestic and office cleanings, surprisingly, some people discriminated against those cleaning their houses demanding white cleaners and the media hit back.

If someone is cleaner doesn’t mean that the person is stupid or lacks intelligence. Here are


  1. Cleanliness is next to godliness because being clean is a sign of spiritual purity or goodness.
  2. A clean environment is essential for a healthy living.
  3. Cleaning the environment prevents an epidemic.
  4. People litter on the roads and public places even though there are dustbins. Imagine how our society will look like without cleaning.
  5. Without cleaning, there will be a flood because blockage of the drainage system.
  6. We shall be facing the threat of climate change and global warming.