What A Mother Tells Her Child Is Exactly What She Says

Mother 4

One of the successful training of a child is to them the truth.

A lazy woman living in one of the communities in Africa, can’t even go out to church, the market or take part in the village’s activities  because she owes everyone some money. 

Those she owes in the neighbourhood are fed up of her behaviour and the silly attitude of taking the people who borrow her money as fools since she never pays back.

One of the women she owes a lot of money decides to storm her house to take every cent she owes her. She knocks Adika’s door. Adika peeped through the keyhole and saw the anger on the face of her the woman she took her money almost six months ago.

She was scared to death. She called her ten-year-old daughter to tell the woman that she is not in the house, but the poor innocent little girl went out and said to the woman: “My mother said I should tell you that she is not there.”

“Your mother told you to tell me that she is not in the house? Well, today I will start living with you in this house,” the woman replied.