The Hijack Of The Television With Bad Contents In The Eyes Of Children

Gun violence

The influence of gun on children: Never teach a child how to shoot

Our children are in constant danger and the future seems bleak for them because of dangerous games they play and the kind of bad programs they watch on the television.

As the economy declines, companies collapsing and many unemployed, the television is running many unsuitable adverts and showing dirty programs for children, all because of money they are after. Dangerous games, including gun shootings, have taken its toll on children that some have become television junkies.

It is very common now to see cartoons and dirty programs, including sex and indecency on the television daily without any regards to children. Children now know certain things they shouldn’t because of the kind of bad programs they watch.

Children learn from what they see and the influence of television on them is very effective than imagined. While watching television there have been some shocking moments, characters, and messages that appear in some programs.

With many different channels and programs, it is very difficult for parents to monitor what children are watching on the television, yet it is their responsibility to control what the children are watching on TV.

Children can’t be banned from watching television because the television is an educational tool but certain adverts not suitable for children should be banned. Sex, drugs, alcohol, etc, adverts should be discouraged on the television for the sake of children.

One of the effective ways to control children’s programs is going through tv magazines to see what programs are suitable for the children to watch and others which are not good for them. If some of the children are proving to be difficult, please turn off the set.