10 Remarkable Proverbs With A Moral Lesson

Monkey fashion

A monkey in clothes

  1. Given the monkey, the opportunity to wear clothes doesn’t guarantee the animal to join the dining table. Meaning: Some people abuse their trust if you are kind to them. Don’t take a friend a fool if he helps you every time.

2. A man who hangs around a beautiful lady without saying anything, yet he likes her, will end up serving the guests on her wedding day. – Just be bold to tell a lady you like her if you’re interested in her.

3. A beautiful girl without any intelligence ends up abusing herself. Her private part suffers most. – You need to be intelligent too if you are beautiful, else you will end up sleeping with thousands of men to ruin the ‘golden box.’

4. Whoever presents his own head to break a coconut, would not be able to partake in eating of it. – This is a warning to be careful in whatever you do because some kindness may put you into a very big trouble.

5. There is no way a chicken will pass a corn or maize without swallowing it. Even if the corn is too big to swallow the beak will break it into pieces. If a friend offers you a sleeping place, be careful not to get closer to his wife because of temptation.

6. The buttocks are like a married couple. There is constant friction between them, yet they still love and live together. – There is no marriage or relationship without a dispute. If misunderstanding comes, settle it amicably before planning to divorce.

7. Never let negative people rent a space in your head. Raise the tent and kick them out. – You have the power to resist evil influence. Don’t follow bad friends to put you in a place you never wished to be there.

8. If one finds a wallet on the road and takes every money in it, before he finds the owner, there is no reward or blessing for you. Giving the owner all his money back will reveal your honesty for the owner to do something extraordinary for you. “This is what I did and the owner helped me to be employed. I’m still at the same place after twelve years.”

9. When you are doing well in life, climbing up with success, remember to help those you are leaving behind, one day if things go bad for you, they will remember what you did for them and they will help you too. – Be kind to the less fortunate ones, because no knows tomorrow.

10. The heart of a rich man lies in his wealth and that of the poor man lies in the faith of God. The reason poor people sleep better than the rich because they always think of their wealth. Jesus confirmed it.” It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of the needle than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.”