Antwerp-‘Notaris Michoel’: Is This A Fraud Or Office Error?

City 6Antwerp is a nice city but not everything that glitters is gold

Dear Mr. Michoel, I’m living in Antwerp for the past sixteen years. Even though things have improved rapidly in Antwerp, the media still hates to publish certain crimes against Africans, because that’s the best journalism practiced in Belgium to avoid souring the image of their country. This is one of the reasons I created this blog to share my articles with readers and those  following me on social media.

December last year, when the house rented to us by 21st Century, one of Belgium’s Estate Agents, became ours, we had an appointed for all the necessary documents to be signed finally. At your office, you notified us (My wife and me) that we owe the Tax office an amount of 765.97 Euro. You made it clear to us that without paying the money, we can’t sign the papers for the house to become officially ours.

This was an amount which took us by surprise because we never received any letter from the Tax Office asking us to pay that amount. The tax office is very considerate and always gives a flexible payment plan to people just to feel comfortable. Maybe they wrote to us but we didn’t receive the letter since we moved to a new place.

However, since we are happy the house is now finally ours, without any arguments we paid the money, (765.97) and the papers were signed. After signing the papers what happened to the Tax Office’s money we paid at your office wasn’t our business, until May 2, 2016, my wife detected that the same amount we paid at your office has been taken from her holiday premium by the Tax Office.

Together with my wife, we went the Tax Office. The admitted taking the money because they didn’t receive any money from Mr. Michoel’s office. I said to the Tax Office that can’t be possible. To prove me wrong, they printed the payments I made in the year 2015. The last payment I made was in June. No payment from Mr. Michoel’s office reflected.

Despite all the evidence, Andrea, Mr. Michoel’s secretary asked me to go to the Tax Office to get a letter of confirmation before any payment can be done into my account. On the phone, Andrea told my wife it could be that someone she owes took the money from her account but not the Tax Office. My wife disagreed with her.

To finally everything, today May 5, 2016, I went to the Tax Office again. They realized we have over paid, after taking part of my wife’s holiday money and mediately told me when the amount will be paid back into my account. Frankly speaking, for some time I don’t trust the Tax Office, but how the office served me today with honesty changed my negative thoughts against the Tax Office.

Before leaving the Tax Office the man signed the document which shows that Mr. Michoel owes us and told me to give the document to him to get our money back. Yet still, the Andrea wasn’t satisfied. She told me that they haven’t heard anything from the Tax Office, so I lost my temper. I told her it’s cruel to keep someone’s money for six months and definitely I will contact the police if I don’t see my money in my account next week.

There so many questions than answers: Why did Mr. Michoel fail to give the money we paid at his office in December 2015, to the Tax Office and waited for some money to be taken from my wife’s holiday money in May 2016?   What’s his intentions? Assuming we didn’t see that the Tax Office has taken my wife’s money will they ever give that money we paid to the Tax Office or give it back to us?

You see, that’s how I share my stories. Many don’t understand and judge me wrong, because of my ‘arrow piercing’ articles, but I am here to prove once again that when it comes to issues pertaining Africans, the Belgians always underestimate them. But in this modern world, don’t underestimate anyone including the blind man who says he is going to throw a stone at you because he has one under his foot.