From Rastafarianism To Pastafarianism?

Rasta 3A Jamaican Rastafarian.

In fact, too much religion has brought too much confusion. Everyone knows about Rastafarians. Rastafarianism is a movement which developed in Jamaica in the 1930s, following the coronation of Haile Selassie I as King of Ethiopia in 1930, but no one knows about the religion or concept associating with Pastafarianism.

A court in Nebraska has officially ruled that Rastafarianism is not a real religion, and therefore a prison inmate with “several tattoos proclaiming his faith” will not get $5 million or privileges to order and wear religious clothing and pendants, nor meet for weekly worship services and classes and receive communion. The Federal judge ruled that The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster is not a “real” religion eligible for protection under the First Amendment…

In ruling against the inmate and the church of Pastafarianism, the judge wrote “there must be a line beyond which a practice is not ‘religious’ simply because a plaintiff labels it as such… A prisoner could just as easily read the works of Vonnegut or Heinlein and claim it as his holy book, and demand accommodation of Bokononism or the Church of All Worlds [citing Kurt Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle and Robert A. Heinlein’s Stranger in a Strange Land].

The Flying Spaghetti Monster Gospel is plainly a work of satire, meant to entertain while making a pointed political statement,” and thus not a “real” religion.