Thailand’s Maeklong: A Market That Serves Both Train And Customers?

Train 2Thailand’s Maeklong train market.

The backbone supporting the families in Third World Countries is trading because it helps people that couldn’t afford education or facing diverse financial problems.

Like a congested market in tropical Africa, there is a similar market in a place called Maeklong in Thailand. Busy customers and traders usually forget entirely that that they are standing on a dangerous ground, railway line.

The countenance of absent-minded sellers and customers change as an unseen train suddenly blows his horn. The horn of the coming train requires something urgent to be done.

Thaland Mae Klong 2010

The vendors quickly scrambling to roll-back or clear the rail track to make sure that the rail line is clear  for the train to pass. Within some few minutes, you will see the face of the emerging train from the densely populated market.

The scene is like an open sea, with waves of people on both sides. This is a common daily routine the market is used to, but frankly speaking, Maeklong market could be the most dangerous market in the world, as train often kills careless vendors or customers .

Also, on many occasions, a food stand or table is often swept away by the dangerous train which doesn’t stop for anyone to take his or her wares.

A video to satisfy your curiosity.

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