Why Is The Media Now Witch Hunting On Donald Trump?

Donald 3Donald Trump

By Joel Savage and Johan Van Dongen

They may not even talk about you. What you do may not even be a matter of talk of the town. People may not even care about you or your efforts, but as soon as the impact of your success reflects on society, people will start investigating your background, and bring whatever wrong you have done or said against you, just to create barriers for you.

That’s the case of Donald Trump at the moment. Since he won the Nevada Republican caucuses by a huge margin, chalking up his third straight triumph in the party’s presidential nominating process and building momentum ahead of a critical multi-state, many are upset and wish to cause his down fall.

In the past, many are not interested to find out what Donald Trump said or did, but now he is under the subject of witch haunting. I wasn’t surprised to see compilations of statements of Donald Trump, by individuals and section of the media taking them as insults, just to convince Americans Trump is not the right person for them.

Against George W. Bush Trump said ” He is a liar, because he invaded Iraq while there isn’t any weapons of mass destruction.” I don’t hold anything against Trump here, because he said the truth. Against Jeb Bush, Trump said “everyone of those people who contributed are getting something to the detriment of America” Is Trump wrong to make such statement? I don’t think so.

Against Barack Obama, Trump said, “Perhaps the worst president in U.S. history!” “spends so much time speaking of the so-called Carbon footprint, and yet he flies all the way to Hawaii on a massive old 747” “Is our president insane?” “has a horrible attitude” “he is just so bad!” “I did much better on 60 Minutes last week than President Obama did tonight” “terrible”“incompetent leader” “all talk & no action” “hollowing out our military” “weak & ineffective”.

Since politics is often said to be a dirty game, what Donald Trump has said in the past or present doesn’t matter to me. The question is: Why is the media witch hunting him now? Is it because he is doing well on his campaign trail? There is a lot the media needs to do than seeking the failure of Donald Trump from becoming America’s next president.

I have said over and over and will say once again. I can only regain confidence in the European and American media, if they uncover the medical crimes Europe and America committed against Africa, because that’s what will restore their lost credibility, and restore the faith of many readers and viewers they have lost.

One thought on “Why Is The Media Now Witch Hunting On Donald Trump?

  1. Donald Trump wants to expell every citizen with another skin colour then white to Mexico or Africa. So, to get the USA more spiritual we need to expell every white Amican, except those who love blacks, to hell I think…

    WE have noticed policemen shot blacks by the dozens. Have you ever seen a black policemen shooting whites by the dozens? And what about over a million black prisoners? Trump: “We will make America great again?

    How? Is slavery introduced again?

    Hillary Clinton: America was, is and always will be great! Great in what? Slavery, eradicating Indians and Eskimo’s? War’s against countries without weapons of mass destruction? The Vietnam War? Starting the second world war with money of Rockefeller’s and Rothchilds?

    Let us face it…., everything what is going on in this rotten world nowadays will not stop… Because Trumps, Rockefeller’s, Soros, Gates and Zuckerberg’s money will take care of that. And the third World War? It has alredy started many years ago after invading Irak and bombing Libia… But, my dear American friends, the boomering will turn right into your faces.


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