Dandara: A Great Black Woman That Made History

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Dandara, the great fighter.

It’s our responsibility to dig out great stories of black history. Many are racists because of your colour black, but during the First and Second World Wars, White soldiers painted their faces black to avoid detection by enemies. Many blacks survived because enemies hardly had a glimpse at them. This is short story of one of the greatest black women fighters in black history.

Dandara was an Afro-Brazilian Woman, Warrior who lived in the 1600s. She was co-founder of Palmares, a run-away slave community (quilombo) that thrived for almost a century.

Bravely she fought alongside Zumbi and others defending the freedom of her people and her community. Palmares was eventually overthrown by Dutch and Portuguese colonizers, but rather than return to slavery, Dandara took her own life as an act of resistance.

3 thoughts on “Dandara: A Great Black Woman That Made History

  1. Dandara est devenue l’une des plus grandes figures de la résistance anti-esclavagiste et anticolonialiste …
    Elle et bien d’autres femmes ont réussi à transmettre la culture africaine à leurs descendants, malgrè ce qu’elles ont subi. Il n’est pas surprenant que leur combat pour s’affranchir de leur condition d’esclave ait influencé la lutte pour les droits des femmes qui a débuté au 19ème siècle.
    Merci de mettre la lumière sur cette femme dans cet article.


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