Is Ghana’s Obinim Among The Many False Prophets That Will Arise and Deceive People?

Obinim 4The founder of International God’s Way Church, Daniel Obinim, claims has powers to heal.

“Cast thy bread upon the waters, for thou shalt find it after many days and bring one-tenth of your income into the storehouse, so that there may be food in my house. Test me in this way,” says the Lord of Armies. “See if I won’t open the windows of heaven for you and flood you with blessings.”

These are some of the Biblical quotations that have inspired and generated a chain of fake pastors, churches, prophets and bishops, deceiving the people continually around the world.

Has God’s house becomes a den of thieves, criminals, cheats, adulterers, fornicators and lairs in Ghana? Ghana is known to be one of the most peaceful and God loving countries in West Africa, with a number of mosques and churches. But the sudden rapid increase of mushroom churches through out the nation, demands if the church truly cares about the poor, the afflicted and those with diverse problems or an institution of profit oriented business.

In my recent visit to Ghana, there is no place I freely passed, without seeing an advert or post boards of pastors, bishops and prophets, which reminded me of one of the prophesies of Jesus Christ: “Take heed that no man deceive you. For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.” Matthew 24:4-5, King James Version.

Among a multitude of pastors in Ghana, is one called ‘Bishop’ Daniel Obinim, who claims has powers to heal and heads a church known as ‘International God’s Way Church. Ghanaians are very intelligent people, yet I couldn’t find the reason many people have lost their intelligence to follow someone called Daniel Obinim, even when he kowtowed so low to sleep with one of his associate pastor’s wives, one that claims of healing an impotent man by holding his penis and stomping a pregnant’s woman’s belly, during church service, talks of her wife’s vagina and involving in other deceitful acts.

What has happened to Ghana, this great nation? On the television, I couldn’t believe my ears, Obinim tells the congregation that he has powers to visit people in their dreams, when the great redeemer or messiah, Jesus Christ, who the storm obeys his voice, didn’t even visit any of his followers, whether dead or alive in their dreams.

It’s a fact that some people are using God’s name to steal, confuse, cheat and sleep with members of the church. Is Obinim one of them? Is Bishop and Prophet now titles everyone that claims serving God can confer on himself? The need to ask this question is necessary, because the prophets and bishops in Ghana are now too numerous to count, when the Bible gives reference to few people as major and minor prophets.

Jesus Christ suffered all kinds of persecution but never insulted or cursed anyone. He was oppressed and afflicted and like a lamb, he was led to the slaughter, without opening his mouth, yet Obinim who claims his powers were given to him by Jesus, on national television, insults and uses profane words on anyone that challenges his claims, including former head of state, John Jerry Rawlings. How can Ghanaians take such a person serious to generate such multitudes of followers? Something is wrong in Ghana.


In the time of the apostles, there was a Pharisee named Gamaliel, a teacher of the law, who was honored by all the people. When the apostles were being mistreated, he stood up in the Sanhedrin and ordered that the men be put outside for a little while.

He said to them, “Men of Israel, take care what you propose to do with these men. For some time ago Theudas rose up, claiming to be somebody, and a group of about four hundred men joined up with him. But he was killed, and all who followed him were dispersed and came to nothing. After this man, Judas of Galilee rose up in the days of the census and drew away some people after him; he too perished, and all those who followed him were scattered.”

“Now there was a man named Simon, who formerly was practicing magic in the city and astonishing the people of Samaria, claiming to be someone great; and they all, from smallest to greatest, were giving attention to him, saying, “This man is what is called the Great Power of God.” Unfortunately, he also perished.

Standing on Gamaliel’s words, if Daniel Obinim claims that his powers were from God or Jesus, then he will surely survive, but if they are demonic, magic, occultism or voodoo, then Ghanaians will live to see the painful and disgraceful end of all fake pastors, for misusing God’s name to exploit their ignorant followers.

3 thoughts on “Is Ghana’s Obinim Among The Many False Prophets That Will Arise and Deceive People?

  1. I sincerely think that when Daniel Obinim claims that his powers were from God or Jesus I am glad to say that I love to hear it from him than from somebody who knows of what he is talking about.

    Dear Daniel Obinim I do believe God or Jesus knows you hear and speak. But God or Jesus never will tell you that you are too stupid to understand the extension of your words, so I will, if I may, do it for them.

    Daniel Obinim you have to realize that governments, military and medical establishments held mankind, especially the ignorant Africans, as suppressed subjects to fore instance the emergence of new diseases such as AIDS and Ebola. More and more tendencies whether spiritual alternative groupings or just people with a normal common sense will increasingly demand answers from science and authorities about the real origin and spread of Aids, Ebola and other diseases.

    Africa is used as a dumping ground, testing of drugs and for exposing people to bio-warfare products. Deliveries of war material to the wrong regimes have adversely affected the continent as well. Actually you could say that the rest of the world, Africa and its people have been seriously been abused and degraded as if it there are no people walking around in Africa with brains, yet Africans are the same products of Quantum Physics and Quantum Mechanics regarded as whites, so why should the white rulers treat blacks unfairly?

    So Daniel Obinim, I sincerely do believe more that you are a representative of the so-called spiritual thieves, criminals, cheats, adulterers, fornicators and lairs. Luckly I am convinced that a tremendous amount of Ghanaians are too intelligent to believe you and moreover to deal with your prophesies. Because where are all those pastors, bishops and prophets when it comes to the truth about the real man-made origin of Aids and Ebola? And Where is the church to guide and to with hold you from being a charlatan?

    Daniel Obinum if you want to say something please be my guest but first do your homework for the sake of Africa….


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