What’s Your Role To Make This World A Better Place?


While many try to save this world, others too try to destroy it.

Everyone has a responsibility to make this world a better place

The present state of human society is in many ways contrary to our natural desire for a peaceful, secure, and happy life on this earth. Things are falling apart and the society is disintegrating. The society is plagued by diverse problems, including drug abuse, child abuse, domestic violence, crime, child trafficking, sex trafficking etc.

Corruption is so severe that it has gone into governmental institutions, healthcare, and educational systems. Many want to leave this earth, even though it isn’t yet time to die, thus; contemplate of committing suicide. Sometimes I ‘m very scared to listen to the news, because what one hears can ruin your day, sometimes days or even weeks.

Many think life has no purpose, so they don’t value it any longer, but if one realizes how precious life is, he will find out the means to live a better life. Suppose you think the comfort of life is a luxury, so you need  the fastest car, expensive mansion etc, you can have all them and still be miserable because the heart of man is dark and greedy. The man has dominion over all things as a human being but due to pride, greed, power and selfishness, we have abused the planet.

There is no justice without the dollar. The rich getting richer, while the poor getting poorer every day. But since we are still living and part of this generation, we have a role to play to make this world a better place. The harvest is plentiful, but the labourers are few. Obviously, we can’t solve all the problems of this world, yet we can do something to reduce the problems and bring a little happiness to those unfortunate ones, including children.


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  1. I am in full agreement with you here that justice is for those who can afford it. Some do tend to think thier influence is small, an immediate surrounding or group. But it does take a community and a community that reaches around the world as writers, musicians, politicians, journalists, scientists, students etc., that offer their own talents, time and voice to the resource pool. We know these heartbreaking issues of sex slave trade, violence, abuses against the poor happen everyday and we care about it. The challenge is, how have an impact without allowing the mindset of, ‘Well, I don’t have money to send to an organization so I can’t help’. We are all gifted in our own ways and may writers – write about it. May politicians – makes laws. May musicians – sing about it. May parents at home be encouraged to openly talk about these subjects at home with children in a safe, non threatenting way to teach how to ‘talk’ about it. Yes we can all do something, in our own way and together.

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