Experienced WordPress Bloggers I Need Your Help

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I’m completely new to WordPress. It’s  about a year now since I commenced posting articles on my blog. Even though WordPress is one of the most comfortable sites to use, I’ve encountered a problem which I’m finding it difficult to solve.

About six months ago, when I logged in, I was directed to a fresh page, instead of my original platform. I mistakenly published an article, before I realized that it was a fresh page. Since then I have two WordPress sites with the same admin url address. I tried to delete the article and the entire blog, but I was warned deletion will also affect my old blog, since the url address is the same.

Now anytime I log in to my old blog, it directs me to the new site I mistakenly publish the article.  I’m not interested and want to get rid of it completely, can anyone please give me directives on how to solve this problem. I have been working on this for the past three days without solution. Some readers can’t locate my original blog and giving comments at the wrong place.

This is the link of url to the blog I mistakenly published the article: https://joelsavage.wordpress.com/2014/11/11/the-failure-of-the-media-and-the-lost-of-its-ethics-and-credibility/ and the link of my original blog.


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