Aids And Ebola: Medical Crimes No One Wants to Talk About, Yet The Public Wants Answers

By Johan Van Dongen and Joel Savage

Worldwide, politicians, the military, the Center for Diseases Control, the World Health Organization, the pharmaceutical industry and those responsible for healthcare issues, claim that HIV, the virus causing aids is said to be transferred in semen, transplanted organs, blood and to have originated from Africa. They also said that this happened as a result of eating monkeys or other bush meat.


But if people had the HIV from monkeys, then like everyone seeking for truth, we want answers to these questions:


– Why HIV did not depopulate Africa at an earlier stage?

– Why didn’t it spread to Great Britain, Germany, Belgium, France, Italy or Portugal, that colonized Africa?


– Why did AIDS spread via Haiti to homosexual men in the USA?

– Why are only men infected by anal intercourse?

– Why were male prostitutes in Sri Lanka, the Philippines, and Bangkok not infected, whereas those in Los Angeles, San Francisco,

Washington, and New York were?


– Why are housewives in Africa infected, as opposed to housewives and female prostitutes in USA and Europe? Why is HIV spread so rapidly in Africa?

– Why is HIV transmitted among intravenous heroin users but not among those who take amphetamine?

– Why are mycotoxins found in drug users in Amsterdam but not in Rotterdam, Den Haag, or Utrecht?

And finally:

– Why haven’t animal keepers, scientists, suppliers of monkeys, and medical analysts in our Military and University laboratories ever caught the AIDS-causing virus?

– How is that possible when over 50 million monkeys have been taken out of the wilderness for our investigations?

– Isn’t it strange that over a thousand medical analysts, scientists, healthcare workers, doctors, and nurses prick or cut themselves daily with contaminated syringes, scissors, or blades and yet don’t catch the AIDS-causing virus? One thousand per day?

“I will tell you the truth, which is bitter than the bile.”

The agent of the main AIDS diseases is fifteen exceptionally rare and, to a certain extent, new microbes, which are intentionally transmitted in the air, food, spraying, microbes and vaccines.

-HIV is developed out of several other viruses

-Research work was predominantly carried out in Germany and Japan until 1945 and since then mainly in the United States, South Africa and France.

-The agent causing the AIDS -diseases were mainly researched by scientists in military services and mainly tested in Uganda, South Africa and Zaire.

-The majority of people affected by AIDS/HIV are dark-skinned people in some states in Africa, the USA and the Caribbean, as well as homosexual men and people using crack or heroin in some industrialized states.

– HIV-infections and out broken AIDS diseases can be cured.

I will leave the above-mentioned questions for readers and the world leaders covering up those crimes to answer. By the way, is there anything called justice at all, and if there is, whom does it favour and doesn’t? If there is justice then those within that judiciary sector are making fun of themselves. The rapid decay of the society today, supports our claims.

They are completely overshadowed with mockery, conspiracy and hypocrisy. Ebola, they say is gone, yet Aids still exists, but how can they convince the world that Ebola is gone, when Aids still exists? And finally how can they convince the world that Ebola is gone, when the pharmaceutical industry depends on diseases to generate profit to feed?