Innocent Children, But Why Many Grow To Be Racist?

Children are not born racist

Innocent children’s mind are polluted to be racists and monsters when they grow.

We often hear ‘Innocent child.’ Yes; it is true that children are born innocent. Under the umbrella of their parents, a child grows to be an obedient child or a monster. A child learns how to walk, speak and watches the parents as he grows. The reason many children start to smoke very early in life, because from childhood, he or she sees the parents smoking.


A crooked tree can’t be straightened when fully matured, it can be done only when the plant is still young. The same way parents have to train a child with wisdom from his early life, to avoid the child being a menace to the society. Frankly speaking, we are in a generation of disobedient children, but that shouldn’t be an excuse for parents to allow the children to thread on the wrong path.

I was once in a barber’s shop when a white man came inside with his children, two young boys and a girl, about nine years of age. I was wondering why the white man didn’t enter into any of those white barber shops, but an African shop to have his children’s hair cut. In the shop, I realized how his children were playing with other black children.

Racial 3

Children are colour blind, adults teach them to love or to hate.

I knew there must be certain love or connection to Africans, the reason he entered the African shop, despite so many white barber shops around the vicinity.  Inquisitive I was, I went to chat with him. I wasn’t surprised when he told me that he spent many years of his life with his wife in Tanzania, and his children were also born in Tanzania.

I don’t think that because the children were born in Africa, the reason they love African children, but the way their parents brought them up. After all, there are thousands of whites born in South Africa, who were racist and evil, equally as those parents who brought them up.

There is no child born a racist, adults teach them. It is, therefore, a challenge to parents to create a better world by teaching the children to love instead of hate.