Didier Reyners Bestowed European Diplomat Pierre Vimont With Order Of Leopold? :Belgium Is A Country Without Shame

I don’t think in any civilized world, an intelligent person will be happy to receive  a decoration or honour of “Grand Officer of the Order of Hitler,” when bestowed on him, because the crime that Nazi leader committed has brought shame and dishonour to the entire Germany. The reason Hitler’s name has disppeared from from the lips of people and the society.


A honour of disgrace to both Belgium and the receiver.

I couldn’t believe when I read about Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Didier Reynders  bestowed Mr Pierre Vimont, Executive Secretary General of the European External Action Service (EEAS), with the decoration of Grand Officer of the Order of Leopold  on March 5th, 2015, because King Leopold was the worst criminal in Belgian history than Adolf Hitler.

He killed, disfigured and maimed over ten million Africans, including children in Congo.To me such an award, decoration or honour bestowed on any body is a total disgrace to the entire family and country of the receiver. Reynders confirms:

“By appointing Pierre Vimont as Secretary General of the new “European diplomatic service” in 2009, the High Representative chose a person deemed by his colleagues as “the best diplomat at the Quai d’Orsay.”

For Belgium, the effective establishment of the EEAS was a foreign policy priority, particularly during the Belgian Presidency of the EU in 2010. Pierre Vimont played a crucial role in both the political and strategic steering of European foreign policy and the daily operation of the new external service. He helped realize the diplomatic success of High Representative Ashton in the second part of her mandate. Pierre Vimont did so while showing respect for all Member States, regardless of their size or power.

Through this award, Didier Reynders not only pays tribute to the achievements but also to the person of Pierre Vimont: a man characterized by his respect for others, a sense of concrete action and superior work ethic. For Didier Reynders, Pierre Vimont is a connoisseur and friend of Belgium. This is the third time that the French diplomat works and lives in Brussels.

The Writer’s opinion

I have said over and over and I will still say again. To say sorry, apologize or show remorse over crime one committed against another, doesn’t make you a stupid person, it rather shows how intelligent you are, but to pretend there is no problem, yet your ‘Backside’ is getting hot in the fire, shows you are inmature and lacks wisdom. Until all the statues of King Leopold come down and all the streets named after him changed, the world including Africa will always view Belgium as a cruel, savage and non-educated country which lacks wisdom.