Reflections Of Black History In Images: The Degrading And Bitter Experience Of African-Americans (Part 4)

Every race, history, culture, heritage, custom, tradition etc; has a story. The sad and degrading story of African-Americans slavery began from CapeCoast in West Africa, Ghana. Cape

Cape Coast, the writer, Joel Savage’s place of birth.

black 7

Map of slave routes.

black 1

Crowd Surrounds Two African American Lynching Victims  black 6

black 4
black 8

Africans didn’t call for slavery but they found themselves as African-Americans in a strange land and they didn’t set the fire, but they found themselves trapped in a burning fire. Distributed through fields and plantations as slaves, they worked till their last breath.

They worked to build America with sweat, blood and tears, unfortunately after all these years, the relationship between African-Americans and Americans has never improved. The question is what can be done to build or mend this bitter relationship, when in the eyes of God we are all one people?

I am bringing these horrible pictures to the world’s attention once again, not to cause violence, unrest or bloodshed, but to ask for forgiveness and to promote unity and peace to mend the bitter relationships between African-Americans and Americans.