Reflections Of Black History In Images: The Crime Of Belgium in Congo (Part 3)

Africa’s vast natural resources inspired Europeans to invade Africa. One of the greediest, blood thirsty and wicked kings, was King Leopold II. This is the crime he committed during the colonial era in Congo.

Leopold 5


Leopold 2

Congo 2

Despite the magnitude of those horrible crimes against humanity, Belgium mocked the victims and congratulated the perpetrator, King Leopold II, by naming streets after him throughout Belgium and built statues in his honour. We don’t have to blame God, for the evil in this world, because God is not part of this. Whatever a man sows, exactly the same he shall reap.

The reason I’m appealing to all African-American artists, Beyoncé, Lionel Richie, Chris Brown, Rihanna etc, never to perform in Belgium, if they respect themselves until streets named after King Leopold II are changed and those statues come tumbling down like Saddam Hussein’s.

African-Americans shouldn’t complain of disrespect when they are part of their own calamities. Would a Jewish singer perform in a country that has the statue of Adolf Hitler? This is the question to African-American musicians and athletes to answer.

Belgium and King Leopold II, the spirit of Patrice Lumumba and all the victims murdered in cold blood are saying that “The Dead Can’t Be Mocked, So Do What Is Right. Let this statue come down”


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