Reflections Of Black History In Images: The Crime Of Belgium In Rwanda (Part 2)

Europe and America have reasons to destroy Africa. Firstly, the independence which swept across Africa, for the colonial masters to lose the continent and the inability to loot the continent any longer. Advanced Countries promoted insecurity, violence, wars and ethnic conflicts throughout Africa.

rwanda 1

Rwanda 3

Rwanda 4

One such country which did so much evil in Africa is Belgium. Not only in Congo but also Rwanda. Many European journalists mislead the public and publish false news when it comes to matters affecting Africa. Fortunately or unfortunately, apart from my book, ‘Little Boygiulm-Wonderful Experience, which sheds light on the crimes of Belgium in Africa, the great Polish writer and journalist Ryszard Kapuncinski has also given account of Belgium’s crime in Africa, in his book ‘The Shadow of the sun.’

Rwanda 5