Information And Communications Technology: Base Company Bows To Scarlet

Aftermath of the great recession worldwide, many have lost their jobs. The hopes of individuals keep fading as companies fold up due to bankruptcy. Throughout Europe, including Belgium the jobs crisis continues to deepen, taking many people out of work.

Just last week what consumers weren’t expecting marred their New Year celebrations. Base Company, one of Belgium’s best telephone, internet and television companies in the country, distributed letters to its customers over the decision to close the company for good.

The latter states: “On June 30, 2015, our services to consumers come to an end. There is going to be no television, internet, line telephone and other services from SNOW-BASE.”

Base 2

Base provides no more services to everyone and this family from effect of June 30, 2015.

It’s very hard for the company to keep things running smoothly in this depressive economic time, but this affects customers too, especially those who have enjoyed their services, in a country some electricity and internet companies take the advantage to overcharge consumers.

Nevertheless, Base Company doesn’t want to leave its customers in the cold. They have recommended another internet company to its customers. It states: SNOW guarantees you services till July 30, introducing ‘Scarlet,’ as the new company to succeed and serve its numerous customers.

According to Base Company, ‘Scarlet’ is the best introduction to assist and continue serving its previous customers, since they also offer quality service. Above all customers will enjoy the “3-Play pack, that’s telephone, Internet and television, which will cost consumers only 39 Euros. That’s great, but we shall still miss Base Company, because it’s my favorite, due to their transparency and sincere service.