King Leopoldchadnezzar Of Belgium: Don’t Do Unto Others, What You Don’t Want Others To Do Unto You

Belgium supports crime with the murderer King Leopold's statue

The murderer King Leopoldchadnezzer of Belgium

There is no sane person or country on earth which can erect a statue of Adolf Hitler, because he murdered six million Jews, thus; when Belgium erects statue of a king who killed over ten million Africans in their own country because of greed, and named many streets after the same murderer, what does Belgium wants to tell the world or tell the black man?

The Black man is worthless, isn’t it? We don’t feel that way Belgium because the Bible says “God created man in his own image.” Like every human being, the Black man was also in his mother’s belly for nine months, before he was born. The Bible didn’t say that the Whitman was born by a woman and the Black man was pulled out of the stem of a tree.

There is so much indelible blood stain in your hand Belgium, after brutally killing Patrice Lumumba, for fighting for the independence of his country. Innocent children, mothers, fathers were savagely hacked to death under the reign of the lunatic King Leopold II. Instead of saying sorry, you put more salt in Black man’s injury and built statues in honor of such a murderer.


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Statue of King Leopoldchadnezzer of Belgium: A  sick society.

There is something terribly wrong Belgium. I thought the Whitman is extremely intelligent, unfortunately, I don’t see that in the government of Belgium and also in the Media. There are many questions than answers Belgium. I would like you to answer these questions. Why such a small country like Belgium, remains one of the most difficult country to rule in this world? Why Belgium such a small country, yet too much suicide? Why Belgium such a small country but one can’t see any progress?

Innocent blood can’t be shed and the dead can’t be mocked Belgium. All the statues of the murderer King Leopold must come down. Your heart can be stubborn and pride overshadow you to ignore the breakdown of the statue of that murderer. I am not one of the coward Africans who think of food, and therefore afraid to speak against injustice. Sometimes the whole day, I forget I haven’t eaten, because I think of how those statues will come down.


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Congolese demonstrate in Brussels against the Belgian government over King Leopoldchadnezzer’s statue.

Let’s turn back the clock. If an African king had killed 10 million Belgians in Europe or Africa and a statue of that king is built in his honor and streets named after him, would you be happy?

“Belgium Don’t do unto others what you don’t want others to do unto you.”