Parents, Let Your Eyes Be On Your Children!


Joel Savage Jr.

As a father with three children, nothing scares me more than the future of my children, especially my third son who is just seven. Europe is a good place, in regard to education, but very bad for moral issues. Here the law permits a child to have a boyfriend or girlfriend at the age of sixteen. A child begins to smoke while at school. Such things do not exist in Africa.

I feel bad sometimes because I don’t have a daughter. However; I feel okay with three boys because it is very difficult to raise a girl in Europe as an African. Consumed by the Western life, nothing keeps them sober or obedient. I know many Africans who can’t handle the outrageous character of their daughters, sometimes ending up at the police and the social offices.


Violence, crime, and immorality are some of the disturbing issues parents are concerned. In the neighborhood lurks pedophile trying to harm your children. The news we read pertaining the crime adults, especially men, commit against children, immediately aware our consciousness that probably the world is gradually coming to an end because the prophecies in the Bible are taking place one after another.

The European Commission showed a 77 percent increase in murders, robberies, assaults and sexual offences in the UK since Labour came to power. The total number of violent offences recorded compared to population is higher than any other country in Europe, as well as America, Canada, Australia and South Africa. This is the information I gathered during my study over crime in Europe recently.

Parents are the greatest influence on their children. Children learn to talk, walk, and interact by watching their parents. As a child grows up, he or she looks to the parents to provide guidance, information, nurturing, and expectations. I once went on the internet showing death of many children to Little Joe, my son. After watching in bewilderment, he asked: “Papa what happened to them?”

“Adults they trusted killed them,” I answered.

“Thank you, Papa, I would be careful.’ He said. Whether I did a wrong thing or not, that doesn’t bother me, all that I want him to understand is the dangers in this world, especially on the computer for him to be careful.

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