Black My Story

Ziggy Marley's 'Black My Story' is very inspirational and emotional

Ziggy Marley has grown from the Melody Makers to be one of Jamaica’s reggae icons

Listening to interviews with most great writers, you will know that many of them were inspired by other writers. When you have passion in something, you dedicate your whole life to it, whether you are making money or not. I love writing since from childhood. It might be hereditary since my late father was also a journalist and writer.


Ziggy Marley

Apart from following my father’s footsteps as a writer and journalist, I get my inspiration tirelessly by listening to reggae music. One thing which comes to the mind of many people when reggae music is the subject is ‘Smoking Ganja.’ I have respect and love for Rastafarians, exactly the same way I love the reggae music but I don’t smoke marijuana.

Since the words of most reggae music are soul uplifting, encouraging, inspiring, satisfying and comfort, to those on the road of trials and tribulations, I have a library of reggae collections I play very often. One of them is Ziggy Marley’s ‘Black My Story’. It’s a great song which identifies and reminds the black man where he comes from to love one another. I can’t say the number of times I’ve played this particular song.

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There are other great inspirational songs, such as Bob Marley’s ‘Redemption Song,’ Jimmy Cliff’s ‘Sitting In Limbo,’ Peter Tosh’s ‘Pick Me Up,’ and many others. It was through inspiration I had the opportunity to interview many reggae artists, including Julian Marley, Andrew Tosh, Luciano, Anthony B, Capleton, U-Roy, Seun Kuti, Manu Dibango and a host of others, available in the book ‘The Passion of Reggae and African Music.

Black history is very sad. Many feel angry, depressed and sick, when they read what the black man went through or experienced in the hands of the white man, but just as Bob Marley said in his ‘Redemption Song “Some say it’s just part of it ,we got to fulfill the book,” we must forgive instead of being violent. Violence doesn’t pay and as long as we keep past events in our minds, there wouldn’t be any room to think of success or to aim high.

I would like to take the opportunity to wish everyone Happy Xmas Holidays and New Year in advance. One thing I always say is, instead of pointing fingers and accusing each other over the problems of this world, we should put it onto ourselves to restore our nation’s dignity.