A Child Is Never Born A Racist, Adults Teach Them

From the moment a woman conceives, she and her husband have responsibilities to take care of the child. Despite the pains a mother goes through to deliver her lovely adorably child, there is nothing tougher than raising a child. Part of the responsibilities is to ensure the child is safe, healthy, respectful, educated and disciplined, but how disciplined are children these days?

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A child under the control of his parents learns what he sees and speaks the language he hears. Lessons adults teach a child is what sticks in the mind of the child. When a mother tells her child not to play with black or white kids, that’s exactly what the child would avoid. Ask the child why he isn’t playing with those black or white kids, don’t be surprised to hear “My mother says I shouldn’t play with black kids.”

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Instead of teaching a child how to love, many adults pollute the mind of their children. By the time they reach teenage years, some become dangerous racists on the streets. The reason racism, hatred and discrimination never end, causing unrest and bloodshed daily in our society. Children are the most beautiful thing on earth. They are the future leaders; they therefore need proper manners, to know the right from wrong and healthy mind to create a better society.


“If I had received good instruction as a child I would be with my family today and at peace with my neighbors. I hope and pray that all you parents in the sound of my voice will train up your children in the way they should go,” a wise quote from Charles Portis, True Grit.


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