How Do You Feel When Your Son Or Daughter Gets Married?

As a father, I realized very early that it is not only getting the best job, house, car etc; makes one happy or successful in life, but to get married and settle. Many acknowledge marriage as a form of trap, unity without comfort or freedom. I don’t see it that way. I see marriage as a bond of life-long commitment and sharing responsibilities, which enhances the success of both partners.

James 3

I know perfectly well what my wife has done for me in times of difficulty, uncertainty and when sick. Like Florence Nightingale, she takes care of me and does what I haven’t even requested her to do. I have really enjoyed a happy successful marriage over two decades, because both respect and trust ourselves.


Thus; when my elder son said to me “Daddy I will be getting married soon, I was engulfed with joy, knowing that he has made a good decision, a decision which will keep him sincere, upright and responsible. He has already visited me a couple of times with his girlfriend . It was hard to communicate with her immediately on her first visit, but after some few visits, I had a nice conversation with her.

My son at first thought I don’t like his girlfriend, the fact that she is white. “White, Black or Chinese doesn’t matter to me but his happiness. He travelled a month ago with his girlfriend to her country in Hungary to see her parents and on November 22, 2014, they tied the knot.

I witnessed the happy marriage with my wife and Jesse’s junior brothers. I am very glad and wish them a happy successful marriage. Within no time, I will be grandpa with ‘Cappuccino’ children around me.