Who Is The Black Writer Called Joel Savage?

Writer Joel Savage

Joel Savage is a freelance journalist, writer and author residing in Belgium, a country that has the statue of Leopold II, a brutal king who killed over 10 million Africans, including women and children

Joel Savage is a freelance writer, journalist and author residing in Belgium. Being a black journalist in a country dominated by hundred percent white journalists, his articles have changed the landscape of journalism and caused provocation in Belgium.


“I didn’t come to Belgium to praise their chocolates and waffles, I came to speak against their applauded, praised, and honored crime they committed in Africa, especially in Congo and Rwanda,” says author Joel Savage.


He was born in the coastal town of Cape Coast, in the Central Region of Ghana, on January 19, 1957, a town where a lot of Africans were taken as slaves. He lost his nationality in 1985 when working in Freetown, Sierra Leone for many years. Much influenced by his father who was a veteran journalist, Joel started writing while very young.

He studied at Ebenezer Secondary School, Accra High School and had a course in journalism at Ghana Institute of Journalism. As a freelance writer, Joel wrote feature articles for the Daily Graphic, the Ghanaian Times, and the Weekly Spectator in Accra for a certain period.

In Belgium, Joel joined the Flemish Journalists Association. He served as a Belgium correspondent to the Voice News Magazine, published in the Netherlands. He also writes for other international news magazines including ‘Sprout Africa, African Business. Com and Diplomatic Aspects Newspaper. He currently lives in Antwerp, with his wife and three children and has published eight books.

For a very long time to trust Belgium has been a very difficult issue and a big challenge, even though he lives in that country with his family in the past fourteen years. The fact that during the colonial era, King Leopold II, killed over ten million Africans in Congo, but Belgium never took this heinous crime into consideration, instead named streets after him and built statues in his honour.

Then after publishing ‘Little Boygium-Wonderful Experience’ over his bitter experience in Belgium, revealing the high death rate of Africans at a notorious hospital in Antwerp, called ‘Stuivenberg hospital,’ which the African community believed it was done on purpose for body organs the Belgians need so urgently for their people on waiting list for organs transplant.

He became an enemy overnight and they did everything to kill his appetite as a writer in Antwerp, even though after the publication of the book, the death rate of Africans in that hospital fell considerably. Joel has been a strong follower of Steve Biko, the father of ‘Black Consciousness Movement,’ murdered in South Africa, during the Apartheid Era.

Professor Johan Van Dongen, the Dutch scientist has suffered a great deal since revealing that  both AIDS and Ebola viruses are human made and tested on black skinned people. The contaminated vaccine killed thousands of children in Uganda, Kenya, Zimbabwe and the former Belgian Congo.

“I feel like someone in the same shoes as the scientist, the reason I collaborated with him to write this book. In life, people forget that the more the create difficulty for someone, the more the person plans to liberate himself. The publication of this book, which is coming soon is my liberation,” says Joel Savage.

The book will be out in the second week of December and will be available at Amazon.   http://www.amazon.com/Joel-Savage/e/B008SCTYI6/