African-American Musicians Should Stop Performing In Belgium

leopold 16

Let’s face the fact: Can any Jewish singer, perform in a country that has the statue of Adolf Hitler? Even in many countries, holding any material of Adolf Hitler is an offence. You may face fine or end up in prison. Why then should Lionel Richie perform in Belgium, a country that has statutes of a King, who maimed, tortured and brutally killed over ten million Africans, including children in Congo? Besides there are so many streets named after him in the country.

Black people have been taken for granted, used, abused, mocked, scorned, hanged and sold into slavery, because of cheap labour and the colour of the skin. Unfortunately, black people are still sleeping without any effort to change their situation and history. All over Belgium’s television, advert of Lionell Richie coming to perform in Belgium is being shown.


CUT 2There shouldn’t be a statue of a king that did this to children

This is how the Black man is used for money but what affects them is less important. I wonder if Lionell Richie desperately needs money, because he must reason. How can Black people change history and make things better for themselves, when they ignore their own institutionalized or created disgrace and yield to people who don’t care about their welfare but only money?

In the past so many African-American singers had performed in Belgium. Rihanna, Beyonce, Chris Brown etc; all played in Belgium, without taking the disgrace that hangs on their necks into consideration. If black people are still sleeping then I will remind them with the words of the ‘The Father of Black Consciousness’ the great Steve Biko of South Africa.

He writes “Black consciousness seeks to talk to the black man, in a language of his own. It is only by making familiar with the basic set up in the black world, that one will be aware of the urgent need for reawakening of the sleeping masses.” He stressed, “It urges black people to judge themselves as human beings and not to be fooled by the white society, which has white-washed itself to enjoy privileges at the expense of blacks.”

If all Blacks, including African-Americans want to be respected, they should let all the numerous statutes of King Leopold II in Belgium come down, before ever setting their feet in Belgium to perform. “No one drinks medicine on behalf of a sick person.” We need to fight for ourselves. Those fight long started by Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr, Kwame Nkrumah, Macus Garvey, J. F Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln etc; we have to continue.

No black artist, including African-American musicians should perform in Belgium, if they really respect themselves. That’s the only way we can change history to bring respect and comfort for our children in the future. The statutes of King Leopold II must come down! How do you expect Belgium to respect the black man, when they don’t respect their own people, French speaking ‘Wallonia,’ causing a big division between them and the Flemish in such a small country?

Time for the black man to wake up is overdue, we have slept for too long.