Archives Evidence Of Experiments On Human And How Homosexuals Had Aids

Since the explosion of Aids and Ebola, disastrously taking victims to their untimely grave, many leaders of Advanced Countries, including America, Britain, Germany, Holland and Belgium, had denied that HIV and Ebola viruses were created by scientists for biological warfare. The book is not yet out, but co-writers Johan Van Dongen and Joel Savage, have given few references to ascertain the truth .


To prove that scientists did experiments on Africans can be found in the archives of the Committee on Human Resources: Biological testing involving human subjects by the Department of Defense. Hearings before the Subcommittee on Health and Scientific Research of the Committee on Human Resources, United States Senate and Ninety-fifth congress. First session on examination of serious deficiencies in the Defense Department’s efforts to protect the human subjects of drug research. Washington: U.S. Government Printing Office, 1977: 127, 141,145.

Ebola 15

Between 1960 and 1973, these tests were held on a major initiative of the World Health Organization (WHO) at a medical field research site in the West Nile district. Three times a year, blood were taken from about 45.000 children, including babies to investigate a relationship which existed between a common endemic disease and the virus that causes mononucleosis.

But that wasn’t the idea, as mentioned by Professor Cohen about the contaminated vaccines. They were actually looking for antibodies against micro-organisms, the reason those children and babies were given contaminated polio vaccines. Massive contaminated polio and smallpox vaccination causing Aids and Ebola viruses were given to children and babies, under the umbrella of WHO and CDC and mostly paid by Rockefeller’s Foundation. Thus; WHO knew what was going on.

How Homosexuals had AIDS

Homosexuality is an act many aren’t interested or encouraged. Apart from hostility they face in the society, many continue to accuse them as the roots of HIV/AIDS today, but Professor Johan Van Dongen once again wants to prove that Homosexuals are not responsible for the spread of AIDS, actually they were deliberately infested.

The Russian-born biologist Jakob Segal, a professor at Humboldt University in the former GDR, holds a very special view about the origin of AIDS and how homosexuals had it.

The life-threatening vaccine to save the world were being tested on selected U.S. populations. The victims were prisoners, including homosexuals, loiterers, black Africans and Haitians, but especially in South Africa, the country of Thabo Mbeki. In a pamphlet published by Segal in 1986 entitled “AIDS: USA Home-Made Evil,” he claimed that HIV was created by two existing viruses ‘to tie.’ That could be done in the laboratory at Fort Detrick in Maryland, the headquarters of the U.S. program for chemical and biological warfare.

The virus was tested at the end of 1978 on prisoners, including homosexuals, because they were made available in exchange for an early release and since the prisoners want to get out of jail, they accepted the test of the contaminated vaccines on them, without a slight knowledge that they have paid for their death.

The contaminated vaccine developed HIV virus, leading to full grown AIDS virus. Since they don’t know that they had a deadly virus within the body, they slept with others without protection, therefore spreading the virus, according to Segal. That’s how it happened in the United States of America.

“There is a lot of evidence that HIV and Ebola viruses were not only created in animal laboratories in Russia, Germany and Czechoslovakia, but also in American laboratories. “Smartness is a form of stupidity when someone is intelligent he has to use it to heal the world but not to destroy it. What is the reason for the development? Asked Professor Johan Van Dongen.

To diminish population growth in the developing world, as it was mentioned and discussed in the National Security Study Memorandum in 1974. Instead of hating this man, we should thank him. He could have joined other scientists to cover up the truth, but his truthful nature has cost him his house and job, because his country of origin (Holland) says he is a whistle blower. What a shame?