AIDS And Ebola: The Truth Behind Finally Revealed- Book Coming Out Soon!

Aids and Ebola are medical crime against humanity. The Dutch and the Belgium governments knew about this crime and also knew that polio vaccines were contaminated with AIDS and cancer causing virus. One man’s effort (a scientist) to expose this heinous crime has cost him his job, house and rendered him penniless, as the Netherlands (His country of origin) considers him a whistle blower.


“About the truth on Ebola and AIDS, no stone shall be left unturned,” says African writer and author Joel Savage, who has collaborated with Johan Van Dongen, a Dutch scientist, to let the world know the truth. To cover up this crime, link of a publication revealing the truth, was completely removed from the web, without any trace.

“Where the media is needed most to expose crime, you will never find them, but you’ll hear of them when a female celebrity attends function without underwear. I am not qualified to polish the shoes of Abraham Lincoln, J.F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, and all those who died just because of their interests in the Black man’s welfare and emancipation, thus; death means nothing to me, especially when truth is concerned.

“I don’t think I can rest peacefully in my grave, if I keep this crime,” says Professor Johan Van Dongen.  At this point if you don’t see the book in two months time, then that means the authorities have strike again or I am dead. Yesterday was AIDS, today is Ebola, taking our loved ones into their untimely grave.Do you know what comes in the future?

For the sake of our children, whether you are new in the truth, or you are a long time servant of the truth, support to reveal this crime against humanity, to create a healthy environment for the future generation.


In the Netherlands it was Prof. Dr. H.H. Cohen in 1978, who was one of the panelists of the DNA Forum organized by the Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences, the advisory board of the Dutch Government on June 13th. In the Jaarbeurs Exhibition Hall Utrecht, in the Netherlands, he gave the statement below.

As a physician and bacteriologist, I worked in the field of safety and as a director of the National Institute for Public Health RIV, on behalf of the Dutch Government. I am responsible for the manufacture of dangerous vaccines. It is known that in the preparation of such vaccines (in the last decade’s eds.) certain components were included, before they were released.

Let me give you an example: It is known that live polio vaccine, also in inactivated polio vaccine, the two forms of leukemia, which you currently learnt on television that it contains a possible tumor virus consist namely, the Simian Vacuolating Virus SV40. That tumor viruses (viruses which causes AIDS eds.) have been originally been discovered in the polio vaccine.